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Well he's not talking about it, means he got shot down.
— Eli displaying his natural behavior and taunting Rufus.

I'm very devious, I'm quite the snake.
— Emile taunting opponents jokingly

Put your fighting where your mouth is.
— Eli's code of fighting.

After we graduate, it doesn't matter what happens to you guys, just don't get in my way or I won't hesitate to kill you.
— Eli after being put in the team.

Season 1

Oh look, it's an orange, better go get my knife and cut it!
— Eli talking jokingly to Onyx.

How can someone like you act so happy with life, when things don't go your way, you're manipulated in to it.
— Eli towards Rufus.

If you don't, I'll have your bride.
— Eli towards Rufus.

My dream, I have none.
— Eli introduced himself.

Season 2

At a time like this?
— Eli to Rufus's annoyance.

We seem to be getting all lot of female visitors lately, wonder why?
— Eli wondering at Onyx and Rufus.

— Eli to Rufus with a sword to his neck.

You know too much Ethan, I must DESTROY you
— Eli showing his left eye gleam to Ethan.

I'm a demon!
— Eli before killing Ethan.

Season 3

Rufus:(notices Eli with cupcake) Can I have - Eli:No.

Why, is it because your ex-fiancé is there?
— Eli teasing Rufus.

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