Earthswimmer is the collective term for the twin shovel-like weapons weilded by Bergen Blunt, member of Team RBIN.


Earthswimmer's twin shovelheads are strapped onto the top of the forearm, jutting out above the knuckles. The shovelheads are long and flat, and each is fitted with two chainsaw blades, each parallel and verticle. The rear end of the weapon is sharpened into a straight blade.


Earthswimmer is the reason Bergen got banished from his home village. It is made out of ancient, fossilized Boarbatusk tusks, made diamond hard by the earth's pressure. Bergen modified them into the state they are in today. Powered by the Dust canisters Bergen always carries on his person, the chainsaw blades further increase the tunneling ability of the weapon. When both shovelheads are fully activated, they allow Bergen to punch through solid concrete(somewhat).

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