"I'll be damned, Dirke. Now you can actually cut someone with your razor sharp Wit."

Elizabeth 'Libby' Wulfe is the 23 year old Faunus assistant Librarian who occasionally works for Beacon.

She had dreams of being a huntress, but an encounter with Grimm on the family farm cost her enough mobility in her legs that she chose another line of work that, while different to what she wanted, still allows her to help out future generations of Hunters and Huntresses.

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Unlike the rest of her rather monotonous coloured wolf faunus family, Libby has a deep brownish red colour to her hair, with a puff of white at the tips of her ears and on the tip of her tail. She typically ties her hair up into a basic ponytail.

She prefers to wear a nice simple skirt, and typically alternates between a tank top, or a comfy shirt. She prefers wearing sandals, so she can feel the air breeze through her toes.

Her eyes are a dark lavender, instead of the usal hues of pink that run rampant in the Wulfe family.


Libby is quick witted, quick to snap at those she feels are inferior, and always has a witty/sarcastic/snarky remark ready to go.

She treats people as one of two categories: People worthy of her attention (people who have shown that Libby should listen to them, and who she enjoys talking to), and People who aren't worthy (typically people who can't keep up with her quick wits, or people who consistently say stupid things).

She expresses great disdain to anyone who chooses to stay ignorant about things, especially when it can easily be rectified.


Libby's semblance is that she has a small amount of control over kinetic force in small areas, which is how she is able to launch her claws, and retrieve them easily.

Unlike her cousin, who has a more physcal resemblance to wolves, Libby has the exceptional strong sense of sight, smell and hearing typically associated with wolves. While only slightly better than your average Faunus, she often boasts she has some of the best senses in Beacon.

She used to be quite flexible. And while she is still more flexible  than your average huntress-in-training, she doesn't do the rather strenuous exercises she used to do in her youth.

Unlike most leg injuries, which is typically caused from muscle either being missing or healing improperly, Libby's aura healed her in such a way that it has given her tendonitis throughout her legs. While not entirely debilitating, if she isn't careful and if she overworks the muscles and tendons in her legs, she will be bedridden for days, and occasionally be in excruciating pain. She has long since bought medicine that allows her to work her Librarian job and ensure that typical day to day activities don't do anything more than give her uncomfortable aches, the medication doesn't allow for much in the terms of combat, with 5-20 minutes ensuring she won't be able to walk much for a few days, and over an hour's worth of combat crippling her for weeks at a time.


In her youth, Libby used to use a naginata, and had ideas of giving it a more fan-like blade of which she could eject Dust and ignite it as a sort of 'elemental wave' attack.

With the naginata not being useful to her current style, she choose to adapt her cousin's whip style of fighting, and gave it her own flair. Choosing to mount them clawed gauntlets, her 'Wolf Claws' can shoot up to 5 whips out per hand, being used as both a piercing/restraint weapon, and a means of locomotion. They take the form of rather chunky bracelets and rings, and expand to cover her hands when in an activated state. They also have a 'grapple' feature, in which Libby can launch all 5 projectiles, remove the gauntlet, and connect it to another spot/give it to another person. This strategy has worked well in the past, with her ensanring Grimm and giving her weapons to stronger allies, like her cousin.

The claw tips are extremely sharp, and can typically bury themselves in deep enough that they can support her weight.


Dirke Wulfe is the only cousin who she actually tried to get in contact with, on the off chance either he isn't staying with her, or vice versa. They get along fairly well, with Libby doing most of the talking, while Dirke replies when he needs to. She also enjoys depriving Dirke of any sort of alone time with Shiro.

Shiroko 'Shiro' Akaino is the closest person that Libby has to a best friend. The two love to rile each other up, with long bouts of clever wit and snark. She is also one of the few people who can quite easily keep up with Shiro's often erratic line of thinking. However, since Shiro is a well known trickster, Libby has developed a 'twitch' in her ears, which lets her know when Shiro is around.

Fun Facts

  • Libby used to hate mornings, until she spent quite a few months living with Shiro and Dirke. Now, while still not liking mornings, she doesn't mind being up early.
  • Elizabeth's colouris purple (the colour of royalty), because her name is a reference to the Queen of England.

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