Light and Darkness are in constant flux, by my hand I vow to bring balance to them
— Elisa

Elisa Dianne Windstorm
Age 17
Color Charcoal
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Medium
Hair Red/Blue
Eyes Grey
Height 5'7
Weight 50
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team W.A.V.E
Partner Arthur Kincaid
Personal Status
Relatives Windstorm Family

Walter Coal - Butler and Bodyguard Lavander Ash - Maid and Bodyguard Slive Kain Gorm - Half Brother

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Her long red/blue hair is down to her shoulders. Her eyes shine silvery with a nervous smile. She's average height and weight for her age, but her outift is very stylish and battle worthy. White laced black knee high boots, a purple skirt and a golden lined blouse and a long silver cloak


She is naive as they come, due to her restrictive upbringing, she has gained most of her worldly knowledge through books. As a result she has developed a love for reading, and can recite various passages from heart. Despite her abundance of trivial knowledge, she had never left her family home until joining Beacon she is sorely lacking in real-world experience. This becomes evident in her difficulty making critical decisions. Good-natured and selfless, she often puts others before herself.

Although she does have a rebellious side, often sneaking out of her family home to a local bookshop run by a former hunter in Windstorm.


Born as a savior sibling for Absol Windstorm, this "Elisa" was the only one who survived long enough to reach operational age to supply her older sister with the required bone marrow, blood etc. However during one transfusion went wrong and Absol went into a catatonic state and was placed into cryo and without any remorse they used the savior sibling as the new Elisa and bred her for combat. 

She always felt that she wasn't learning enough and asked to go to a school, but her parents would have none of it. So she took to her books to learn most facts until she decided to go to where the "common folk" lived to learn. She found a wonderful bookshop in a back alley of Windstorm were she found the most wonderful books, everyday for a month she would go to this book shop and read them, there were stories of far off places, witches and wizards, a talking lion and Hunters and Huntresses. 

One day after her lessons she went to the book shop to see the owner being assaulted by some local youths, she was scared for his life, when he was threatened the man disarmed the youths and scared them off. She realised who he was, a Faunus Hunter. She was amazed by his display of skill she asked him where he learned his skills, he told her of Beacon. She returned home that day with her parents angry at her, they discovered she had snuck out. 

Her parents threatened the man believe him to have corrupted his daughter and had him jailed. This in turn sparked the riots and protests that caused the so-called "Windstorm Massacre"

After the massacre Elisa, Walter, Lavender and Slive moved to Vale to continue on there life. A few months later Slive got into a fight with Elisa, saying he was never supposed to exist, he ran away and she never heard from him.

At the age of 17 she had finally passed her exams from her tutors and then applied to Beacon, where she was accepted and joined team W.A.V.E.



Part of Team W.A.V.E.

Wolfe Black

She is quite nervous around him, due to his Faunus nature and her parental upbringing that Faunus are scum etc. etc. She does however find him a nice guy because he protects his friends. She wants to help him with his goal of the exoskeleton but she doesn't think her parents would approve of her using the family fortune on a Faunus.

Vix Valentine

Her only female friend at Beacon. She became friends with her during the initiation. She secretly thinks of her as a sister. There is some interspecies tension between the two of them as her father was known to employ Faunus to do the more menial tasks, and work in the mines.

Arthur Kincaid

She finds him very odd and different but they get on well on the team. She finds these differences sort of attractive. Which often does get her into a state when the two of them are together. Often to there teammates amusement, she gets all flustered and nervous and rambling.


She is extremely bright and good at puzzles. She also knows the cures for most toxins and knows about the anatomy of Grimm, (all learned from dated books).


Elisa uses Dust in combat, with a weapon of a lexicon and dust. The lexicons pages are laced with the dust she uses to create crowd control esque runes that create, walls of fire, earthen barriers, Wind tunnels and even encase her enemies in ice. While the gloves are lined with dust as well that act like the drawing of the rune to activate the effect.

Semblance: Dust Weaponry Constructs

Elisa can create weaponry from her dust that she can use either for close range or hold people in place with dust blades. She prefers to use them as a method of holding people in place. The sword form they make is that of an English Longsword with a T-Shaped hilt. If she is to use it close range she fights in a very elegant rapier like sabre duelling.

Trivia/Authors Notes

  • Her color charcoal, although is a color imagined for burnt wood, or actual charcoal, it is a shade of gray. Gray for some weird reason is depicted as a color of wind

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