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Ebona... Ivy... You two are perfect when you're with one another... Kinda like me and Sapphire...
— Eventi, after watching them fight alongside her
Ebona, its time for us to play! Lets go kill some Grimm!"
— Ivy, ready to hunt
Got it Ivy! The Grimm won't stand a chance against us!
— Ebona, replying to Ivy

Full Names: Ebona Kasandra & Ivy Kasandra

Age: 14 (both)

Color: Black (Ebona), White (Ivy)

Weight: 73 (both)

Weapons: Fire-Endused Dust Sleeves (Ebona) & Ice-Endused Dust Sleeves (Ivy)

Occupation: Adopted Daughers (Eventi), Students at Beacon Academy

Relations: Eventi (Motherly Figure)

Status: Active

Affiliations: Citizens of Titan, Twin Sisters (separated by dress color)

Ebona & Ivy

Ivy (left) and Ebona (right) Credit goes to OnlyForIsara for letting me use this line-art.


Ebona and Ivy appears as young twin sisters with matching dresses which are separated by color.  Both wear a ball gown-type dress, with matching short sleeve dress shirts and a cap.  Their eyes are light blue with a hint of redish-orange.  Both have White hair with a hint of sky blue in it.


Although short for their age, Ebona and Ivy are playful, both show a deep interest in reading poetry and teaching nursery rhymes to the little ones in Titan, their home village.  The two also share some knowledge of Dust, which were seen in the blacksmith, mechanics shop, and the village fountain.  When Eventi arrived in Titan, the two spent a lot of quality time with her to the point where they appointed her as "Mama" despite her age.

Powers and Abilities

The twins draw their power from the FEDS and IEDS they made themselves after seeing Eventi hold off the Beowolf army at the age of 16.  The FEDS, or Fire-Endused Dust Sleeve is mainly used by Ebona, allowing her to shoot fireballs of various sizes.  The IDES, or Ice-Endused Dust Sleeve is mainly used by Ivy, allowing her to fire icicles from both her hand and the ground.


Not much was known about Ebona and Ivy, both were orphans at birth, their mother died giving birth to them and their father was killed on active duty.  Raised in the town orphanage for 9 years, they were soon adopted and were given a last name... Kasandra...  Spending time with their new parents wasn't like the orphanage, their parents forced them to do many hard labors to the point where Ebona and Ivy abandoned their parents and returned to the orphanage, where they began to teach the young ones nursery rhymes that they used to learn during their time there.  After a couple months, a new traveler came to Titan with drones...

This new traveller soon fainted at the gates, exhausted from her journey.  Ebona and Ivy decided to bring her to the orphanage to recover.  After she woke up, she soon decided to find a job, help people out and make some money. Before she left the orphanage, the twins asked her for her name...

"Eventi... Eventi A. Takeshi-Meso..." she told them.

5 years later, the twins were still doing what they did best, teaching nursery rhymes...  On occassions, they were seen gazing at Eventi as she worked at Hal's Mechanics with her newfound friend and fellow worker, Lloyd.

When the Beowolf incident occurred, Ebona and Ivy stayed back at the orphanage to protect the little ones, however, hearing Eventi's voice drew them to the streets.  Scaling the rooftops, they caught a glimpse at something they never knew... Eventi's drones, which were named 'Ebony and Ivory', had changed into swords...

When Eventi had been asked to enroll at Beacon, Ebona and Ivy wanted to come along, however Eventi wouldn't allow it...  When she left, they vowed to her that they would train hard to become Huntresses.  The two worked many hours creating unique sleeves that were coated with Dust...  Ebona wore the black sleeves that were coated with Orange-ish Red Dust, and Ivy wore the white sleeves that were coated in Blue Dust.  Concentraiting hard, they soon fired off projectiles and hit their targets.  It wasn't until Eventi returned to Titan that they had joy in their hearts.

However, an aggravated Ursa soon showed up to which Eventi fought valiently, but was soon defeated.  Ebona and Ivy had no choice, it was either save their "Mama" or lose an important person that they owe their graditude to.  Ebona casted herself in front of the downed Eventi, projecting a barrier that repeled the Ursa's attacks.  It turned out that Ivy casted a barrier spell, using Ebona as a catalyst to make it work.  Together, the three took the Ursa down, and save the town again.  Seeing their potential when they're together, Eventi offered to give them a ride to Beacon, hoping that they could hone their powers to do good deeds and get them recognized.  Ebona and Ivy were both stoked, they finally get to be with 'Mama' again.


  • Ebona and Ivy's design, looks, and cheerful personality were inspired by Fate/Extra's Alice (Master) and Nursery Rhyme (Servant).  Although weak in all 5 status junctions, the duo still puts a lot of trouble towards the player with the use of an abomination that Alice called "Jabberwock", as well as a reality marble that they call "Nameless Forest".  This leads to an incredibly high speculation that Alice and Nursery Rhyme were both based on the nursery rhymes "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass"
  • Ebona and Ivy were also inspired by Eventi's weapons, Ebony and Ivory.
  • The FEDS was inspired by Ebony's Fire Attribute and the IEDS was inspired by Ivory's Ice Attribute.
  • Ebona and Ivy calling Eventi 'Mama' is a reference to Super Mario Galaxy, with the relationship between Rosalina and the Lumas, which call her Mama.

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