Eliza Dove
Age 34
Title The Raven's Dove
Nickname Eliza
Status Dead
Color White
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right handed
Complexion Tanned
Hair Blonde
Eyes Sea Blue
Height 6 Foot
Weight 180 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy (Formerly) Hunters and Huntresses (Formerly)
Team N/A
Partner Vincent Raven
Occupation Huntress (Formerly)
Additional Info
Likes Her loved ones, peace
Dislikes Bullies, criminals, thugs
Special Skills Strong, deeply cares for others, loyal
Weaknesses Emotions can be too strong


Eliza was a beautiful woman, with a cute girl's charm.  She had shoulder length blonde hair that she tied up into a loose pony-tail on the side of her head.  Her sea blue eyes were said to always be shining, even when she would be in tears or steaming mad.  She wore a brown leather corset tied with a red ribbon and over her chest a steel breast plate.  Steel shoulder pads rested on her arms and her right arm was in a bell sleeve with a brown fingerless glove.  Her left arm had on her shield/sword Purity and a brown leather fingerless glove.  She wore silver shorts that hugged her sides and long white wings were hanging from her sides, with a few crimson feathers.  She also wore knee high brown leather boots with a red stripe down the middle.


Eliza was a joyful spirit with a motherly personality.  She lived within each moment with surprising optimisim and was often a tease.  Especially around her partner, Vincent Raven.  She tend to always put others before herself, but managed to keep her stress under control.  Even then, she still had a tomboy personality at moments.  She wasn't unladylike, but rather got bored of "refined lady-like" pursuits.  So, she was known to be a bit of a tomboy at a younger age and even into her adult years.

In battle, her more protective nature arose within her.  She was fierce and driven on the battlefield.  Her temper rarely flared, but when it did she was explosive on the field.  Her glare was like ice when her usual look was warm.  But she was lso fiercely protective of her partner... and future husband.

Powers and Abilities

Eliza, for her time as a Huntress, was a well balanced offensive and defensive warrior.  Her battle style mimiced much of classic dueling forms.  She was able to quickly switch between offensive and defensive measures.  She was quite adept at close quarters fighting with her shield Purity and her sword Guiding Light.  But, she was also a decent markswoman.

Her Semblance is a glyph she can ride on any surface.  It makes her move faster, but without using her legs.  It acts almost like movable surface.  But, like all Semblances, it is limited.  First, it can only be on a solid surface.  It can not be used in air.  Second, it drains Eliza quickly so she is only able to use it in short bursts.  It appears like a red ciruclar symbol with a bird in flight inside of it.  She uses this Semblance to be able to dash around enemies as well as deal with several at once by moving through a line and delivering intense blows.


Eliza was born in the Dove family many years ago.  She was a normal girl with a normal life for the most part.  Growing up, she was childhood friends with the reclusive Vincent.  No matter what happend, he was always dragged into whatever mess she caused for them.  They both went into Signal together and both were rivals to one another in skill but maintained their deeply seeded friendship.  She excelled in swordplay while Vincent seemed to have talent in any style of fighting.

Turning 17, Eliza attended Beacon Academy where she became a team member alongside Vincent.  During her time at Beacon, Eliza became even more skilled in her combat as well as her understanding of Dust and Grimm.  It was also in this time frame that she began to develop more intimate feeilings for Vincent, as he was for her.  People could already see their future as a couple, but were waiting for them to discover it.  After 4 years in training, Eliza and Vincent graduate and became Hunter and Huntress.

Remaining by each other's side, Vincent and Eliza took on many jobs together and saw the entire world of Remnant.  After they graduated Beacon, they had become a couple.  After three years, they became husband and wife.  For the next 10 years, Eliza recounted it as the best time in her life.  However, things changed.

After becoming pregnant, Eliza soon gave birth to their first son.  In an exchange with the Hunters and Huntresses' leadership, Eliza and Vincent were given one last job to do before they could take a few years leave of absence to raise their son.  They were to track down and detain a group of marauders attacking settlements.  After tracking them for a few days, Eliza and Vincent found their encampment and planned their next move.  The night before the attack, Eliza had a feeling she would not survive the battle but kept it secret from Vincent so he would not worry for her.  So, she left a message on her Scroll to leave a final goodbye and a record for their son to remember her by.

The next day came and Eliza fought well on the battlefield.  However, due to a few reckless mistakes made by Vincent, Eliza was mortally wounded on the battlefield.  As she died in his arms, Eliza made him promise to protect their son.  She then passed away in his arms.  She was laid to rest in a graveyard outside of Vale.


Eliza's Sword was named Guiding Light

Eliza's Shield was named Purity



Guiding Light

Guiding Light was a collapsable sword sheathed within Purity. Guiding light was a steel sword dyed white and the cross-guard looked to have two eagle heads on either side with a ruby in the middle. The pommel is shaped as a silver bird in flight.


Purity Uncolored

Purity (With gun mode notes)

Purity was a small white shield that was the length and twice the width of her forearm. Purity had red edging, red stripe as well as a red tip and the emblem was emblazoned on the center of the shield. The shield's second function was to transform into a gun mode by the tip opening up and the barrel poking out. The side potions would also rotate forward, mimicking a crossbow but fire red Dust coated bullets. A potion of the shield opens up for reloading the five shot mags, and she carries three on her.


This is LordKeyZ 7th OC

Eliza's desgin was inspired by Aqua from Kingdom Hearts

This is the first character LordKeyZ made dead

Eliza's sword disappeared after her death

In an AU, Eliza is a gym leader for RFPL and is a fairy type gym leader.

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