Dorada Granate
Age 17
Nickname Dorry
Status Alive
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Hair Maroon
Eyes Emerald
Height 5"10
Weight 115
Professional Status
Occupation Hunter in training
Additional Info


Dorada Granate can be described as emotionally dull. She doesn't outwardly show interest in many things. Her reaction to her friends' "interesting" conversation, is usually a feeling of boredom, often causing them to feel distanced from her. In battle she has a similar attitude, causing her enemies to become irate, at her indifferent attitude.


Dorada is a young girl of above average height. She has flowing maroon hair, that extends to the small of her back. She wears a maroon breastplate in battle, with black accents. She wears black armored leggings, with maroon swirled accents as well. When not in battle she usually wears a crimson dress, extending to just above her knees, with no straps, and no material covering the majority of her back. She wears pink lensed sunglasses, covering her emerald eyes.





Full Armor + Glasses

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