I hope you don't mind me cutting into your quarrel, but yelling is not going to help. You're friends, you shouldn't be fighting. It's irrational to at this time...
Eira Barille
Age 17
Nickname Air
Status Active
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Right-Handed
Complexion Fair
Hair Navy Blue
Eyes Purple
Height 5'3"
Weight 90 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Occupation Huntress (Training), Music store clerk (formerly)
Jobs Music Store Clerk (Formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives Gigi Barille (Adoptive mother), Hiro Barille (Adoptive father).


Eira appears to be roughly 5' 3", and is rather petite and small. She has navy blue hair and mysterious aqua markings on her face. Her hair is pulled back into short pigtails that zig-zag like lightning. She has bright violet eyes. She wears an aqua and purple striped bandana around her neck. She wears a purple and sky blue shirt. The sky blue goes into triangular squares in the middle of each side, and covering about 3/4 of the way. There is a sky-blue stripe down the middle of the purple. She wears black shorts with an aqua belt. She wears tall high-heeled boots. Eira will ocassionally wear goggles on the top of her head or even headphones. She also wears a necklace with two different-looking rings, to symbolize her never-ending love for her parents.


Eira is rather calm and laid-back.  She almost always has a happy and serene look on her face. She seems to be at peace most of the time, even when fighting, she keeps a calm and confident stature. She is fairly confident within herself, and she will make snarky comments sometimes. She can be rather quiet, however, and she rarely talks unless spoken to. She rarely speaks about her past.


Eira was born to her parents, both wealthy but neither wanted children, so they abanoned Eira. Eira was found by a young woman who ran a music shop with her husband. They raised Eira around in the music shop, and everntually gave her a position in the shop.

One night, Eira was walking home from school to go work, and she noticed a wafting smell in the air: smoke. She sniffed lightly at it, and ran to the shop to find it burning, her parents trapped inside. The criminals who delievered this act stood and watched Eira attempt a rescue, but fail. Her parents' killers soon took Eira under their own wing.

Eira was trained to be a criminal, very stealthily. She learned how to rather slowly, but she got it down nonetheless. Eira took herself to rob a store one day, and she finally brought herself to do it. Having her newly crafted weapon, Zephyr, a short-handled long and curved blade that would form into a crossbow if transformed. She robbed it sucessfully, but then was stopped by Glynda Goodwitch. Glynda sucessfully knocked Eira out and returned the items she had stolen.

Eira's former partner, Quinn, went missing during this attempt. Quinn was somewhat like an older brother to Eira, and the only one who treated her nicely within the cult. He was also the only one that didn't contribute to her parents' deaths. Eira continues to search for Quinn.

Glynda and Ozpin recruited Eira, after learning about her tragic past. After the orientation, she was assigned to team MYSE, along with Makai Thallson, Yerazig Nigele, and Salerio Giovanni. Eira remained bitter to this decision, and refused to give up the location of her parents' killers. Eira wanted her past to remain behind her forever.

A while later, on the anniversary of her parents' deaths, she vistied the rubble of the burned-down shop. She searched for something, and found her mother's wedding ring, and put it on a necklace, and then took her father's ring and did the same. She always wears this.

Eira took herself and studied painfully hard, not really talking to anyone on her team. She would keep an odd and bitter silence from them, but maintaining her calm stature. She continued to search for Quinn, and began to look for her bioloogical parents.


Eira is exceptionally skilled at making the room seem calm, and making others calm down. She can do this fairly easily, by whispering soothing and comforting words. She has a way of persuasive speaking, and can seem to sway someone's opinion quickly with just a wave of her foot.


Eira prefers to wing her combat. She can see rather quickly when to hit someone, and where, but she is not very skilled in fighting airborne. She can fight exceptionally well when she can hit in excess and then knock out her opponet.

Eira is also a master at using dance techniques and forming them into combat technques. She can handle Zephyr, her sword, rather easily. She can also calm down an opponent, even a Grimm, but it poses more of a challenge and is rare for her to accomplish.


  • Eira's name, Eira Barille, is somewhat like an Aerabelle, a ballet dance move and a reference to the play Swan Lake. She represents the swan princess in a way because she was once wealthy.
  • Eira has a deep and profound love for plays.
  • Eira has a natural talent for dancing.

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