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Roland Ronce

Previous Owner

Charlem Ronce


Bastard Sword


Dust Enhanced Bastard Sword

Durendal is a Dust Enhanced Bastard Sword, and the heirloom weapon of the Ronce family.  The main form of attack is to use Dust to increase the attacking power of Durendal, wreathing it in the element of said Dust.


[X] Slashing

[X] Piercing

[ ] Bludgeoning

[ ] Other: (Describe)

[ ] None


  • Ammunition:

[ ] Dust: (Mechanized use)

[ ] Bullets: (List Caliber)

[X] Other: Dust capsules inserted into the pommel

[ ] None

  • Delivery Method:

[ ] Gunpowder

[ ] Tension (Bow, Slingshot, Etc)

[ ] Thrown:

[X] Casting:

[ ] Other:

  •  Dust type:

[X] Red - Fire

[ ] Orange - ???

[X] Yellow - ???/Lightning

[ ] Green - ???

[ ] Blue - ???/Water

[X] Cyan - Ice

[X] White - ???/Impact

  • Dust status:

[ ] Cut

[ ] Uncut


The pommel of the blade is where Dust is loaded, a highly concentrated form of crushed Dust. There are special capsules for removing the old type of Dust and adding in a new type, such as removing Fire dust and adding Ice Dust. However, this process requires close attention to make sure everything was done correctly - e.g., the pommel is closed correctly, etc. This is because Durendal's technology is older than something more modern, such as a MADR.

It can cast out fire or lightning in a fairly limited range of about 6 meters, with lightning having a slightly longer range.  Its longest range attack is flinging ice crystals, which is its main ice-based attack.


Forged during the war, Durendal was eventually used by Martel Ronce on the field of combat.  It was passed down along the family line until Charlem Ronce, who was trained extensively in the art of combat, was to recieve it when he left to join combat school. However, when the celebration of Charlem's acceptance was inturrupted by Faunus extremists, Charlem died in the insuing chaos, and Durendal fell to his younger brother.  

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