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Most of this has been writen while tired so expect some strange spellings and non-continuous writing. Edward Emeric is a filler name along with most other names. I'll change them at some point.


Pre Beacon

His megalomania ran rampent. Convinced that he was right about everything he'd invite any challenege, or goaded people to attack him. He did all of this so that he could make a public display of any power he had. He was king and ready to test himself against the world. He cared most about himself but his public front was to care about his home town. His "friends" at the time were his crownies and he treated them as such.

Early Beacon

Edwards exposure to the wider world humbled him slightly. He realized that brute force could not move him forward in the world and so became more intelectual, and strategic. He began to treat his racism in a more professional manner, carefully choosing where his stances would be appropriate and where not. Ultimately his racism began to curb. Seeing the mutual benefit of working together he was forced to acknowledge the superiority of at least some faunus but maintained that they must still be inferior in a more general sense.

He knew he wouldn't have cronies like he did back at home but he treated his new friends in a strangely similar way. He wouldn't interevine in their business, outside of a few cases, but did so out of respect, believing that you shouldn't try to solve someone else's problems with out them asking.

Those that quickly learned to hate him because of his views had their actions matched. If they stayed out of his way, he wouldn't try to get into their's. However attacks on his character were always met with enthusiastic attacks back. Arguments would often break out between him and other people, as he would turn slight attacks on his character into public scenes. This was actually done so that everyone knew it if someone might have a grudge against him. So that if anything ever happened to him others would immediately have an idea of who might be the cause.

Late Beacon

After seeing Roland go through his altercation with his father, Roland began to doubt his own parents, and by extension his entire upbringing. In addition, after two years of rabble rousing at Beacon, the amount of controversy serouding him suddenly became too much. Heavy soul searching caused him to become more introverted. He dropped all his previously held beliefs about race, gender, and social standing in an attempt to get rid of all the people wanting a piece of him. He rejected his hyper confrontational reputation and would scorn people that became too nosey. However, he was ultimately just in a bad place and while it may not have been apparent he did recognize the people who stood by him.

Late Late & Post Beacon

Having come to terms with the indoctranation that his family had put him through, Edward now had an open mind about the world. He regained his confrontational attitude, although not quite to the same extent, but now used it in a more possitive way. He focused less on proving his discenters wrong and more on developing their mutual understanding of each others possitions.

He began to be highly supportive of his friends.



Edward was born in the town of Faywater, a secluded town in the RWBY-verse equivelent of the outback [find proper locatiion]. In it's location the major cities could not offer their normal protection, so the local malitia was formed and charged with defending the town from the Grimm. The Emeric family played a major role in this organization and eventually became its core component. Generations of Emerics served the town well and eventually the Emerics influence took over the town until the Malitia was merged with local law enfrocement. Edward was a son in the Emeric family, and as such he inherited the Emeric name, and all the respect, and power that came with it.

Growing Up

Edward grew up an only child. As with all children he learned the ways of the world from his parents, but when one's parents, and, to be more concise, his family owns the town one lives in, those are the only people you learn from. Edward was treated very well, with no shortage of friends or influence, given to him by his heratige. Growing up Edward learned the nature of these restionships though. "Friends" were, at least to some extent, agents of other adults, trying to gain favor with the Emeric family, and Edward learned what "trust" meant in that case. Edward also learned his families opinions on other aspects of life, specifically Faunus. The schools were permeated with Emeric opinions, and of key importance was the teaching of Brain Compression Theory, a basis for Faunus racism. It was through attitudes like these that made Racism almost a given in Faywater.

Edward was quickly introduced to the family trade of defending the town and learned from father, and grand father about the familys method of dealing with Grimm. As an Emeric he was expected to preform better then a non-family member and with the tireless training he recieved, he did. It was on such a display of proficiency, when he was 14 that he was introduced to his new partner, a dog named Easton. After a lifetime of living with dogs, Edward finally got his own partner and the two got along.

When he was 15 a life altering event would occure. For many years now he'd known a faunus girl in his school, Maxine Powers (ZOMG I'm killing off my favorite character). She was pretty smart and active in the shool but and above all she was proud. She was one of the only people he knew who would defy him. She'd interrupt his bullying and scold him for his behavior but he and everyone around him knew that she was fighting a lousing battle. She was a faunus, which made her a second class citizen in his parents eyes, which made her a second class citizen in the town's eyes. One day, when Edward was 15 years old, he decided that it was time she learned that. One night, while she was walking home alone Edward and his posy of cousins and friends followed her and rushed her. She had a mean punch and put up a fight but she was no match. She was heald down, beaten, and, in rush of adrenaline and megalomania, raped. She screamed for her life until Edwards father came by on his patrol. He could see them from the road, and they could see him, and after just watching for a moment, he moved on and Maxine's screams died down to wimpers. 

Maxine stopped comming to school after that day. Edward heard very little about her, until a few months later, when news of her suicide reacherd him. After that she was gone for good.


The Outside World

The Emeric family decided that there was nothing left for them to gain in the town of Faywater and so Edward would be the first member of the family to go train in a school for combattants, Beaconm, and to set down roots for more ambitious family projects.

Without his family pulling strings, getting into Beacon was the hardest thing Edward had ever done but he succeeded. It was a first for him, an odd feeling. Not hatred. He couldn't quite place so he put it aside. 

At Beacon he met Roland Rorickstead. Roland and Edward began a strange relationship. Edward got his fill of de facto supperiority over Roland but there was something else about him. Roland's tendancy to seemingly be better then him at random intervals confused him. 

Apart from Roland his cult of personality was able to amass a small posy of freshman and was prepared to rule the school like he did back in Faywater, but then very quickly began realizing how much more difficult it would be. His racism was recieved diffirently here. Still with some scorn and support but now, also indiffirence. So the first year passed, and Edward, for the first time in his life, was just a face in the crowd and, surprisingly, it wasn't a bad thing. He fealt a sense of freedom he had never known before. 

Family Scorn

Upon his return the second year he was anticipating to take full advantage of the new freedom, but very quickly he noticed something wrong. Roland was not his usual self. He was paler and more worried then usual, to his dismay he would soon find out why. 

It was only a few weeks into the semester when the incident at the school started. Roland was charged with assaulting Goodwitch and attempted vandalism of property. When Edward could finally see Roland, it was the first time he had ever been truely worried about him. [This isn't a history, its a fan fic]


Edward's weapon is a glorified disk shooter. It comes im multiple parts, a hand gun, and two turrets carried by Edward and his dog respecitvely.

The hand gun. I'll write about the actual gun part some other day because it might not even exist, the important bit is a laser pointer mounted underneath the actual gun. When activated it will indicate whatever it is pointing at for one of the turrets to fire a disk at.

The turrets are carried by Edward and Edward's dog. When a trigger is pulled while the laser pointer is indicating something, the respecitve turret will fire a disk, modified at that moment to carrine through the air like a frizbee and hit its target. The turret that Edward carries can be placed and left in a location while the one affixed to his dog must remain on the dog. The disks are filled with dust and have two settings. The first is a simple shot that hits the enemy and deals damage in a serounding area. The second leaves a trail of energy in its wake which remains for a period of time and burn anything that moves into them. The trails aren't extremely powerful, trails will work well against most smaller grimm, such as beowolves but larger grimm or otherwise well armored grimm will be able to pass through. The trails also rarely kill, being more for inflicting pain. Also Edward's turret has additional armor allowing it to be used as a shield.

This weapon system was developed by the Emerics to deal with protecting Faywater. Because of the large clear areas that had to be protected, a projectile weapon was necesary and integrating it with a domesticated dog was very helpful. The real innovation though was the trail setting. By using the trails the Emerics were able to create a sort of temporary wall to corral large number of weaker Grimm and prevent them from moving to other more vulnerable places. 

Part of the idea is that this weapon also fits Edwards increasing maturity. Once he's at Beacon and thinking more maturely, he can come to better appreciate the strategy involved in using this weapon. By dropping the turret Edward louses defense but gains the ability to seriously misdirect his opponent, and attack from 3 directions.

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