I'm one without a name. I live to serve without fail.
— Dunkelblau Noname

Livana Lucifer
Noname (Bust)
Age 18
Title Nameless Scholar
Alias Dunkelblau Noname, Esmeralda
Nickname Blue
Status Active
Color Blue
Gender Female
Handedness Right-handed
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Orange with blue on the iris
Semblance Emotional Balance
Height 174.2 cm
Weight 72.2 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Maki Kuronami
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Emblem Noname Symbol
Special Skills Proficiency with five sword styles
Weaknesses Below average defense capabilities
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Dunkelblau Noname (Read as noh-na-meh) (Real name, Livana Lucifer) is an amnesiac scholar from Beacon and the fourth member of Team MAID. She's proficient in the way of the sword and possesses a pair of blades she rarely ever uses together, a Mass-Discharge Gun Blade called Celestial Reaper and a two-handed sword called Freyja.

Current Revision: 3.00a


She's quite well-built, and incredibly athletic. Her hair is long as well, almost reaching knee length.

Things to note include her eyes, which are orange, but lined with blue on the iris.

Noname Eyes

She wears a dark gray jacket with the right sleeve entirely torn off. The edge of the sleeves are lined with teal with a large cross design. A white necktie is attached at top of the jacket. Underneath the jacket, she wears a black one piece swimsuit.

Several medical bandages are tied on her upper right arm, over a scar, looking almost like a loose armband. She wears a gold bracelet lined with light blue Dust on her right wrist.

She wears a dark brown skirt with teal lining the upper half of the skirt. She wears black socks that reaches up to thigh length. Like her other clothes, the ankle portion is lined with teal. She wears black formal shoes.

Her fashion sense appears to be her attempt at making herself look serious, and tomboy-ish.


Noname appears aloof, and is not much to speak. Her serious nature tends to clash with the sheer lightheartedness of the rest of her teammates.

Due to her upbringing, she's not very knowledgeable in utilizing technology, like needing assistance in operating an elevator.

She detaches emotional concerns during any mission, having an almost mechanical nature. Her mental discipline is incredible. She has decent leadership skills, often taking the lead in battle if Ivory isn't readily available

She speaks a little more if she's alone with someone. If she's in a group with more people, she often keeps her mouth shut, preferring to only answer any questions pointed at her.

She's an avid fan of the supernatural and when not on any mission, devotes her time into reading. Even her teammates barely can get into contact with her, since she often reads alone deep within the Emerald Forest.

Though almost sounding like a real soldier, she's childish at heart, and may make a big deal out of certain things. In fact, she's notably more immature than Maki. This was the result of her lack of human contact.

Though having trouble making friends, once you became friends with her, she'll be a remarkable companion in days to come.

One of her main quirks is her obsession with orange juice. She likes giving them... but she despises it when someone gives her some. Ivory speculates that she gives orange juice to everyone as a death threat. Maki speculates that she gives away orange juice to troll people. Azalea... thinks Noname is just being silly and it's all just an elaborate prank.

Weapons and Abilities

Celestial Reaper and Freyja

Celestial Reaper and Freyja

Noname's weapon of choice is a Mass-Discharge Gun Blade (MDGB) called Celestial Reaper . It's highly ornamental, being lined with Light Blue Dust. It's also adorned with a large Dust Crystal to act as its power source. If exposed to enough Dust, it's blade will begin to glow blue, radiating enough heat and power to slice high-end AK Androids. It shoots out powerful Dust shots in rapid succession or in a concentrated charged shot.

It's power is highly dangerous that she barely uses it, preferring to use another weapon, a sword called Freyja.

She wears a bracelet that gauges the amount of Dust inside Celestial Reaper, this allows her to limit her use of it, switching to Freyja instead.

In battle, she's possibly on par or even greater than Maki in terms of skill, having learned five different sword styles she can easily switch around with to confuse her foes.

However, it seems she doesn't know how to use Dust besides her usage of her gunblade.

She has a blue Aura, but it's full properties are still currently unknown, due to her lack of skill in using it. Though unlocked, she appears to only have the minimal amount to defend herself.

Her Semblance is tied to her emotions. The more positive emotions she possesses, the brighter it's color. However, when her negative emotions accumulate, it will begin to gain a negative blue hue. Her eyes glow bright blue in a similar vein to Yang Xiao Long once her Semblance activates.

She has demonstrated andrenaline-induced feats while it's active. Its strength is tied to how strong the emotion she's feeling at the moment.

Despite all her proficiency in battle, a major downside of her combat style is her zero knowledge in defensive techniques, leaving her incredibly fragile. She can't handle a full powered strike from a Deathstalker, for example.

In Layman's terms, she's a glass cannon.


Dunkelblau Noname is a name she gave to herself.

She's an amnesiac who was found in the ruins within Emerald Forest during one of the Beacon Initiation tests 13 years ago. She was unconscious, clutching a broken weapon that resembles a gunblade. Nobody knew who she was. Not even herself.

Being only 5 at that time, she has shown some knowledge in using a sword already, but it's still lacking.

She was placed in the care of a retired Hunter swordsman, since Ozpin wanted to hone her skills. Meanwhile, the headmaster kept the broken gunblade.

The retired Hunter was quite strict and disciplined, though not to the point of abuse. Whenever she succeeds in something notable, he would often take her to Vale and buy her cookies from the wife of an infamous detective. She also picked up the Hunter's interest in supernatural stories.

During her stay with the Huntsman, she started using the name Esmeralda, after the fact that she was found in the Emerald Forest.

As she reached the proper age, her most notable trial is the day she forged her own sword. It took her a few weeks, slowly but surely, she forged Freyja, which would become her primary weapon in her future venture alongside Celestial Reaper.

Once she was 13, she learned all she could from the Huntsman, and he decided to teach her the fighting style that he used, Five-to-One.

Though it proved difficult, Esmeralda powered through the training, and proved to be a natural talent for it.

Before she can move on to the next phase of their training, an envoy from Atlas arrived and called for the Huntsman's aid. Unfortunately, Esmeralda wasn't allowed to come along and she was forced to stay home.

For a while, she studied Five-to-One on her own, but lacked the proper instructions to put focus on her defenses, thus leaving her with a powerful offensive prowess, with too many openings.

In a few months, news came by her doorstep that her mentor was killed while guarding an outpost near Minerva. Beacon offered her a place to stay in an orphanage so that she can be taken care of and continue her training.

Esmeralda refused.

She insists that being alone will help with her swordsmanship and that it prevents some outside influence to 'erode' her. In truth, she's just too shy to live with so many people. Either way, she continued to stay in her mentor's home, later legally changing her name to Dunkelblau Noname as tribute to the late Huntsman.

By next year, she enrolled to a nearby non-combat academy, as Signal was too far from where she resided. By day, she honed her mind, and by dusk, she honed her blade.

She graduated with passable grades, and was approached by Beacon once again, this time offering her a scholarship due to her being a user of Five-to-One.

Before the day of the Beacon Initiation, a package arrived at her home, signed by the Aldric Smithery. Opening it, she came upon the fixed Celestial Reaper. It came with a letter that says that it was a present for doing her best in honing her skills, and that all the compensation she needed to give was to become a great Huntress.

Noname smiled, and silently thanked the academy that helped her grow up into what she is today.

But deep in the recesses of her mind, a memory stirs when she looked at Celestial Reaper.

"Live, Livana..."

While confused about this, Noname went her merry way into the Initation and was paired up with Maki Kuronami, later becoming teammates with Azalea Rappaccini and Ivory Dietrich to form Team MAID.

She's fairly distant with her team, often only coming along on Maki's whim. She only began to open up through Azalea and Ivory's constant approach of her.

Along the way, she began to meet Usha Goldstein, whose work she's a big fan of. Usha had taken an interest in her and often asks her for personal missions.

While this happens, Maki's constant antics has caused them to come into the attention of the Astraea faction. Their leader, Xanadu Kuroha once fought against the team and realized that Noname looked familiar. She retreated before Noname can ask further questions.

The incident nagged into Noname's mind, causing her to lose focus on her studies. Maki herself notices this and berates Noname, and later says she'll help in finding out what's been going on with the scholar.

But they didn't have much time to do so as the Vytal Festival had arrived. The MAIDs narrowly won against Team MANA but would then go on to lose against Team FLME of Shade Academy.

A day before the Fall of Beacon, Usha admitted to Noname that the only reason she took an interest in her was because she resembled Miryam Lucifer, Usha's former team leader. And Noname's mother. She promises to Noname to reveal everything about her if she comes along. Noname agreed without hesitation.

Before the Fall of Beacon, she left with Usha to parts unknown without saying a word to her team.

Additional Information

Weapon: Celestial Reaper (Mass-Discharge Gun Blade), Freyja (Two-handed Sword)

  • A powerful gunblade of mysterious origins. It's powered by a large Light Blue Dust Crystal. It's very unstable, and misuse of the Dust within in may cause it to explode. Despite using Light Blue Dust, it doesn't utilize ice-based attacks.
  • A sword that Noname forged for her training. It's quite lightweight, even though the hilt used was for a two-handed sword. It has no special properties.

Accessories: Bandages, Necktie

  • She wears several bandages on her upper arm since her recklessness exposes it a lot during her sword swings She tore off the sleeves of her current outfit to remind herself that no matter how skilled she may be, her swordsmanship isn't perfect.
  • The necktie she wears is suppose to make her look like a person who's all business and no-nonsense. It just clashes with the near-schoolgirl design of her attire.

Alignment: Neutral Good

  • She's a good person at heart, to the point of naivety.

Likes: Cookies, Orange Juice, Thick Books

  • She secretly loves cookies. She snuck in a few cookbooks in how to cook some among her novels and reads them whenever her teammates aren't around.
  • When she's not drinking orange juice once a day, there's something wrong with her. Not a day would pass in Beacon without her drinking orange juice. It's a mystery why she likes them.
  • She's an avid reader, and so is her leader. Thus, she gains a liking for thick books

Dislikes: Explosions

  • She's slightly afraid of explosions, which may stem from her youth when she was found in the Emerald Forest

Character Theme:

Character select
  • Character Select (GunZ: The Duel)
  • Fortune (Cyber-Rainforce)
Noname Chart

Credit goes to Jollyjo.

RPG Stats:

  • Class: Berserker
  • Strength: S (S+ with Celestial Reaper)
  • Defense: D-
  • Dust Usage: S+ (EX with Celestial Reaper)
  • Aura Usage: B-
  • Semblance Usage: F
  • Dust Resistance: E-
  • Speed: A+
  • Evasion: D+
  • Luck: F-

Secondary Information


  • Noname is an older character I've made, dating all the way back to 2009.
  • This is the fourth version of Noname I've created, being a combination of her first and second versions. Likewise, all of them didn't have names.
  • Noname is a portmanteau of "No Name".
  • Noname is a former genderswap of Hisei Tokuhana. However, she eventually grew into her own character and Maki replaced her in said genderswap role.
  • Alias is her original "name". It was changed to Dunkelblau Noname to follow the rules of RWBY names. Character development eventually turned her "name" into Alias:Noname.

Name Applicable to Remnant?

  • Noname's first name is German for Dark Blue.
  • Her original name, Livana, is a Hebrew name that means White Moon.
  • Her first alias, Esmeralda, is Spanish for emerald.
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