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Now listen up and listen well. I hate having to repeat myself
— Egil L. Crucible

Egil Lucian Crucible is the adoptive father of Merel Serac and history teacher at Signal academy.

Egil L. Crucible
Age 41
Title The Iron Dragon
Alias Embar
Color Flame (vermillion)
Race caucasian
Species human
Handedness right
Complexion fair skinned
Hair dark brown
Eyes blue
Semblance Rebound
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon academy, Signal academy, Red Watch Network
Team JADE (disbanded 13 years ago)
Partner Jack Serac [KIA]
Occupation History teacher at Signal Academy.

Leader of an information broker cell.

Personal Status
Relatives Arthur Crucible (Father) deceased

Emily Crucible - Hart (Mother) Marcus Crucible (elder brother) Merel Serac (adopted daughter)


Back when he was in his twenties and fresh off the academy Egil was a broadly built man of above average height and with a face that while appealing was not as noticeable as his teammates'. He'd be able to blend in the background whether he liked it or not. Nowadays it's clear that he is not in his prime any more. He's become overweight, moves just a bit slower and already is showing a few grey hairs through his thick dark brown, nearly black hair and bushy full beard. But in truth Egil is in great shape, he just makes sure nobody can see that, especially any potential enemies so he has the added advantage if he finds himself in a fight.

Should Egil prepare to engage an enemy himself he will wear lightweight body armour covering his chest and a remnant of his old armour, two thick metal pauldrons and gauntlet made of overlapping plates with folded edges resulting in a ridged black and copper coloured sleeve of metal on his left arm and right shoulder. along with this he tends to bring an additional satchel with assorted Dust vials and crystals and a bandoleer with his custom shells for Roar.


Egil has always been a kind and sociable man, fitting in and making friends ever since he was a kid. this helped him greatly when he moved to Vale and again when he signed up at Signal Academy. He has a strong urge to protect the weak and especially those he calls his friends. during his time at beacon it became clear that he had skills as a leader and in his team they had a strange but effective dynamic where both he and the official leader of team JADE, Jack Serac, would would share the duty of leader during battle. While Jack was responsible for movement and close quarters combat, Egil called the shots on ranged combat, always looking for weak spots in the armour of a Grim or managing crowd control.

In his work as an intelligencer Egil has learned to take a more reserved approach and has learned that it pays to be prepared. Depending on the situation Egil has proven to take some extreme measures to ensure his and his allies' safety while dealing with the Vale underworld and this has given him a reputation as a fair but dangerous man. He is loyal to his friends and allies and although he has long since accepted the realities of his new trade he still tries his best to defend his own.


Semblance: Repulse

Repulse allows Egil to enhance his defence and offence significantly if he uses it wisely. Originally his semblance manifested as the ability to generate a pulse from his aura that reached roughly a meter around him and lasting roughly half a second that would negate the velocity of physical objects travelling toward him and double the velocity of objects moving away from him. It made for a very useful defence against single attacks he could not deflect with his weapons in time or let him send one of his own range attacks away with double the speed. While very powerful the pulse is also highly inefficient as the pulse can only catch so many attacks before it fades, leaving him vulnerable to a follow up as he can't generate a new pulse for at least a full second. During his time at Signal and Beacon Egil spent a lot of time developing his semblance in more practical forms when he discovered he could focus the effects of his semblance within a Glyph for far longer than the original pulse.The Glyph resembles a star map with the outer ring spinning slowly around the central design which resembles a constellation known as the Dragon. As time went on he learned how to produce more glyphs at once and fine-tune the duration, size and magnitude of them to suit his needs. The Glyphs retained the effect of reducing or increasing the velocity of objects that contacted it depending on which side they hit.

The major weakness his semblance has is that it only affects physical objects. Heat cold, lightning and other non-physical forms attack can bypass his semblance with ease, which is why he himself uses a number of Dust techniques to cover for that flaw in his defence. His Glyphs also have the weakness that they have a decrease in maximum power and size at ranges beyond 10 meters, with a hard limit of 100 meters beyond which Egil can't create them.

Special Techniques: Egil has had many years to experiment with his Semblance and Dust casting and managed to develop a couple of special techniques not many Huntsmen can preform, as most of these are his own invention or a variation of a special technique.

Chandelier: Egil imbues two or more Glyphs with Fire Dust and has them bounce off each other and accelerate one of them at phenomenal speeds towards a target to flatten whatever was in their path with a disk of fire that detonates on contact up to a maximum range of 30 meters (damage falloff sets in at 20, losing all impact at 30)

Imprinting: Egil can also apply his Semblance on himself and temporarily enhance his own body with his Glyphs by casting them on himself. Egil creates the Glyphs around his arm or leg which then collapse inward and create a band of runes similar to the outer rim of the Glyph, slowly moving around his limb up to 10 seconds or until he activates them for a speed boost effect applied to his own physical attacks.

Serpent: A personal Dust technique, a jet of fire is cast out from Egil's hand or sword and whips around with a corona of electricity around it, moving very eratically.

Thunderblast: A very devastating Dust attack, casting Lightning and Fire Dust in sequence Egil sends out a bolt of lightning imbued with Fire Dust that spreads a volatile fuel into the air around the arcing lightning, which then violently ignites and trails the arc to it's point of impact like a battering ram of explosive force, the technique is easily recognizable from the "crack-Boom" sound it gives.

Aura: A textbook example of a trained aura user, Egil can shrug off surprising amounts of punishment thanks to the protective skin his Aura gives him, along with the heightened reflexes and endurance this makes him a surprisingly agile combatant and extremely efficient in casting his Semblance, knowing exactly how long and how powerful to make his Glyphs.

Combat style: In team JADE Egil took the role of Dustcaster in combat, with his extensive knowledge of using dust in weapons he could unleash terrible fire power on the field. This also made him a prime target as the focus required for using dust on this scale left him often a sitting duck. for this reason Egil adopted a more defensive style with his sword Whisper and relied on his team mates Alice and Jack to keep enemies occupied. Today Egil knows he isn't as young or as agile as when he had graduated from Beacon but he makes up for it with his increased fire power and experience. He has not fought against the creatures of Grimm in a long time but the underworld of Vale has kept him on his toes and Egil has taken appropriate steps to ensure his safety.

Of particular note though, is Egil's skill with a sword. After years of practice and duelling he can be considered an expert on the subject and fights with a strong defensive style (similar to Roman's defence in his fight with Blake and Sun in episode 16) Few were as good as him and they were all on his team. After instructing Merel in using twin swords he has also taken up the same twin blade style of his old partner Alice, practising with Merel over the years and working it into his old style of Dust Casting and defensive strikes.

Other: Egil has learned himself a few things about stealth and infiltration, relying more on subtle avoidance than actual stealth and employing a carefully crafted bluff if detected. When it comes to teaching he prefers a more traditional style, going over his material before setting his students to work on the next lessons assignments, however from time to time he'll take an interest in promising students that can benefit from his own experience.


"Whisper & Roar"

Whisper and Roar are Egil's weapons, twin swords and a shotgun.

Whisper is a set of a Twin Core Dust Blades (TCDB). swords with a thick 90cm long blade with a groove along the middle of the blade holding vents for Dust secretion. The blades contain twin cores of dust inside the hollowed blade either side of the groove. The two dust cores hold Fire and Lightning dust respectively and allow Egil to use the swords as a ranged dust caster or to directly imbue the blades with the effects of the dust cores. The swords are made to fold in and compact the guard and hilt allowing it to be stored in a special compartment in the frame of Roar, while keeping the second blade in a holster on his left hip.

While Whisper has remained virtually unaltered over the past two decades, adding the twin blade when he started teaching Merel to fight with twin swords, Roar has been heavily modified and improved from a small one-handed shotgun into a big bulky four barrelled monstrosity capable of unleashing devastating attacks with explosive dust mixtures, Dust infused buckshot and heavy slugs. The barrels of Roar are constructed in a Vierling configuration, with two above each other and two side by side forming a diamond pattern when viewed from the front. the barrels are all 12 gauge barrels and the ends have been cut to all taper towards the centre of the barrel construction, giving the openings of the barrel an elongated look.

Egil has configured the weapon to fire a variety of dust powered rounds, ranging from conventional pellets to heavy slugs to grenades. Although the weapon boasts incredible fire power the break action nature requires Egil to reload often and for that reason he has hidden his blade Whisper in the frame between the barrels of Roar, as a secret fall-back option. Typically he loads two grenades in the horizontal tubes and two buck shot rounds in the top and bottom barrels, resulting a deadly mix of fire-power and versatility. Egil's final surprise when he is out of ammo or in a jam is to use the Dust reserves of the blade hidden in his shotgun to fire pure dust attacks from the empty barrels of Roar.


Egil was born in Atlas as the second child of Arthur and Emily Crucible. For the first few years of his life he lived in the capital, but due to a job opportunity for his father they soon moved to Vale. Egil remembers little of this time beside the brief period where they didn't have a house in Vale but his father was already working there, living most of the time in vale and visiting his wife and kids back in Atlas from time to time. Not long after they got a house in the city of Vale and Egil and his brother found themselves in a new neighbourhood, having to find new friends. It did not take Egil long to find his soon to be best friend, a kid of his age living a little down the street, Jack Serac. Jack came from a long family of Huntsmen and the stories Egil heard from him would inspire him to follow Jack into the trade. They both went to Signal academy and Egil realized he understood the concepts of Dust much easier than others in his class. Able to see the logic of different dust combinations and the effects a creative mind could get from Uncut dust. The two boys did well at Signal and it was almost certain they would excel at Beacon.

When his first year began and Egil went through the Initiation he encountered old friends from his time at Signal as well as new faces who came from the other kingdoms or even the Frontier. By the end of it all Egil got partnered to Jack Serac While the other half of their team were the duo of Dutch Steiner, a Coyote Faunus from a Frontier community called Bastion, and Alice Zwaardt, a gorgeous young woman who abandoned her life of luxury to become a huntress. The four of them became team JADE, four hunters from four different backgrounds and oddly enough all favouring a sword in battle. The four of them would become good friends over the course of their first year, learning how to fight as a team and to trust each other in battle. What helped in this process was their own little ritual of duelling one another, learning one another's strengths and weaknesses through this and strengthening their bonds. During their time at Beacon Jack Serac and Alice Zwaardt eventually became a couple and not long after graduating from Beacon they married. Egil was Jack's best man and eventually they made him their daughter's godfather. With Jack and Alice both being huntsmen they still would try to go on missions as a team but Egil noticed the frequency of these was in steady decline with the new parents having to look after little Merel.

However thirdteen years ago, it all fell apart.

The Faunus demonstrations were increasing in violence over the kingdom and even the huntsmen were called in to find a solution before the situation would get out of hand. Team JADE received an assignment to track down a group of radicalised Faunus in the Vacuo Frontier and stop them.

They had followed up on the rumours and information they could gather in the area and tracked the Faunus down to the city of Norema, where they had managed to dig themselves in in the depths of the abandoned Great War Era Base situated on the edge of the city

Egil still doesn't know how it all went wrong, but the Faunus extremists were somehow warned and ready for them. They had managed to lure the Grimm in the area to the Fortress as a distraction for Egil and the rest and set up numerous traps and ambushes for the Huntsmen and the Police squad sent in with them. After a long night of fighting their aura's could not hold any longer. In the end Egil had to carry Jack's body out while Alice died from blood loss before reaching the hospital. That night marked the death of team JADE.

Egil returned to Vale to try and take care of the mess on the home front. Jack's parents were of course devastated by the news but at least Jack and Alice had made some plans in case this would happen. Egil knew Jack's parents could not take care of Merel by themselves and knew what Jack and Alice would have wanted him to do. So fulfilling his last duty to his friends he took Merel in as his own daughter. Being on his own meant Egil could not afford to go on missions and so he applied for the job of teacher at Signal, allowing him to still use the experience and knowledge of the Huntsman to serve his kingdom while still having time to raise Merel.

However Egil did not settle for that life alone. He still needed to avenge his team. Dutch Steiner had been hit just as hard with the loss of Jack and Alice and pretty much as soon as their jet had landed back at base he just up and left. Later Egil would hear rumours of the Faunus sniper cutting his way through the underworld of Vacuo and Vale, searching for any and all involved that night to find the surviving Faunus fanatics and whoever had betrayed their plan to them. Egil could not disagree with his teammate's idea of justice, but he went about finding answers in a bit more subtle way.

As a huntsman Egil had travelled a lot through the kingdom of Vale and through the frontier on the mainland, keeping the fringe villages safe from grim and gaining allies through the land. Egil decided to use these allies to begin a network of information to try and find the Faunus that had escaped the battle. Having so many eyes and ears across the kingdom was very useful for finding people who did not want to be found. Over the years he would try to use this Red Watch network, as he had come to calling it, to help out huntsmen on their missions or to manipulate the vale underworld to clash with any problematic factions beginning to rise in the shadows of Vale. Sadly this did not always work to his liking. Egil has made mistakes and his attempts to stop problems have resulted in disaster, like the Soldiers Night riots where the vale police department acted far too confrontational on his info that the White Fang would be causing trouble during the demonstrations, which ultimately ended up provoking the riots rather than prevent them. Still Egil knows his work has saved lives and he will not let the failures weigh him down, if he does it would destroy him.

And so Egil took up a new profession, he would teach the future huntsmen of vale about the mistakes from the past, hoping for them to learn how to avoid repeating them. And next to that he would use his carefully crafted network of information to try and prevent the war with his own means.


  • The name Egil is of Old Norse/Scandinavian origin and means sword's edge, relating to a silvery or grey colour of the weapon.
  • The name Crucible carries a connection to molten metal and fire as well as the colour of soot or clay.
  • Egil is based on several father figures I encountered in fiction including Stenwold Maker from the Shadows of the Apt book series and Henk the mole from the cartoon/anime Alfred J. Quack.
  • Egil's weapons are based on the arsenal used by Lord Shen from the animated movie Kung Fu Panda 2, including hidden throwing knives, a sword and cannons using fireworks.
  • Egil's Red Watch network is based on several "networks of allies" in fiction such as the always available transportation for Kim Possible thanks to favours owed for earlier heroics or Professor Horace Slughorn's Slug Club which he used to befriend witches and wizards with potential to secure a network of contacts in high places in the Wizarding society of the Harry Potter books.
  • the Soldiers Night Riots refer to the riots that Jericho Corey was caught in two years ago.
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