This is the Trailer for Acteon Erasmus.

The lights went on, and the alarm blared full blast. The man jolted awake in his bunker, along with his comrades. The factory was under attack, or at least, in such a bad way that the security force was required. The men tumbled out of their hammocks, opening their lockers and gearing up. Some grabbed stun rods, while others grabbed tasers. Most likely, it was another riot. Lately the workers had been inspired by a shady figure that had been taking out Corban Factories, one by one. Here at the HQ, the largest Dust refinement operation was taking place. The workers were practically chained to their lines every day to ensure the quotas were reached. Ever since the new head CEO took over, things had been a lot better... For the security, anyway. Shouting, the men rushed outthe door, ready to put down any insurrection the workers had hoped to incite. However, today's alarm wasn't caused by a riot. It was caused by an invasion.

The worker had heard the alarms. The security gaurds poured into the factory. The worker busied himself, not wishing himself a taste of the stun rods. The guards were advertised as peacekeepers and protectors. In reality, they were no more than schoolyard bullies, dispensing "justice" indescriminately. As the red lights shined, the worker heard noises over the din. Men shouting, and above the noise, a voice that belonged to what sounded like a young man. Energy blasts could be heard in the hall. The security gaurds ran to the noise, brandishing their stun rods. There was a commotion, then silence. The red lights turned off. For once, there was no guard scowling at them. The worker put down his tools, and tenatively left the factory. Wandering around the hallway, the worker marveled at the hallways.

So these are the scenes that we are behind,

The worker wondered. The hallway resembled a cathedral, filled with golden statues of previous owners. Suddenly, a door burst open. A young man weilding a strange looking spear burst through. Looking at the worker, the young man took out what looked like a dust rifle.

"You like your job?"


"Want a new one?"


"Know how to use this?"

"I can learn."

"Then follow me."

The worker followed the young man, racing through hallways and corridors, up stairs, and into a large room. In a large chair sat a small, bald man. The man was nervous, pressing red buttons and barking into speakers. The young man with the spear smiled, and leveled it at the man in the chair.

"Your security guards are all... Unavailable, lets say. I've had my men free the workers. Your factories have ground to a halt. Now, I'll ask you this once. Shut it down. Shut it all down."

The man whimpered, and booted up a computer. With a few keystrokes, the man had shut down the industry. He held up his hands, put them behind his head, and walked out of the office. The young man with the spear sighed, and slumped down in the man's chair. The exhaustion became obvious. The young man had a look of great achievement on his face. He looked at the worker.

"Thanks, friend. Couldn't have done it without you."

Suddenly, a small screen on the desk came on. It showed a limousine waiting at the front gate. A man stood at the doorbell, wearing a black suit with grey hair. He pressed the buzzer.

"I believe I'm addressing... Acteon Erasmus, correct? We need to talk."

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