...That's all there is to it.
— Noname, after a heated battle

Whatever you say...
— Noname, to Ivory when he asks for a stupid request

— Noname, in general

Unity through rivalry... strange motto you made up.
— Noname, in response to Team MAID's motto

Don't leave me surrounded by idiots...
— Noname, to Ivory

It's easier to say that I like orange juice, instead of questioning why I like it, don't you think?
— Noname, to Maki

True power is knowing one's limits. Unlimited power is never true power, it is gluttony for strength. What good is eternal might if one uses it for self-satisfaction?
— Noname, quoting Discipline for the Hunter

You know! She always says this when you say stupid stuff! "...Whatever you say..."
— Maki, mimicking Noname.

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