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The worst that can happen is that you probably get your neck cut off.
— Eli to Jorey about riding a bike.

Eli Leitreach is a member of Team JORE and the Master of the Chamber of Requiem. Eli's weapon of choice is a Explosive Bolt Grenade Launcer(EBGL) named Bolzen.


1st Year

Eli appears as a below average height teenage boy, with blue hair and yellow eyes. At the back of his body, there is two small scars that form a cross that he got from a fire. For apparel, Eli has white robes with blue lining and a torn scarf that he wears. He also has white trousers, with blue lining. Underneath, there is just a normal blue shirt. 

As part of his Chamber of Requiem missions, Eli usually changes his outfit to cover his identity.

2nd Year

A year later, Eli decided to shorten his hair a little bit and change his hairstyle from his bob style haircut because it's too mainstream for him. For his clothes, Eli now wears a white short sleeved turtleneck with blue round the top of it. He still keeps his white baggy trousers as before. His trademark scarf is now on his left arm, used as bandages for style.


Normally, Eli is a very intimidating person. He is very scary and will say really odd things that scare the people around him which makes them uncomfortable most of the time. His scary nature makes him very ruthless in combat and will waste no time trying to defeat his opponent.

Additionally, Eli has a very dark sense of humour. He will always joke about bad things that happen which makes people confused at times. If he isn't scaring anyone, Eli will always have a mind to prank much to the chargin of his victims. Eli can be sarcastic at some moments. He will say it in the most evil way possible which scares others. As a running theme, Eli's right eye always gleam whenever he is angered or irritated.

Moreover, he has a very laid-back personality. He appears to be completely calm whenever someone tries to mention anything wrong he's done. Although, he does get a little bit argumentative whenever it is required to.

Despite his funny and dark nature, Eli seems to have great care for others and is willing to even break his own rules for the good of others. He is even smiling even at bad times, because he knows that it doesn't matter if there's defeat or victory, you should just smile. Because of this, he is really the most optimistic out of the team.

However, Eli's happiness can crumble when faced with severe adversity. He tends to become more desperate and will use extreme actions to solve a problem that he is facing.

As a child Eli was very calm and composed, but he had a kink for a following his brother Johannes all lot. Apparently, Eli hated being alone all lot a was never happy about it because they never really saw their parents.


Eli lived a very strange past. His parents were two Hunters confirmed as missing in action so he was taken care of by his uncle Meallán who was a fisherman in a village called Quinton Gorge. Eli had an older brother called Johannes Leictreach, who was there for him in his time of need. Johannes normally did things on his own, but Eli used to follow him all the time. Johannes asked him why he always follows him, Eli states the fact he didn't like being alone.

After getting a haircut, Eli showed Johannes was who not happy because Eli had copied his hairstyle completely. Johannes and Eli later started speaking about how heroic Huntsmen and Huntresses were. The two also spoke about their missing parents with Johannes believing that they were on a long mission and will come back soon, whilst Eli didn't believe this. Later, their uncle entered the house and he was drunk. Johannes and Meallán argued back and forth about Huntsmen and Huntresses. Meallán who was inebriated at the time had told Johannes that their parents were dead and there wasn't anything he could do about it. This led to Johannes running away in anger and Eli chasing him. However, this resorted in the two being kidnapped.

Eli and Johannes were both taken to Chamber of Requiem which was a special operatives group but had strange methods of training. The leader of Chamber of Requiem was called The Master. The leader had told everyone to call him master and follow what he does, if not punishment will happen. Due to their fear and lack of understanding at the time, Eli and Johannes became indoctrinated by these ideals. Eli later had his weapon Bolzen made for him by the experts at Chamber of Requiem.

Because of his affiliation to Chamber of Requiem, Eli was set on missions to defeat criminals in Vale and never got caught, so no one knew him as a member. He was mostly known for his missions in crime to which he was called Widow Bringer and he would normally disguise himself.

At one particular mission, Eli was sent to find a couple that owned a restaurant but were part of the crime ring. Eli was tasked in killing the couple. He found out that the couple had a daughter and so Eli took the girl into the Chamber of Requiem. However, the building was burning and Eli attempted to get her out. Eli ended up burning his back and led to two small scars on his back.

Hearing that Johannes had enrolled into Beacon Academy. Eli wanted to do the exact same thing as he mostly wanted to copy his older brother. Thus, the Master made Eli take kill two bottom ranked criminals to show that he could apply to Beacon. However, he had to hide his identity from the students because it is classified(professors do know).

Introduction Arc

Eli is on the rooftops of Vale, watching the fight take place from below. Firing off a bolt, he killed some of the people participating at the fight as part of a mission. About to run, Eli was stopped by a voice. Onyx Rocker introduced himself to Eli and smiled and fired at Onyx who luckily dodged it. Both of them were complained to at a man from the window below. While he's distracted, Eli throws a smoke bomb and runs off.

At Beacon Academy, Eli watches Jorey Diamond follow his friend Bridgette West. While listening to Ozpin's speech, Eli was agreeing with him, which freaked the people near him.

At the ballroom, Eli was in the toilets and notices Onyx who calls him short. Eli makes a small remark to the colour of his hair and Onyx gets angry for the murder of innocent people. Eli mentions that the people involved in the fight were not innocent but actually criminals. After realising something, Onyx then left to go see a catfight.

Gary Panner Arc

Battle of Beacon

Eli was just coming back from his mission a mission along with Team JORE and Team WEST. When hearing Beacon was in trouble, Jorey called for his dad to get an airship to get them back to Vale. However, they were quite late as he and his team noticed that Grimm was frozen. They learned that Beacon was unsafe at the moment. Eli decided to find Johannes first before he did anything.


Chamber of Requiem

The Chamber of Requiem is a secretive special operatives organisation that uses it's members to be hired by those that they trust to special type of work. The organisation is known for having Escorts to protect valuable items and people during certain occasions when they are paid or sending spies to gather intel or infiltrate criminal headquarters. Members of the Chamber of Requiem however are kidnapped orphans and the group has around 800 members. The Chamber of Requiem members are treated quite harshly and could face torture or death as punishments for failure. This keeps the members of the Chamber of Requiem on tilt. Despite their abuse with it's members, the Chamber of Requiem has been quite effective with their tasks.

The work that Eli used to do for the Chamber of Requiem is assassination where he was tasked with taking out criminals. Eli, after assassinating the Master of the Chamber of Requiem is now the leader because of a rule which was enforced to stop members from dissenting. At this point, Eli became the Master and had allowed the children who were currently members to be brought in to orphanages. Eli thought it would be best for him to lead because he realised that even though he didn't like anyone in the organisation, the older members went through the same thing as him and by losing the Chamber of Requiem, they no longer had anything to work for as they missed out on most of their lives being members.

Johannes Leictreach

Johannes is Eli's older brother. Eli looks up to him and almost mimics him in every shape or form. However, their relationship is quite distant. This is further reinforced by the fact that these two have hardly ever been on Chamber of Requiem missions together.  

Jorey Diamond

Eli seems to have great respect for Jorey as a leader and even respects his decisions. Even when fighting, Eli is willing to back Jorey up in a fight and even help him. Jorey is really friendly to Eli and doesn't care if he is disliked by others. However, Eli will not follow his orders if it something that is unlike Jorey.

Onyx Rocker

After their first meeting, Eli likes to tease Onyx about his hair and how orangey it is. Mostly, Eli finds it funny when he scares Onyx because he is a very hot blooded person but acts mean. On the other hand, Eli thinks that Onyx is funny when he beats up Jorey and Rufus and backs away from hitting him because of his scariness.

Rufus Sabbia

Eli and Rufus are quite platonic as they barely even talk to each other. Despite this, Eli has seen Rufus fight and thinks that without his frightenedness, he thinks that Rufus will be a better fighter. Rufus is very kind towards Eli and likes him.

Ranna Juliet

First meeting at the prom, Eli enjoys hanging out with Ranna because he shares a lot in common with her. Eli likes terrorising other people with her as collaborations make their pranks more effective. Moreover, Eli likes Ranna's laugh as he knows how great his pranks are. The two had even kissed each other twice when on a date to the mvies and Eli seems to trust her as he shared his secret, which hasn't even told his team-mates.

Powers and Abilities

Athletic Skills

Eli's most well known trait is how fast he is. He is known for making very quick attacks and running quite fast. His speed helps him dodge attacks easier and allows him to dodge opponents. This mostly influenced by his scary nature.

Eli seems to 

3d Model of Bolzen with Sniper Scope.

have such incredible strength and is able to lift things that even normal people can't lift. Eli is really proficient strength wise, as he is able to use the back knife at the end of his weapon to try and attack his opponents.

 He is quite fierce with his attacking, not even taking into regard of his stamina, because of this, his opponents are capable of defeating him if they can keep up to his speed or if Eli isn't being efficient in defeating his opponent.


Eli's weapon of choice is Bolzen. The weapon acts like a normal grenade launcher but when in contact with any objects it sticks to it. This is because the bolts are very adhesive and they also cause explosions because the weapon uses explosive dust which is a mix of lightning and fire. The weapon has a large sniper scope on it and has a attachble grip which is where the knife is held. Eli is able to skillfully use his weappon, Bolzen to easily send in bolts at his enemies quite easily.  His skills are quite incomparable because of his weapon, he is even able to control the speed at when he fires of a bolt using Bolzen. Also, the blast radius is quite intresting as Eli can not control it despite his masterful skills.

Aura and Semblance

His Aura is blue in colour. Eli's semblance allows him to produce electrical energy from his hands to attack his opponents. It is capable of stunning weaker enemies but may be resistant to any stronger ones. The current is capable of chaining but it causes a lot of strain on Eli's hands. Therefore, any repetitive use makes Eli's hands almost become burnt.

Eli Leictreach's Stats :

Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo

Total Stats: ??/100

Battles and Events

Season 1

Fight Chapter Outcome
Onyx Rocker vs Eli Leictreach Chapter 1 Interrupted
Eli Leictreach, Emma Austri and Bridgette West vs Grimm Chapter 6 Loss
Jorey Diamond, Onyx Rocker, Rufus Sabbia and Eli Leictreach vs Grimm Chapter 6 Victory

Season 2

Fight Chapter Outcome
Eli Leictreach vs Ethan Poem Chapter 14 Victory
Eli and Johannes Leictreach vs Gary Panner Chapter 16 Loss
Team JORE and Johannes Leictreach vs Grimm Chapter 19 Victory


  • Leictreach translates to Electric in Irish.
  • Eli's personality is loosely based on Nico Robin of One Piece.
  • Eli's favourite food is cupcakes.
  • Eli's theme song You're Gonna Go Far Kid is chosen because of his connections to Chamber of Requiem
  • Bolzen is German for Bolt.