Elise Korry

Elise Korry

Elise Korry

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Eye Color: honey yellow

Hair color and style: long white blonde hair in a pony tail

Height: 5'6

Weight: 135 pounds

Symbol: A pillar of flame rising out of the ground

Outfit Head: No head gear

Torso: a long sleeve white shirt with red cuffs and collar

Legs: a red skirt with yellow trim and black leggings

Feet: brown leather shoes that are form fitting for comfort

Accessories: none


Elise is the younger sister of one of my current OC's Micheal Korry. To learn more about the Korry household go to this page and read Micheal's backstory . 

Elise Korry has always lived underneath her brother Micheal. With him being the heir to the family(as he was born first) she was somewhat ignored by her parents, not to the point that she practically raised herself but to the point to where she could basicly do as she pleased. This allowed her to go out in the world, make friends, and travel. When she was 13, however, her travelling was reduced as she met a hunter. Impressed by the calibur of that warrior she decided to become one herself. Knowing her parents wouldn't let her do this she decided to train in secret like her brother was. She also used Micheal's secret against him as she said she would reveal Micheal's doings unless he let her train with him. 

Eventually she became quite the fighter even being able to go toe to toe with Micheal, who is the better fighter of the two. When she turned 15 she decided to train with people in the outside world where she was allowed to go. She trained with many people from far and wide and in that year on her birthday she asked her parents to apply to Beacon. With it being her birthday they decided to let her thinking she wasnt going to get in and even if she did she wouldn't last very long. However, Elise was accepted to Beacon and now attends it as a member of Team ARES.

Weapons and Abilities

Elise's weapon is Lion's Flame. The Lion's Flame is a Khopesh that has no gun attachment but has three methods of disarming the opponent. This is because the way Elise fights is she charges in hard and fast to disarm her opponent and then proceeds to finish her opponent which is now defenseless. 

The first two methods are based on the design of her Khopesh which has two hooks. The first is on the begining of the blades curve which she will trap her opponents weapons with and yank them out of her opponents hands to disarm them. The second is on the blades tip and she does the exact same thing with this one as the first hook. 

The final method of disarming she uses only if the first two dont work. Elise puts distance between her and her opponent and fires the top hook from Lion's Flame. The top hook is attached by a wire that is coiled up inside of Lion's Flame. Elise can control the direction of this wire using her Aura making it able to wrap around various parts of her opponent's body and her opponent's weapon as well. She can then proceed to disarm her opponent, but if that doesnt work, the wire that attachs the hook is covered in fire dust and using her Aura she can ignite the wire to make it catch fire and burn her opponents. 

Elise's Aura is almost the same as her brother's and this is where their family resemblence comes from. Elise's Aura allows her to detect where people are like her brothers, but unlike her brothers instead of detecting the natural electric field that living things give off, she detects the natural body heat of a living thing. Her Aura also isnt a crackling blue energy but instead is a flickering red energy. The final difference is she doesnt use it as an attack like Micheal but instead she uses it as defense. She cloaks herself in her flickering red Aura to have it absorb the blow from an attack and to set her opponent off balance and then strike.

Personality and Miscelanious

When it comes to personality Micheal and Elise couldnt be anymore different.

Elise is a very lively girl who enjoys company and travel. She values human life and is very emotional. She is usually the one who always cries over a lost friend and is overjoyed to make a new one.

Another difference between her and Micheal is that Elise doesnt give a crap about ancient ruins or historical artifacts. She is the kind of person who would walk into an ncient ruin and probably ruin something in the process. Thankfully she is Micheal's younger sister or else Micheal might have killed her a long time ago.

Mythological Reference: Lion's Flame is reference to Egyptian Mythology. It is based off of Sekhmet, who is the Egyptian Goddess of Fire, lions ,and The Sun

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