Draco Iapetus

Draco Iapetus

" I will kill all the Heirs, even if it is the last thing I do." Draco Iapetus's promise to his dying best friend.

Draco Iapetus

Nicknames: The Silver Dragon, The Heir Killer

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Eye color: Silver

Hair Color and Style: Spiky Silver hair

Height: 6'3

Weight: 185 pounds



Draco's Symbol credit goes to Advancedpwng


Head: No head gear

Tors :A silver Duster with black trim over a black silver t-shirt

Legs: Silver leather pants with black trim

Feet: Black combat boots with silver trim

Accessories: A silver pendant of a dragon.


Draco Iapetus was once a member of the esteemed Iapetus Clan, a clan known for its secret combat techniques. The main purpose for these ,however, was the protection of the heir to the clan, who was Draco's best friend. Draco ,however,wasn't an actual member of the Iapetus Clan. Draco was adopted into the Clan when he was found by the Heir on a beach with wreckage from a shipwreck. 

Draco was found unconcious and was taken to the house to be healed. When he finally woke up he had no memory of who or where he was. The heir explained everything and gave Draco his name after the pendant that was found with Draco's body. Draco was 5 when this happened and after ten years of training he was adopted into the Iapetus Clan and was named the Heir's head Bodyguard.

For 3 years he protected the Heir with his life and earned himself the name The Silver Dragon. Over these 3 years the Iapetus Clan had grown very powerful, with Draco as one of their top agents. However, with their increase in power came the fear that they would try to take over. The other Clans and Noble Houses formed a plan to kill the entire Iapetus Clan, and it was successful. The only survivor was Draco, and as he held his best friend, The Heir, in his arms as she died he made a promise that he would kill every one of the Heirs to the Houses and Clans that took place in the attack. He now harbors a deep hatred for them and has a list of names from the Houses and Clans that took part in the attack on the Iapetus Clan. Now Draco hunts the heirs to each and so far has killed 2 of the heirs, earning himself the name The Heir Killer.

Weapons and Abilities

Draco wields two weapons, the first is the Manticore's Tail. The Manticore's Tail is a master peice of engineering. A Tail that is strapped to Draco's back, it has several openings along the its entire length. The tail itself is exactly the same height as Draco so it gives him an incredible range when it is used in close combat. The tip of the tail is like the tip of a scorpion's tail. The openings along the length of the tail are used to fire out spikes. Each chamber that contains the spikes also contains whit impact dust that coats the spikes when they are fired, so when they strike something they have an extra kick behind them pushing back the people they strike, these spikes can be fired a total distance of 20 feet. Finally the barb at the end of the tail can also shoot out and be replaced by a new barb. These barbs have a poison on them that is used for the specific House or Clan member that Draco is hunting, these barbs can be fired a total distance of 15 yards. To control Manticore's Tail, Draco has a remote control that he uses in his left hand as it is on his back and he cant control with his arms. However, it is extremely light as it is made from a metal alloy that is used for its light weight and its defense properties. When not being used it can curl up to a smaller form that can fit underneath his duster.

Next Draco has Deimos, a rifle spear like Gungnir(see Micheal Korry). Draco is much more skilled in the usage of Deimos than he is in the usage of Manitcore's Tail. This is because the Iapetus Clan were the first to implement and master the usage of the rifle spear. Draco was trained in the usage of this weapon and by the time the Iapetus Clan was wiped out he was one of the masters at using it in combat. Gungnir, Micheal Korry's weapon, is modeled after the weapons wielded by the Iapetus Clan. Deimos uses impact Dust, it covers the spear's tip and is loaded into the bullets that it fires. Deimos also utalizes the usage of electricity Dust. Draco can use this to deliver an extremely painful shock to his opponents that can disorient them. Even though Draco is most skilled at using this weapon he reserves its usage for the Heirs that he is hunting. This is because he wants to avenge his fallen members of the Iapetus Clan by using the very weapon that was given to him by his fallen allies.

Next we have Draco's fighting Style. Originally there were three stances in the Martial art Style of the Iapetus Clan. However, because of the it's destruction two were lost as a result. The one that Draco uses is known as the Dragon Stance. The dragon stance utilizes speed and power through using the momentum of an attacking opponent to great an opening for Draco to counterattack. This involves rotating the body to dodge attacks instead and moving out of the way. Draco has two techniques that he uses with his Dragon Stance. The first is a one on one technique used for a single opponent. It is called Yamata no Orochi, and it is an eight hit combo that Draco uses once he has set an opponent up for on of his counterattacks. The second is Dance of the Dragon, and it is a technique that Draco uses to take on more than one opponent at a time, however, it will only work for a total of three opponents at a time. This leaves Draco exsposed when he is fighting more than three opponents in hand to hand combat. Also Dance of the Dragon is a very exhausting technique to use causing Draco to become exhuasted for hours after using it.

Personality and Miscelanious

Draco isnt the kind of guy you would see as villain or a bad guy overall. Draco has a charming personality that makes people like him. He is friendly and very giving and patient. This are what people like about him, however, these traits are also used in his hunt. His patience is one of his star qualities and he can wait for a very long time before doing something. He also sticks to his ideals. This is something he does almost religiously, as he never goes against his ideals even if he has to not kill an heir because of it. 

His ideals are these, he never harms children under the age of 15. He never does violence in front of children that are under the age of 15. One must never go back on their word, unless they have a valid reason too. You never give up when you have set your mind on something, no matter how hard it may seem you can do it. These are the main ideals Draco has lived by his entire life based on. 

There is one other reason why Draco hunts the Heirs of the Clans and Noble families. The Heir to the Iapetus Clan was a woman, and a woman that Draco was deeply in love with. The event that the Iapetus Clan was attacked at was the choosing of the Heir's spouse and Draco had hoped he would be the one chosen. The Heir was also in love with Draco and she confessed to being in love with him the night she died at her ceremony in Draco's arms. Draco, having lost the most precious thing to him he vowed vengeance, for his family and his lost love.

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