Stop moving! I just wanted to see if that hair of yours really burns red!
— Ebony, trying to light Saffron's hair on fire.
Ebony "le Fay" Cornwall
Ebony le Fay
Age 17
Status Inactive
Color Black
Gender Female
Species Human
Born March 8
Handedness Right Hand
Complexion Light Brown
Hair Purple
Eyes Purple
Height 5'7"
Weight "Ask again and I'll burn you to a crisp."
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team AEGS
Partner Ginger Loxley
Occupation Student
Job Types Sorceress
Jobs "Nuke" of Team AEGS
Personal Status
Relatives Father(Unnamed, Deceased)
Mother(Unnamed, Deceased)
Additional Info
Emblem Ebony's Emblem
Likes -Learning more about Dust
-Anyone who wants to talk about Dust
Dislikes -Doesn't trust a grouping of men
Special Skills -Has a wide knowledge of AoE Attacks
Weaknesses -Limited Defense
-Weapon consumes a huge amount of Dust
This OC is the property of Zelkstone. Use of this OC is prohbited unless given permission by the owner.
 Ebony "le Fay" Cornwall is an original character based on the RWBY-verse. Her Partner is Ginger Loxley and a member of Team AEGS. She was created on December 10 and is the property of Zelkstone.


Ebony with the Standard Sorceress Attire(Staff Optional)

Ebony wearing the Traditional Sorceress Attire. Feathers added after Graduation.

She stands at 5'7" and has a slim build. She has purple hair done in a ponytail that just reaches the floor. Even though she likes black, the standard outfit worn by the sorceress in the school she attended were always purple, and this was strictly enforced. After a few months of intense negotiating, they came to an agreement: as long as the dominant color was purple, she could also wear other colors. Please refer to the Picture at the left for a more detailed look.


If you asked Ebony's teammates on how they would describe her using one word, you would get these answers: Blunt, Taciturn and Irritable(They then hurriedly asked to keep the identity on who answered what a secret). Blunt, when you either asked a stupid or obvious question. Taciturn, whenever the conversation heads into unknown territory. Irritable, when someone gets on her nerves(like Saffron, all the time). But, when danger looms or if the entire team is surrounded, you can be sure she'll focus while directing her anger on them, with her teammates giving a sigh of relief.

She hates people who "beat around the bush" and would tell them to give it to her straight. If the person still persists in not giving it directly, Ebony would either walk away(if it's someone she respects or trusts), or set the offending party's hair on fire(strangers or Saffron).

The only thing that her teammates know what she likes is about Dust. If it involves Dust, she will talk to you about it. From her favorite dust color, it's applications to weapons, to the usage of Dust in everyday life. Just don't ask her about her Dust Spells, she'll just glare at you until you change the subject.


Ebony, at the age of 8, was running for her life. 2 hours ago, 3 men came to their house and demanded to see her father. When her father saw who it was, he was stricken with terror. One of the men said that they were here regarding her father's debt, and that they intend to collect the full amount. Her father begged them for more time, since he was still looking for a job. They refused, saying they had waited for a year, and as per-agreement, they were going to take Ebony to be sold off as a slave. One of the men made to grab Ebony, when her father tackled him to the ground. The other two rushed in to help, when Ebony's mother came out of nowhere, brandishing a knife in both hands. One man stopped, but the other one removed a gun from his holster. Before he could pull the trigger, Ebony's father charged in and grabbed both hand and gun. Their third companion was out cold, due to Ebony hitting him with a vase while her father restrained him. Ebony was about to pick up a stick, when her father yelled at her to run. She turned around and saw her father, still struggling to take away the gun from the man, and her mother was holding off the other one. The man with the gun said that their buddies were on the way, which prompted Ebony's father to tell her to run a second time.

Deep in the woods, Ebony was running as fast as she could. Just then she could hear footsteps behind her, she glanced back to see 4 men running after her. They were shouting something but she couldn't understand them due to only one thing occupying her mind: to keep on running. But as she jumped over some bushes, she came to an abrupt halt. She was mere inches away from falling into a valley, and seeing a river downhill, she headed towards it. But no sooner than she took a few running steps, a man grabbed her from behind and held her in place. Ebony thrashed about violently, which was making it difficult for the man to call his comrades, but they would still get there. Ebony wished harder than ever to get away from the man, when she noticed a gray circle in front of her. The circle then approached her and the man, engulfing them in darkness. The man's companions heard his scream before it stopped just as quickly. Heading towards the direction of the scream, the only thing they found was their companion's sunglasses.

Ebony woked up due to feeling sever pain on her left arm, and quickly noticed that she was lying in a warm, comfortable bed. She looked at her left arm and saw that it wrapped in a splint bandage. Trying to get up, an immense pain on her head forced her to stop. A touch by her right hand revealed that her head was also wrapped in bandages. Before Ebony could think on what to do in this situation, the door to the room she was staying at opened. A young girl, dressed in a purple robe with a black belt around her waist, entered with what looked like fresh bandages, a towel and a basin full of water. Seeing that Ebony was finally awake, she set down everything she carried on the table next to the bed, and approached her. After introducing herself, the girl told Ebony to wait for a bit, then left the room. 15 minutes later, the door opened and a much older woman walked in, grabbed a chair near the door and placed it beside the bed, then sat on it and gave a good hard look at Ebony. She then gave a small smile and started to introduce herself. She was a teacher in a School for Sorceress's and that Ebony was currently in the Infirmary Ward. A class out on a stroll found her and a man laying down beside a river, with the both of them unconscious, surrounded by the Grimm. The class forced the Grimm away, but saw that the man had already been killed. They carried Ebony into their School, where she stayed in the Infirmary Ward for a week. The teacher then asked her what happend.

After spending a Day recuperating(the Healer was away on business and just arrived today), Ebony headed for the gates to go back home. But before she could reach them, she came face to face with the Head Sorceress, who asked her where she was going. After hearing Ebony's answer, the Head Sorceress asked her how could she save her parents by herself. While Ebony was still thinking, the Head Sorceress suggested that she enroll in her school. Ebony countered that 1.)she shouldn't waste any more time, 2.)that she couldn't afford the tuition, and 3.)that she doesn't know a single thing about dust manipulation. The Head Sorceress replied that 1.)If she goes against a loan shark organization the way she is now, she'll die. 2.)This will be a special case, and that she can just pay later when she can, and 3.)most beginners feel that way too, but over time they'll get the hang of it. After thinking about it for 5 minutes, Ebony gave it a shot.

The first few weeks were nothing short of terrible, but eventually, Ebony did get the hang of it. After 2 years, she learned all the Basic knowledge pertaining to Dust Manipulation. Her teachers were astounded, as it would normally take 4 years, yet Ebony was on her way to the Intermediate Course. However, not everyone was happy with Ebony's progress. The other trainee Sorceresses, angry at being shown up by a newcomer, treated her very badly. Ebony first tried to ignore them, then tried to ask the teachers for help, but to no avail. This treatment, as well as Ebony constantly worrying about her parents condition, pushed her to the breaking point and she promptly set an annoying girl's hair on fire. Soon, this would be her default action to anyone who tried to mess with her.

After Ebony reached 17, she had already learned the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Courses. She could freely manipulate dust, being especially proficient with fire, ice and electricity due to her experience in the school. With weapon in hand, she then left for home, or somewhere close to home, since she knew there was still trouble there. When she finally got home, it was already too late. The house was a total mess, the lawn was overgrown, the tree was already cut down, with only a tree stump remaining. Going inside, the floors were covered in dust, the wallpaper was peeling off the walls, the ceiling had numerous holes due to water leaking in, and everything of value had been taken. After spending a week searching for her parents, she gave up. As she sat on a bench and wondered what to do next, she felt something on the right pocket of her sleeves. It was a folded piece of paper, with the Head Sorceress's crest on one side of it. Opening the paper revealed a single sentence, "Come back if you need help.".

She reached the School before nighttime came, and who greeted her at the gate was none other than the Head Sorceress herself. Ebony asked her how long she was waiting there, with the Head Sorceress replying that no one approaches the place without her knowing. The Head Sorceress then pulled out her Personal Scroll, and asked Ebony if she would like to enroll into Beacon Academy. Ebony, confused by the sudden question, asked her why. The Head Sorceress answered that they were looking for a representative to send to Beacon, and seeing that Ebony passed everything with flying colors, she was a perfect candidate. Ebony replied that she couldn't waste any more time looking for her parents, and that she still needed to find a way to earn money. The Head Sorceress told her that Beacon Academy groups their students into teams, and having companions would help her search for them, as well as deal with any opposition a lot faster. As for the money problem, there was a lot of work to be gained as a Hunter/Huntress, and Beacon can provide knowledge pertaining to the different types of Grimm that have plagued the land.

Ebony gave it a hard, long thought. Spending another few years in another area would reduce the already slim chance of her finding her parents, not to mention having to endure being around with other people in that time. On the other hand, having someone to cover her back and stop any threat from reaching her is a welcome plus. And she had heard all about Hunters/Huntresses and their line of work. After being silent for 10 minutes, she then faced the Head Sorceress and asked for directions to Beacon Academy. 

Combat Style

Ebony's combat style is about bringing complete devestation to a large group of targets using AoE Dust Spells. Although she knows how to handle single targets, her proficiency lies in Mass Targeting. Even though her casting time is sped up considerably due to her weapon, she is still vulnerable if an enemy can get close. To fully maximize her capabilities, she needs someone to defend her and/or distract the enemy as long as possible for her to unleash the terrifying power of Dust.

Sadly, she is terrible at close combat. Even though her weapon has terrifying blades attached to it, she only knows basic weapons handling, and she primarily uses them to defend herself.


  • Battle Staff mode
  • Attack/Defend mode
Ebony's Weapon, given the name Flexibilem Pulvis, is a Dust-Eater Battle Staff(DEBS). Using Hunter-grade materials, this staff was created by Ebony(with the help of the teachers) during her stay at the Sorceress school that she ended up and enrolled in. This weapon is 5'6" and weighs at 20 lbs.

This weapon has two modes:

1. Battle Staff mode - In this mode, Ebony can focus the energy from the dust to craft whatever spell she plans on using on the enemy at the moment, as well as reduce their casting time. There are two openings on top of the staff near the center blade. One is for Dust in powder form, the other for Dust Crystals.

2. Attack/Defend mode - In this mode, Ebony grips the staff at the center and splits them, creating a shorter weapon in each hand. The center blades are designed to retract whenever Ebony presses a button, and when she lets go, the blade comes back out. The "Trident" half is best suited for either defense or capturing enemies that get too close, provided the blade at the center is retracted. The "Spear" half is best suited for attacking or keeping enemies at bay.

When not in use, she splits her weapon and places each half on two separate hook rings located on her sides at the waist.


Ebony's Aura is black in color. Her Aura grants her immunity to damage from her own dust spells, as well as projectiles that are dust in nature. However, it can't protect her against point-blank dust attacks or weapons that use dust as a propellant.


Ebony's Semblance is called " The Mystic Way". She creates what is essentially a "gate" in front of her using a glyph, then steps inside. A similar "glyph gate" opens a few feet in front and she steps out. The distance of the "Exit Glyph Gate" is determined by the amount of "charges" she uses. She can hold a maximum of 24 charges. 

  1. 1 charge = 10 feet.
  2. 2 charges = 15 feet.
  3. 3 charges = 25 feet.
  4. 4 charges = 40 feet.

The disadvantages to this Semblance are as follows:

  1. 1 charge needs 1 hour to replenish. If Ebony uses 3 charges for one Teleport, she must wait 1 hour for each of those 3 charges.
  2. There must be clear path to the destination, meaning you must be able to walk there freely. No cliffs, no sudden drops, no holes, no walls. The exceptions to this rule are organic beings, e.g., trees, humans, faunus or Grimm.
  3. If she is disturbed while creating the "Entry Glyph Gate" or just setting foot inside it, she will be blown backwards. In addition, she would only receive back half of the charges she used to create the gate.


  • Ebony "le Fay" Cornwall is alluded to Morgan le Fay , the powerful sorceress in the Arthurian Legend. Her surname is taken from the Duke of Cornwall, Gorlois, who was the first husband of Lady Igraine, Arthur's mother.
  • She got the nickname "le Fay" due to a teasing remark by one of the younger sorceresses. 
  • Ebony is black in color. It may also refer to the Ebony, a dense black wood.
  • Ebony's Semblance came about when she was being pursued. Her strong desire to escape the debtors caused her Semblance to manifest, with almost fatal results.

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