To find sanctuary from the Jaws of Death. Travel north... Hope is such a splendid thing
— Ector Rohan- His slogan for our research
Lion zion by ahlen

Company Logo

As you read this you are welcome to understand the purpose of your employment and interest in our company and our owner Ector Rohan.

Our Purpose

We are the worlds leader in understanding technology and the advancement of both the magical arts and the cybrid arts to better ensure that the people of the world can be cured of any disease/aliment or helped with any disability, We are even striving to find a way to use the olden resources and use them in new and intuitive ways

Our Help

We have spread to offices world wide to attempt the healing of people thought out the world.

Our products have included the distribution and usage of the magical arts and various potions that can be created, we use these to cure diseases and certain ailments, We have also pioneered making magic into a form of science.

We have also advanced in the fields of Cybrid Technology. This has allowed us to make sure that we can replace lost or damaged body parts, this also allows us to help those that are blind with retinal replacements. It has also allowed us to replace certain organs.

Our Reason

Our current founder Ector Rohan was formally a Criminal that chose to steal for many sources but from the help of the Legendary Hero, he has founded this company to help the world rather then take away from it and try his best with fixing the world. Even now with the discovery of items from an ancient myths know as The Vaciar he has found a way to make this myths into fact.

Author Notes

This is another bit of side stuff that will be added into the story Bedlam SINS how and why I will tell that story for another time. For now enjoy this little bit and decide for yourselves how it all connects.

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