Bergen Blunt Emblem

Bergen Blunt Emblem

This is the trailer for Bergen Blunt.

The girl couldn't have made it home any other way. The traffic by Signal Academy was incredibly heavy, her parents couldnt come and pick her up. Holstering her sword, ahe headed down the alleyway, trying to find a street that would lead to home. The brightness and noise of Vale was silenced, and she felt like she was alone. But she wasn't. Suddenly, a heavily accented voice issued forth from the shadows.

"Well, look who we got 'ere, lads! A lil' schoolgirl who's lost 'er way!"

Several chuckles emerged from the shadows. A man stepped out into the light. He wore ragtag clothes, and weilded an uzi, with a large red blade extending from beneath the Stock. Several other men joined him, carrying similar weaponry. The large man snickered.

"Long way from home, aren't we, lass? Maybe you should have chosen another alleyway." The men laughed, and approached the girl meanacingly. The girl was cornered, her back to a wall. Just when the leader raised his weapon, a voice came out of nowhere.

"Now, I don't mean to be presumptuous, but isn't mugging an innocent girl considered a crime in Vale? Cuz it is where I come from."

The men looked around, confused. There was nobody nearby, the alley was empty, except for them. The leader looked up, to the rooftops.

Maybe its one of those damn Beacon students,

The man thought. They always had some sort of hero complex, and most of them were strong enough to beat him and his men to a pulp. But the skies were as clear as the surrounding area. Suddenly, with a yelp, one of his men dissapeared. The man looked around, confused. All that was left was a hole in the ground. Before he had time to react, another man dissapeared. One by one, his men were picked off, dissapearing into the earth. The leader started firing wildly into the holes.

"Nobody kills my men but me!" He cried, firing till his clip was empty. Suddenly, he felt the ground shift beneath his feet. A pair of hands burst up from the dirt, grabbing around the man's ankles. With a yelp, he was pulled underground.

The man awoke at a police station, laying on top of a pile of his men. Note was taped on his forehead.

"From Beacon with love. -BB"

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