"The Sun stands at my back and I walk forward."

Elaria Okama
Amaterasu by pain s4ma-d6qodmz
Age 17
Nickname Nin
Status Active
Color Scarlet
Gender Female
Species Faunus
Handedness Left-handed
Complexion White
Hair White
Eyes Red
Height 5'4
Weight 102 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Occupation Priestess/Student
Additional Info
Weaknesses Cats
Character Theme

Howl Trance- Okami's Rising


Amaterasu by criis chan-d60cb22

Elaria traveling through the world.

Elaria is of an average height for someone her age and keeps herself in good shape through daily exercise. She's a different kind of girl to say the least. Tattoos adorn her body in intrinsic patterns that match her robes down to teh detail. Her wolf ears don't stick out too often due to many people thinking that they are simply a new hair style instead of actual ears. Her blood red eyes attract some attention due to their own shine that seems to have an eery effect on some people. She doesn't dress conservatively either, her robes are very loose and expose more of her body than most priestesses are allowed to. She has a pretty average bust that compliments her own unique body as well. 


Elaria, at first, may seem like a ditzy and foolish girl who can't seem to act her age no matter what someone tells her. She likes to have fun, that's all it is. She doesn't want to be bogged down by the dull and sad things in life so she continues to live life as if she were playing games with friends. She's a terribly light hearted girl with very little on her mind at any given time. Normally she's thinking about the task at hand and the next meal she's going to have when she's done having fun. She may seem like a complete waste of time when it comes to instructing her on manners at the table but she's a lovable mess just the same.

In truth, Elaria is a very intelligent girl with a knack for studies in school. She can get subjects down in a couple of hours and never has any trouble with them again, her mind treats it all like a game that she has to win in order to advance to the next tier. She has very little issue with overcoming obstacles and will try and try as many times as she needs to to win the game. 

Elaria also has very little common sense about how to act in the world. She can be horribly improper at almost any time and doesn't have much of an understanding of shame either. However, she is still a very polite person and treats everyone she can with respect and kindness until they prove that they deserve otherwise.

Amaterasu and chibiterasu by dav 19-d4z26ud

Elaria in her alternate robe.


Elaria didn't have much of a future planned out for her when she was younger. It wasn't that she was without money or a home; she was in fact born to a family with plenty of money in their pockets. It was that she was in danger of a horrible disease that no one could seem to understand. Her family called in every doctor they could find in hopes that one of them would be able to treat her and get her back on her feet, but none could find the solution to her problem. Many thought that Elaria was too young to understand what was going on, that she only knew that she was sick and wanted to get better. But they were wrong, Elaria knew exactly what they were talking about; she was going to die in less than a year. Sure everyone tried to keep smiling when she was around and act like nothing was wrong, but behind the smiles Elaria could see the tears and sadness. She didn't much care for the negative environment though, she needed to be genuinely happy again and she knew that her home and her family were not the place to be if she was looking for that. So, when she was eight years old she ran away from home to spare her family the mourning and grief that they were all going through. 

She had expected that she would simply die on her own and that no one would even remember the little Elaria, that they would all move on and have another child who they could love. For days she walked on as she tried to find a place to go, but no one would take her in and she was forced to wander. Finally, she came upon what seemed to be an abandoned temple devoted to some mysterious figure. Elaria didn't have much choice at that point so she went inside and looked around to try and find some food to keep her alive for a little while longer. However, as she was scrounging a middle aged woman came upon her and offered her a proper meal instead of some scraps. Elaria had no idea where this woman came from but she didn't complain and took the meal with a smile on her face.

Six weeks passed and Elaria had cast out her wandering self and turned to the path of the priestess. She served in the temple for many years as a kindly servant to the figure there; the figure whose identity is still a mystery to all but the preistesses there. Elaria became the defender of the temple by using her own abilities and weapons to defeat beasts that threatened the temple. It was after much time had gone by that the high priestess decided that Elaria should go to the human city of Vale and join in the academy there to become an even stronger fighter. Not wishing to defy her priestess, as well as having a dream of becoming a huntress, Elaria journeyed to Vale to allow her own journey to flourish once more.

Weapon and Abilities

Weapon Name: Sun Bringer

Description: Sun Bringer is a massive sword measuring about five and a half feet in length. The sword is very special because it uses dust in it's single chamber to alter its form and thus affect the kind of damage it deals. Sun Bringer has five forms; water, earth, air, lightning, and fire. Only by changing the dust in the chamber, which is located in the hilt, can the sword's form be changed. In each of its forms Sun Bringer gains the ability to use the element as it strikes (E.x.- The wind form of Sun bringer would strike with slashing wind or the fire form would cause burning.)
Okami glaives by starbuxx-d36pf6l

Sun Bringer's Five Forms


Elaria's aura is a blazing red and while it looks flashy it is actually weaker than most. She is however, very quick on her feet and dodges more attacks than she blocks or counters. Her own speed is fairly high and her acrobatics are superb. Her semblance is Telekinesis, this only applies to her weapon whereas she can wield her weapon simply by moving her hands instead of actually holding on to them. This presents a slight issue in which she must have eye contact with her weapon whenever she is using them.


- Elaria is based off of the Japanese goddess Amaterasu.

- Her weapon is also based off of the one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan as well as the Glaive weapon used in the game; Okami.

- Her crest is a tribal sun.

Elaria's Symbol

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