Hell's Bells. I figured out how to make stuff fly! Someone's pants are gonna fall, right now. 
— Dresden Copperfield, having learned a new Glyph

 Dresden Copperfield is the fourth Original Character created by Imthesteve'97, inspired by the Dresden Files and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. He is a Glyph user that applied for a higher education in Beacon, and is a ranged combatant for Team RRYD, partnered with Yadira Aswang.   

Dresden Copperfield
Age 17
Title Apprentice
Nickname Drez
Sparky (Kira Oppulette
Status Active
Color Gold
Gender Male
Species Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Light
Hair Brown
Eyes Gold
Height 5'11"
Weight 140
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Yadira Aswang (Beacon)
Kira Oppulette (Romantic)
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Emblem DrezEmblem
Likes Learning new Glyphs, Practical Jokes
Dislikes Messing up, Exploding
Special Skills Glyph Usage
Weaknesses Melee combat, the occasional fumble
  is the property of Imthesteve'97
(Ask permission, I'm a nice guy.)


Dresden has long and barely kept brown hair, light skin and gold eyes. He regularly wears a brown canvas duster that conveniently hides his Hockey Shock and Glyph components. Around his neck is an old obsidian necklace with a five point star etched into it. On his left wrist is a bracelet fitted with runes and glyphs while on his right middle finger, he wears a silver ring with a blue stone fitted on it.   


"Let me get the door for you!"

One for old fashion ideals, Dresden acts in an almost chivalrous manner. He opens doors for ladies passing by, assists the elderly, or other Scout-ly exploits. He does, however, have a running mouth. Usually one for smart remarks and retorts, it gets him in trouble. Drez has been known to be overly frustrated with himself when his own power fumbles and explodes in his face.

Aura and Semblance

Dresden's Aura gives him a defensive edge in combat, creating a strong barrier that blocks a singular heavy assault or multiple smaller attacks.

His Semblance lets him learn and use Glyphs and attack with Dust at a long range. With this, he can focus them through Hockey Shock.


  • Hockey Shock: A simple wooden hockey stick, lined with prepared Glyphs, that focuses Dust through it. Minor modifications from Revan MacLeod gave it a blade on its end.

Battle Style

"Get down!"

His few years learning how to manipulate the effects of Dust through Glyphs lets Dresden use various ranged attacks at a long range. He is better at range than with an up close target.

Ranged Attacks: 

  • Elemental Glyphs: Usually fire, Dresden can shoot powerful arrays of elemental energy; wind gusts, lightning bolts, or whatever proper Dust components he has will cause a varied range of effects, depending on the particular Glyph and Dust components at his dispersal.

Close-In Attacks: 

  • Hockey Player's Brawl: Usually with Hockey Shock and without any skill besides brute force, Dresden can attack an up close target. If a Glyph has been prepared, he can send an elemental attack at his opponent.


"Nah. My life was boring."

Dresden Copperfield grew up in the city. His father owned a magic trick shop that also served as Dresden's Glyph training grounds.

Taught by his mother, alongside Skarmis of Kadridge (otherwise Skeet), in the art of Dust Glyphs, he learned too quickly. More often than not, the abundance of what Dresden learned caused him to fumble and confuse them.

His parents, knowing his home education would result in his eventual explosion, set their son up a scholarship path that helped him gain entrance to Beacon. After passing, barely, he was set for Beacon. Apparently, to keep an eye on him, his parents sent Skeet to be his teacher in his class.

But throughout his childhood, he had always been a curious explorer, often finding himself sneaking into clubs owned by mafia organizations and the The Children of Grimm. This curiosity often led him to finding trouble.

The Vytal Festival

With the Vytal Festival, Dresden is excited for his chance at a good time...

Valentine's Prom Night

Out for a good time with a good friend, Dresden is out to enjoy a great night...

The Magician and the Panther

Whether by fate or by mere coincidence, Dresden's heart is at last stolen by a girl he will give his all to, forever...


  • Harry Dresden's (main protagonist of the Dresden Files) full name is Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden.
  • In the TV adaptation of the Dresden Files, Dresden uses a hockey stick for his wizard staff and a drumstick for a wand.

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