The world was born in chaos, in chaos it will thrive, to those that shall become strong you will survive, to the weak you shall become stronger, peace is a lie, conflict will be a way of life
Crimson Eye by Sagus222

The Emblem of Discordia Incorporated

A mysteriously formed Private Military Company that seems to join in conflicts in any part of the world usually for the more morally dark side of the battles. Their purpose is unknown but what is known is that it is lead by eight ruthless Generals nicknamed "The Hounds of Chaos". All funded and run by their enigmatic leader simply known as Mr.World

The Hounds of Chaos

Each Member has a true name but when in missions they go by code names relevant to their powers.
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The crest of the Hounds of Chaos

  • Mr.Dark (The Hound of Bloodshed) - Powers over the shadows and Magical swords along with great teleporting ability and a deeply feared sadistic streak
  • Mr.Tock (The Hound of Sorrow) - Ownership over time allowing for the slowdown, speed up, and stopping of time for a limited amount of time, Always in a rush attempting to get everything at a certain time
  • Mr.Rain (The Hound of Blades) - Control over thunder, rain and lightning along with powerful swordplay make him a dangerous man even with his entrenched honor
  • Mr.Null (The Hound of Chance) - Commands the very essence of space itself, allowing him to teleport, warp his shots, and levitate upside down, with powerful revolvers allow even this beast to be arrogant.
  • Mr.Torn (The Hound of Justice) - The finest in cybernetic technology, He is able to command and army of Daevas and is seen as one of the higher ranking fighters in Discordia Inc.
  • Mr.Sage (The Hound of Greed) - The Supplier of weapons, Materials, and concealment of Vaciar Relics. He is seen as the one of the biggest backers of Discordia
  • Ms.Wire (The Hound of Conflict) - Head scientist of Discordia Inc. and the creator of many of their machines and weapons, Her use of swords and wires make her a deadly foe even in light of her scientist appearance
  • Mr.Gaunt (The Hound of Bedlam) - Like the leader everything about him is merely rumors. However, he is able to be the contact that many find when they need to find Discordia. Those that have find that they never get to see his face beyond a charismatic voice and jovial sanguine eyes
  • Mr.World (The Hound of Discordia) - Everything about who this leader is, and why he made such a group is unknown. What he can do has been left to theories such as him being a former Hero. What is known is that he leads Discordia Inc. controlling the Hounds of Chaos

Ruins of The Vaciar

It seems that Discordia Inc. is also digging into the ruins of about ancient mythological figures that stories once claimed ruled the earth

Thus when they travel to parts of the world often sending in more then they need for whatever work they find only for half to search into ruins and collect certain ruins that have been rumored to store items that belonged the suppose order of beings.

The TIN MEN Unit

This Unit is filled with former hunters that secretly worked for Discordia that have been fatally injured or deadly ill and for their services Discordia has felt as though they owed to them by giving them full cybernetic conversions into cyborg warriors

Talos - based on Ifirit design he is often seen with a plethora of knives

Tik-Tok - The Largest of the unit based on The Vetala with a large flame thrower to burn them alive

Ashlotte - The Fastest of them with a nanomachine-equipped suit based on the Raksha design, she is their best sniper

Bishop - The Second in command built on The Daevas design with a stun baton and grenade launcher to quickly take down foes

Lumic - The leader built on a new line of machine known as The Asuras and stealthy as the night.

Weapons and Equipment

The Company as a whole seem to have various weapons, and Machines at their disposal seeking too let powerful and corrupt leaders gain the edge. They have also been know to be able to hack into various news feeds to broadcast whatever meesages they have for the people.

  • The Ifrits - They are the common Machines used in every conflict as basic foot soldiers
  • The Rakshas - These are cybernetic soldiers sent in to fight in the air even with the basic look of the Ifrits
  • The Daevas - Advanced models that protect and fight with The Hounds to tip the scales into their creators favor
  • The Vetala - Several different types of large humanoid shaped robots that are equipped with shield generators and laser cannons
  • The Asuras - A new line of machine that was leaked but anything beyond what they are and their function is unknown
  • The Mada -  Any information is unknown
  • The Indrajit - Only information that is given is that according to a message from Mr.World is that "It is the tool that will change the ways of the world"


  • So this is the name of the group of Villains that will appear in the story I will write. I will update this character profile as the show progresses so that they can be better worked into the world of RWBY