What did she do this time, was any body hurt, and am I gonna need to take another job to pay for damages?

Dirke Wulfe is the unofficial Faunus of Team BCPS, whose sole role is to try and keep Shiro under control. While not an actual member of the team, he is typically always in Shiro's company, so the team has long since accepted him accepted him as the 5th member.

(Created by DevilMayCrye)


Dirke is a 6'1 wolf Faunus. Despite being quite pale in his youth, his skin has become that bronze-y brown colour that can only be achieved from long hours of working in the sun.

His eyes are a bright shade of pink, much to Shrio's amusement. His hair, once a dark black, has long since been bleached to a silvery grey, due to his work in the sun. Dirke's usually ensemble include a tank top, and thick pants designed for surviving the heavy work Dirke typically does. And he either wears heavy, thick boots, or goes barefoot. His body has a lot of small scars, as well as a few big ones from some of his more unlucky encounters with the Grimm Alphas.

He has longer canines, due to his wolf heritage, which gives him 'vampire fangs', as Shiro is happy to point out. His tail is black towards the base, which melds into greys, with a puff of white at the tip, which is often dyed pink 'To match those lovely eyes'.

His face is typically in a black expression, often making others think he is dim-witted/slow, or concerned about something. While he is anything but slow, him being constantly concerned wouldn't be a far stretch, considering the situations Shiro has gotten them both into. His expression mainly comes from the fact that he's used to being alone, and keeping to himself, and is merely a 'neutral' expression, often used when thinking (or when Scolding Shiro, since she can't seem to stand not seeing a smile on his face)


Dirke is hard-working, introverted, and his overall image hides a rather quick witted mind. He prefers to be working, and has a hard time letting others do his work for him.

When it comes to reading people, Dirke is at a loss and has long since acknowledged that understanding the emotions of others will almost always be beyond him. It mystifies people that he can quite easily read the erratic thoughts of Shiro.

While quite capable of taking charge, especially if Shiro is involved, Dirke is more than happy to follow orders.

Dirke is also rather fond of Shiro's various tricks and schemes, despite how annoyed he acts.


Dirke is incredibly strong, due to both his work on the family farm, and keeping Grimm off their livestock. He's quite a capable tracker, and knows his way around the woodlands. He's able to quickly identify Grimm, just based on various pieces of evidence of their passing through, due to having to keep an eye out on the family farm.

He also is quite capable with his bladed whips, Wit and Snark. Having watched his father, brothers and uncles having mixed success using standard weapons, and not being proficient enough with bows and its ilk to seriously consider using them, he quickly adopted the whips used for herding the livestock.

His semblance is the ability to not easily be noticed, much to his displeasure. While useful in social scenarios, which he fails at, it has often giving him more work, since the Grimm often notice the livestock


Wit and Snark, the razor sharp whips that Dirke is well versed in using. Unlike most whips, which are typically made from leather, it is actually spiked metal rods (similar to the design of Chain whips), ending with a spiked ball (Snark) or blade (Wit). Unlike most weapons, Dirke's are mainly used to distract his opponents, and to infuriate them into unthinking rage, while drawing small cuts and slowly ensuring blood loss.

Dirke has a third whip, the Kitsune Claw, which is a cat 'o nine tails style, and is primarily used to stun and snare adversaries, due to the ability of adding an Energy Dust Crystal into the handle, which allows the whip to be electrified. It is made the same way as Wit and Snark, but has a much shorter reach, and is often a last resort weapon.


Dirke doesn't have much of an emotional bond to most of his family, but treats them more like work colleagues.

Dirke is particularly fond of his older cousin Elizabeth 'Libby' Wulfe, who is the only person he knows who has outwitted Shiro in one of her schemes.

Dirke's closest friend, Shiroko 'Shiro' Akaino, is a white fox Faunus he has known for many years. A natural trickster who excels at getting into crazy schemes that can easily get her killed, it often puzzles on-lookers that these two are as close as they are. The two circle each other in a romantic interest, almost seeming to enjoy a 'hunt' before what promises to be a strong relationship.

Fun Facts

  • While his colour scheme is the monotones of blacks, whites and greys, his actual theme colour is Pink, which is referenced in his name, Dirke, which is derived from the character Dirk Strider from Homestuck, and the colour of his God-Tier robes.
  • The Kitsune's Claw was inspired by Shiro, in that she suggested nothing short of being knocked out would stop her from doing things, to which Dirke took her words seriously.
  • Wit and Snark are mainly used to direct any anger that Shiro causes in stronger opponents, onto him.

Awaiting Canon Info

(Stuff in here are potential problems with the character, due to not enough info being shown in Canon)

  • Most of the faunus info and traits, since not much is known about the Faunus in detail (e.g. Wolf Faunus, two or more Faunus Traits, Enhanced Senses)
  • Semblance, due to how vaguely they've been described in the show so far.