"It's not a dream...I can make it into a reality, just watch me! Just...don't touch that."
— Edwin

Edwin Jay Chemest
Age 18
Nickname The Alchemist
Status Alive
Color Jay Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Born Presumed May 18
Handedness Right
Complexion Tanned
Hair Jet Black, With a Blue Spot
Eyes Jade
Semblance Pride's Edge
Height 6'1
Weight 150 lbs
Professional Status
Social Rank Middle Class
Affiliation The Guild of Chemests
Team Team JEGR
Partner  ?
Occupation Alchemist, Mechanic, Student
Personal Status
Relatives *Half-Sister; Rubena Chemest
Additional Info
Emblem Edwin'sEmblemPT2
Likes Sour snacks, Weaponry, Reading, Experimenting, Tinkering
Dislikes Teasing, Arrogance, Prolongued Exposure to Cuteness, Huge Crowds
Weaknesses Fast-Time Events, Randomized Outcomes, Consistent Results
Character Theme

Dowra's Theme: Generation 18 - Mabinogi

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Edwin is a moderately tanned man with a rather short cut with the focus of his bangs from the right side of his head. At the focus, theres a silly piece of hair pointing out he refers to keep free- Its said that its an odd piece of hair that was affected by Dust when he spilt Dust in his hair at a younger age.

He usually has on a column-striped grey sweater with two armored plates on his shoulders. He normally wears regular denim jeans and his belt holds more than his jeans up. He has four plates held to his belt and have their own separate belt for holding special Dust Shells. He also has brown boots on, pretty ordinary but very durable and has not failed him.


Edwin's personality is a lot more toned down and well-kept than when he was a kid, which is strange for a young adult. He generally keeps to himself and his team, unless he sees a reason to do something or if something catches his eye- in which case he may commerce a bit. As a more strategic person, hes always to be very introspective of a person, to think out his next move. However, he doesn't make friends easily, and for the most part, this leads Edwin to be very quiet to most, along with his Introverted nature.

Though, to someone who is friends with Edwin, they would call him very cunning, with a little restricted nature, and at times flickers between spineless and bold depending on his confidence. He is actually rather classy and down to earth with his words, while unnoticed, a very smart gentleman. Edwin even attempts to flirt occasionally, though however he has to manifest the courage to not completely melt down to whoever he's talking to while doing so, and hes not the type to just ask someone random. Hes very helpful, but will put someone's own matters before his own if it includes Alchemy, like an override.

However, Edwin has several peeves that seem to override his calmer personality. For one, he hates large crowds. While he may be able to stomach a party, he doesn't like huge social gatherings, and would much rather being around his friends or generally away where he wouldn't be awkward to spoil people's moods. Edwin can tolerate a certain degree of cuteness, anything beyond it will make him wig out. Edwin cannot and will not stand for someone who is teased, and may actually snap on the bully. Unbiased to racism, he will even defend Faunus, while not too confident.

Backstory & Life

Edwin was an orphaned child at the age of 3, unknown to him and more unknown to the Chemests who adopted him. The Chemests lived near Atlas, but far enough to still resist it's militarized influence. From there, they gave him the name Edwin and naturally did what the Chemest do: Taught him and nurture him. Of course, he struggled to fit in with his family because of his rather ambiguous backstory and was quite wily as a child. Still, another child named Rubena Chemest helped him adjust and find a home within his home, which they both needed to grow. As such, Edwin soon began to take off in studying and began to excel with studying Dust's potency.

It occurred one day that while Edwin was collecting river and wild-life samples, he was attacked by Grimm. He was able to flee and hide, but only to so much avail before being out of breath. He wasn't sure what would happen after that point, but he witnessed a few hunters coming by and erasing the threat right before his eyes. Escorted back to the Chemest Mansion, Edwin knew what he wanted to do with himself: The Life of a Hunter. As he brought it up with Rubena, she also agreed as she had also been.

Naturally Chemests were not fighters, so this proposal was seen as incredibly foolish. Edwin put in the time to train and improve however, as well as send out his studies to his fellow family members. It took years to develop his weapon and studies, but he was soon able to prove their predictions wrong. Eventually, the Elders of the family allowed him to use them as references and continue his hunting job. It was sketchy to apply to Beacon without a formal training school, but Edwin showed his worth and was accepted.

Backstory Relationships:

The Family: Chemest Family

The Chemests are generally detached from Edwin. After all, he isn't of blood relation, so there is no trusting his true intentions or honestly caring about him. However, there are a few who believe that he has a good heart, which are the people who gave him a home in the Family as well as Rubena, who was the latest daughter of those people. Edwin doesn't know too many of them, and likewise doesn't care much about them.

Rubena Chemest

Rubena is Edwin's step-sister, and influenced him ever since they met when Edwin was adopted. Happy to have a brother, she grew up to be quite the mechanic, although a niche project builder. She's always appreciated the Hunter's type of lifestyle but cannot do so herself- her low blood pressure keeps her from doing anything too strenous on her blood and heart. Perhaps her wish lies within Edwin, as the two of them were practically brother and sister.

Edwin's Trailer - Feverish Reminder

Weaponry & Dust Usage

Ballista is a Blast Core Blunderbuss Claymore (BCBC), designed into a collapsible retractable design. It was designed for varied close combat experiences, whether it be with the heavy claymore itself or the blasts it can render. Edwin is able to smack people around with the blunt edges of Ballista and the sharper underbelly of the cannon.  And to that, the front of the cannon acts as a larger-scale shotgun, blasting people harshly the closer they are to the tip.

However, there is one mode that defies it's actual name; Edwin is able to create an extremely potent laser blast. Stretching itself out, when Ballista is in this mode, CQC is possible but could damage the frame. With a full pack of Dust, Edwin will charge his weapon gathering air for the conversion, and then release a wicked blunder explosion of Dust energy. In an ideal fight, the pure power capable of connecting would have ludicrous knock back and power to it. In a solo fight however, it is unlikely to actually charge up, let alone get off, so it is better to use when having cover or time.

Edwin, being a more mechanical guy, carries around ammunition his weapon uses: Shells. Shells are for his weapon to enchant his shotgun and laser capabilities, and to a degree fuel the reactions that go inside of his weapon. They can also be lobbed at an enemy to release the unstable powder Dust that lies inside, and depending the shell varies the range that Edwin can fire at. Normally Ballista fires at a close range.

Post Battle of Beacon Update:

Edwin's weapon ends up scrapped and has to be salvaged and reformed. Edwin does his best, but ultimately he has to change what Ballista actually does due to the lack of metal. The reformed Ballista functions the same but is lighter and smaller, but comes with one additional mode: Shield. Attacking the barrel to his arm, it will function still as a close range blaster, but the bulk of the weapon folds out and makes a large-functioning shield. This allows Edwin to more accurately protect others and still be on the foreground to inflict damage.

Current Specifications (Including Aura & Semblance)

Edwin's Aura is a vivid blue aura, and it would be rather a more abundant aura for him to have. Compared to the average hunter, Edwin has more aura than most and is more durable, but actively cant control how much of it he wastes on getting hit with his lack of real-time experience.

An interesting bit to note is that whenever Edwin uses a Shell in Ballista, Its said that the blast will change its' color according to the shell, and that he slightly changes personality as he does for a very small variable of the time. It happens as an side effect of his Aura. Edwin's place on the battlefield varies, but he's more often a tank who can counter-attack and whip out heavy return damage, or be a bombardier and rain dust misfortune upon those unfortunate to be against his weapon.

Semblance - "Pride's Edge"

In exchange of some of his Aura's protection, Edwin can render a short term impact rune-like shield to deflect and counter blows that would more or less over his body area in the form of a shield. If something hits the shield, it doesn't make Edwin flinch, but half of the damage is still felt directly to his body. However, this means that Edwin can counterattack after blocking someone's strike. He cannot use his semblance in heavy repetition though, or he risks blanking out or overextending himself from the large toll inflicted to his Aura and/or body.


  1. Edwin alludes slightly to the story of Faust and the theme of Ouroboros. His name relates of that to a Waterfall.
  2. When I was making Edwin, I decided to give him a theme or some sort of pun. The last name Chemest was both noticeable for me to use, yet still kinda funny to giggle at every once in awhile.
  3. The sword was made from several fictional elements like Fragment Cannon weaponry, and isnt compensation for under the belt, but rather his quiet, out-of-the-way nature. Interestingly, hes probably the most tank of my characters, beyond his intention.
  4. Edwin grew from his not-so-humble beginnings of being a self-insert. Seeing him deviate from this beginning is quite good to the feels.
  5. Edwin's name is oddly reminiscent of one of the protagonists in the anime "Full Metal Alchemist"
  • Edwin being close to Edward.
    • This wasn't even on purpose either. One of those things in hindsight.

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