Divas Virtus is a martial art where the user focuses their Aura to augment the power of their strikes by using it right before or the instant they strike.


It relies on Aura working as a sort of repellant force. Commonly used to block strikes, Divas Virtus takes advantage of the repellant power to magnify the force of a strike.

It is mainly used in one of two ways:

The first is to flat-out increase the power of a strike. One could do this to simply make their punch do more damage, or use it for the purpose of getting a more powerful knockback on their opponent.

The second would be to pierce the opponent's skin.  Focusing the aura on a smaller surface, like the side of one's hand, or the tips of the fingers, the user strikes and breaks the skin. This could also lead to a double attack, where the user releases a second burst of energy inside the opponent to cause internal damage, although this would cause a larger drain in Aura.


Hundreds of years ago, a nomadic tribe of warriors known as the Divas tribe developed this combat style. It was originally designed for the first usage - that is, pushing enemies back or simply augmenting an attack. However, the more warlike faction of the Divas developed the second method, which was far more lethal.  They used it in their conflicts with other tribes, notably the Vita tribe. 

After many years, two factions developed in the Divas - the warlike Virtus, who used the second method, and the more passive faction, known as the Divas, who used the first method. Tensions between the two factions eventually erupted into war, and the tribe disintegrated, with many of the users of both styles having been wiped out.

The few surviving members went their seperate ways. Many of them found students, who they passed their knowledge of Divas Virtus on to, teaching their own take on the martial art. This lead to aura being used in combat to be a tactic commonly employed by martial artists from many forms.

The leader of what was the Divas faction eventually found a disciple to pass his knowledge on to - a young man who wished to fight in war named Kodai Bikon. The young man went on to fight in the war, and once it was over, returned to continue his training.  However, his master died shortly after the war ending, leaving Kodai the last man to have trained in the ancient style of Divas Virtus. He continued his training and gained a great reputation as a martial artist for many years, until he faded into obscurity. He eventually adopted a young orphan named Crimal Mison, and passed on to him the full knowledge of the first method of Divas Virtus.

The leader of what was the Virtus tribe, a young man, guarded his killing technique jealously.  He eventually fathered a son by the name of Daedal Divas.  However, as Daedal grew, he displayed little talent for Divas Virtus and had a rather passive personality, which dissapointed the master. When Daedal had a son, named Prodo, the master murdered Daedal and directed his efforts to training Prodo, which was far more succesfull.



  • Divas means 'Spirit' in latin, and Virtus means 'Strength'

Author's Notes

Crimal was developed with this as a style in fighting in mind, and his semblance reflects that.

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