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I stand here by my brothers in arms and I must say, it feels like a good day to kill these Grimm!
— Edward Grant
Edward Grant
Age 17
Title The General
Alias The Calvary 
Nickname Ed or Grant
Status Active
Color Red
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born April 15th
Handedness Right Handed
Complexion Tan
Hair Dirty Blonde with strands of Grey
Eyes Emerald Green
Height 5'11"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team N/A
Partner N/A
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives His parents & brother
Additional Info
Likes Strategy, Relaxing and Classical Music
Dislikes His brother, Overdoing things and un-organization
Special Skills Strategy and Dust use
Weaknesses His temper and lack of stamina in drawn out conflicts.
Character Theme

Edward's Theme


The General as he is often called is a very serious man who barely shows a smile and seems to have a cold exterior. He is often called an old man for his views, but like an old man he will argue to the bitter end even if he’s wrong. Though he is like a bull, he is also thick skin and seems to resist verbal abuse like a sponge as he just wears it as a badge not caring.
Ed as he is referred to by those close to him know he can break his mold and show a soft smile. It also seems to be linked to the passing of his girlfriend who he dated from the age of thirteen. He doesn’t view her death in a negative light, but he often remarks how loving and caring she was. He is even said to be a bit of a gentleman and a man who can speak despite his outer shell.



The General often appears in a navy blue military jacket with no badges upon it, but seems to sport four buttons. He also wears a blue handkerchief around his neck with the symbol of a black star in a red circle imprinted on the corners of it. The man’s hands are encased in white gloves with the same symbol imprinted on the back of them. His navy blue dress-up pants are held up by a black leather belt. His feet are set in black dress up-shoes.


Ed stands at an average height with his hair combed back and his face has light beard growing along the the cheeks and chin. His eyes are rather sharp as his tan skin brings out his lighter features out. He’s a lean man with thick muscles that perk out. He has very broad shoulders that poke.

Weapon & Abilities

Dragoon's Breath

This sabre-design blade is rather long and has a slight curve. The hilt has a modification of a revolver’s grip as the muzzle rides along the blade’s blunt side. The weapon seems to have a revolving cartridge that is quite thick and protects the Dust inside. This weapon seems to be related to other MDR series weapons, though it is a MDRS. The sabre are often paired with riding on top of moving steeds and vehicles, but it’s slashing capabilities make up for foot-use.

The sheath to this weapon is completely black with a red and blue rings to latch on to the belt rings of the bearer's pants or onto a belt directly.

Combat Style

Ed is one to keep in close with his opponent and read their movements by forcing them to go on the attack. With the combination of Dust, he can easily navigate the battlefield and attack from range. Furthermore, combined with the revolver’s barrel, he can inflict even more pain on those before him. If it comes to hand to hand combat, Ed has no problem getting dirty or using dirty tactics not caring for ‘fair’ fights as they are not worth getting hurt over.


The General’s strength lies in his tactics by keeping his opponent on the move and moving about through footwork or the use of Dust. Taking in his durable body, Ed is not afraid to get in close combat and make use of Dragoon’s Breaths combined power. If it resorts to hand to hand combat, Ed will not fight fair as he rather end it quickly than drag out a useless matter.


Given’s Ed’s past, Ed can be hot headed when one speaks ill of his girlfriend who had passed. This can lead to reckless behavior and combined with his limited stamina, Ed may be able to be tired out if he doesn’t conserve his energy. Even more, due to lack in aura, he doesn’t have a defense if he loses his weapon or a regenerative factor.


The Grant family is no special family in particular s many of them have served as clerks and bankers, but their grandfather George served in the Great War as a hunter and as such, his sword is mantled in the center of the Grant home labeled as a heirloom. Edward Grant, is the younger of two brothers who have always been at other’s throats as they could never get along. This problem became an issue upon becoming a teenager.
At 13, Edward began to date a woman by the name of Mary. Mary was the apple of Ed’s eye and even gave him confidence to train to become a Hunter as mary couldn’t. She was prone to depression and seemed to come to death’s door on many occasions. Edward not really considering his future yet made a vow to become a hunter to fulfill Mary’s dream. Four years passed as Ed trained and began to gain a name in the Hunter World, even to the point to met a friend of his Grandfather’s Peter Port.
Port saw potential and helped Ed apply to Beacon. The very day he was accepted, he went to see mry only to find a knife impaled into her chest. She had already passed and Ed ‘s face became cold as he dropped to his knees. The man screamed as tears flowed seeing the one he loved and a step closer to her dream be taken from him. It wasn’t until a week later and his brother, John had disappeared, that it was confirmed that his brother had killed Mary. Ed still upset, came to terms with the passing of Mary and even more, used this as fuel to make her dream come true. He also knew that if he ever crossed his brother once more, he would most likely kill him, but for now he had a dream to fulfill.



  • He does own his own Motorcycle he named ‘David’.
  • It appears he has high standards for his leader.
  • He seems to be older mentally than his own physical age.
  • He does keep a pocket watch with the star symbol engraved onto the outer-shell.
    • Inside is a clock and a picture of Mary.
  • Ed seems to have a preference for older things due to this power.


  • His design overall is to be a play on the American Civil War.
    • The Civil War is noted to be a war fought by brothers on opposing sides.
  • His weapon was inspired by the combination of the Dragoon Saber & Colt Dragoon Revolver.
    • The weapons are often paired to a Calvary member.
  • His first name Edward was the middle name of the Confederate General, Robert E. Lee.
  • His surname comes from the Union General and 18th President Ulysses S. Grant
  • His birthday is the same day 16th President of the US passed after being shot at point blank by Booth.
  • His hair seems to reflect the aging of a President in office.
  • David, his motorcycle may be a play on the name of the horse Lee own.
    • Davis was the Confederate president who went on the run after the end of the Civil War.
  • His brother is based on John Wilkes Booth, the man who assassinated President Lincoln in his second term.
  • Mary is based on Abraham Lincoln’s wife Mary who was noted to be a victim of depression.
  • His talent to speak and show a smile at times is actually based off Abraham Lincoln.

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