Elizabeth Vor
Age 17
Alias Liz
Nickname Junker
Color Red
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Ambidextrious
Complexion Pale
Hair Ginger, Long
Eyes Left; Blue

Right; Grey

Height 6'2"
Weight 170lbs (with prosthetics)
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Expensive things, weapons, quiet places
Dislikes Crowds, new people, being the centre of attention, sadists
Special Skills Weapon forging, fast reflexes
Weaknesses Very shy, relatively weak aura around body
"I don't think you should complain about your childhood or about your parents being strict...I don't even remember mine...."


Liz is a tall, athletic girl with a pale colour to her skin and a somewhat well endowed body. She has long, reddish hair that goes past her elbows which is usually kept untied. Often strapped to her head like a headband is a pair of shatterproof goggles which have polarised lenses, she rarely wears them out of combat however. Liz often wears a long, black jacket with red trim which covers her arms with it's sleeves, this jacket has a hood and face mask built into it which she may wear when either on a mission or if she's become the centre of attention, on her hands she wears simple, black gloves. She often wears a tanktop under this with either black track pants or cargo pants, her black boots boast soles that absorb a lot of sound from her footsteps, but do have some weight to them.

One of Liz's more noticeable features is the scar over her right eye, along with the grey colour to this eye, the scar resembles a burn near the eyelid but looks like slashes both above and below the eye, this eye is sometimes obstructed by an eyepatch or by a bandage. Liz has some mild burns on her stomach and legs as well, but she rarely wears so little that one would see them. On the left side of her neck, Liz has an elongated eye tattooed onto her skin, the eye has a dark pupil and has tendrils that reach her lower left jaw and go down near her shoulder ports. Around her neck, on a silver chain, is a rather impressive ring that has a number of jewels on it though this is often obstructed by her clothes.

Liz's everyday clothing obstruct her arms completely, which is the point. Both of Liz's arms are mechanical, the sleek silver/grey arms are rather streamline, only slightly larger than an actual arm of a woman her size but this is due to their lack of any large attached weapons, they do however have a somewhat realistic design with four fully functional fingers, a thumb and a rather efficient robotic muscle structure on both. These arms go to her shoulders, where there is a port for them if they are removed, though Liz will only remove them to do maintenance on them and even sleeps with them on. On the forearms of these sleek prosthetics are three, small lock-like mechanisms.


Liz is rather shy when it comes to new people, especially if it's a crowd of new people. Once she gets to know someone she may open up a little and even have a conversation with them while looking them in the eye, but this is only those who are nice or at the very least smart and tolerable. She can't stand those who belittle others for unjust reasons, but will rarely speak out unless she is either forced to or it's one of her close friends, which are almost nonexistant. Liz is very self conscious about herself and her image. not neccesarily about her clothes or such, but about how people see her, she is very shy about her arms. Liz doesn't like being stared at, but if her arms' robotics are exposed she will actually work to hide them from most people. Unfortunetly, with Liz's arms being made of metal, they are magnetic and she'll sometimes get stuck to magnets or have magnets get stuck to her, something she is very embarrassed about and may even sulk over as it's hard for her to remove magnets by herself. 

Liz loves weapons almost to the point of just trying to get close to someone to look at theirs. Liz, as her nickname of Junker implies, is a mechanic of various things from vehicles to robots to weapons. Her own weapons are somewhat contradictory however, something she doesn't really pay too much attention to.

Liz doesn't mind fighting in fact she's surprisingly good in a fight, able to hold her own against most opponents head on despite her shy nature. However, she doesn't like excessive violence or the desecration of the dead with the latter being one of the few things that will make her hit someone outside of a duel, she can be scared by those who are highly sadistic, especially if they're her friend and will often attempt to stop them from such acts, this being one of the few things that will get her to speak out voluntarily against someone.

Liz unfortunetly likes expensive things and has a mild case of kleptomania, something she is very embarassed about. In most cases she can resist the urge to steal something, but sometimes she can't stop herself and might not even notice she's stolen something until a long time afterwards. She makes an effort to return what she takes, but her embarrassment  is very obvious as she'll often turn red as she's apologising. This has gotten her into trouble many times in the past, but because she returns what she takes she has yet to be jailed.

Liz is quite intelligent, able to complete a lot of work on her own but rather reluctant to study in a group or even ask for help if she needs it. Nonetheless if she can be convinced to, she can help others pass most classes if they are having problems, something which can be arranged with often a simple exchange of favors.

Weapons and Equipment

Liz has a rather strange main weapon, which is often a surprise to those who haven't seen it before. Nonetheless, her Tombstone is a very formidible and rather intimidating tool. The Tombstone is a coffin-like container with a few folding handles and grips on the bottom side and a heavily armored lid that protrudes outwards slightly about a foot from the flat top. On the 'back' of the weapon about two feet from the top is a folding double-bar shield grip that is on a rotating section when unfolded. The Tombstone is roughly two feet deep at its deepest and around 5'8" long with a very noticeable amount of weight to it, Liz is able to handle this weapon thanks to her robotic arms and athletic build, but the weight is noticed as she swings it, though she recovers faster than most her size her swings still have a wind-up and follow-through. However, despite its slightly sluggish swings, the Tombstone was made with defence in mind rather than pure offence, thus the Tombstone is very resilient surviving explosions, fire and even the strike of a DeathStalker with it's user often only being hurt by the force behind the blow and not the blow itself. The Tombstone actually has a section for storage in it, which appears small for how much space the weapon takes up, which is large enough for Liz to keep two spare right arms and two spare left arms and little to nothing else.

Though seeming to be a simple, albeit large and strangely shaped shield, the coffin-like shape of the Tombstone is simply it's default form. When activated the front and back of the Tombstone move until they are in contact with each other, giving the weapon a thinner and more shield-like look. This doesn't last very long however as the top, bottom and sides soon sprout very sizeable blades. On the bottom of the shield is a large triangular blade that is a foot and a half in length and appears to give the shield a sharp point rather than its regular square bottom. The angled sections of the top boast three, three foot blades, giving the top of the weapon an oversized, claw-like look. On the sides of the weapon long, straight blades take their place, following the weapon's angles perfectly until they reach the beginning of the bottom and top blades. These blades are very thick and sharp, both serving to give Liz an even larger shield and to turn her large and heavy blunt weapon into a very large and heavy bladed one, with each blade being retractible if she so chooses. When in this form the weapon's grips on the rear will be deployed and used.

Liz's other weapons are her arms themselves. Being robotic, her arms have an above average strength and are rather resilient to conventional weapons such as blades and smaller clubs. She uses her skill in unarmed combat to quickly over power her opponents if she can and can seriously hurt those she fights. Though a strange choice of an 'attached' weapon for her arms, the finger tips on Liz's arms each have a built in blade that increases each finger length by an inch. These blades are straight, but are segmented to allow Liz to still clench her hands with them activated. 

Another curious feature of her arms, as they lack any large or powerful attached weapons of their own, is a three lock limiter system that controls how much strength they can use, similar to that of the human brain and body. The difference is Liz is able to deactivate these when it serves to do so one by one and do this quickly. Doing so increases her strength with every limiter released, with the first one released she is able to wield the Tombstone with a single arm, though slowly and with little control causing her to often use it more defensively, this limiter is the one she often uses in combat as it poses much less risk than the others. The second being released allows her to use the Tombstone with a single arm slightly faster and with better control than before, though she can potentially damage her arms with their own strength. The final limiter is only used in situations Liz deems necessary such as when in extreme danger, it fully unlocks her strength allowing her to use the Tombstone with relative ease and also allows her to hold her own against small to medium sized Grimm even while unarmed. The drawback of doing so is that with each limiter unlocked more strain is put on Liz's arms and body, with the final limiter being a last ditch attempt at victory as she has difficulty holding back with it activated, often using full force with her arms which can quickly damage them in a few, albeit powerful, strikes and leave them inoperable. In this situation she has lost the fight, with this in mind she is hesitant to go past the first limiter when in combat due to the risk of damaging her arms.

Liz's goggles aren't just for show, they are shatterproof and have multiple levels of polarisation on the lenses, along with a night-vision and thermal vision settings, among a few others, for nocturnal missions and for getting a better view of her environment. Her jacket is actually fire resistent and has a few pockets on the inside, which she uses to carry loot or other small objects.


Liz is very smart and is very athletic, able to match many athletes in various tasks, but what she is best known for is her ability to change from a shy girl to a stealthy woman. Her boots are designed to absorb the sound from her footsteps, allowing her to dissappear into a shadow, especially if she isn't lugging the Tombstone around. Liz is a very good thief, a fact that could be guessed by her needing to return most of what she accidentally steals herself rather than get caught. Even with her hands being made of metal she can pick-pockets and steal weapons off of unsuspecting enemies, something she isn't exactly proud of.

Curiously, she has an aptitude for free running and can often be seen moving over rooftops or on similarly elevated platforms though she never tries this when carrying the Tombstone. With her skill in theft and also her skill in getting away from people quickly, she can be seen as a possible criminal, but in reality she isn't. Her interest in free running and her kleptomania rarely mix and despite stealing things from time to time she does work to return them herself even if it means she's embarrassed in the process.

Unforuneatly, with her right eye being blind, Liz has to make do with only her left eye in all situations. This can prove problematic when she is in combat as she needs to look around more than those with two working eyes.

Argueably Liz's most surprising trait is simply her way of fighting. Despite not remembering any of her upbringing, Liz has an excellent combat reflex and often moves before she thinks to do so, resulting in her dodging or blocking attacks that would hit some of her fellow students. This is something that even Liz doesn't understand as she can't remember anything before the past three years causing her to not know who her family was or even where she learned to fight, or when for that matter. She can sometimes be seen checking a room's exits or looking for hiding places without even realising she's doing it, like a veteran of war despite not knowing if she was ever in open combat.


Liz's aura gives her a mild healing factor and a relatively weak level of defence, which can work against her, but she makes up for this with her arms being robotic and her weapon being a massive shield.

Team Role

Despite Liz's intelligence and strength, her shyness and fear of being the centre of attention causes her to fail as a leader, she's too afraid that she'll mess up to make any important decisions for the group to follow. She may have her moments that even causes a team leader to look at her and wonder why she isn't in charge, but these are mostly in regards to a spur of the moment action rather than something planned and are usually rare. As such, she falls into the role of a team's shield unit, but she has worked as a spy or thief during some missions if neccesary.

Fighting Style

Liz's fighting style differs from situation to situation. When armed with the Tombstone, she holds it like a shield when defending and will often hold it like a battering ram as she swings it at an opponent, limiting the range but dealing decent damage if it connects. She is able to swing it in such a way that its full length is used, but this is usually only if she has removed her arms' limiters as it is easier to do with her strength increased. If she is on the defensive Liz will use the weapon's grips on its rear and hold it as if it were a tower shield to block attacks, often bashing with the thick metal cudgel as both an attack and counterattack.

When she activates the Tombstone's blades she'll no longer hold the weapon like a tower shield, instead she'll hold the weapon so that it runs along her own arm. Given that the handles of this weapon are not centred the styles of fighting for the weapon are very different depending on where it faces. When fighting definsively Liz will rotate the Tombstone so that the top, which is both the thickest and closest section to the handles of the weapon, is covering her fist which allows her to stab, bash and swipe at opponents. This style sacrifices attack range but makes up for this by making defensive and offensive moves quicker with the weapon never moving too far away from Liz, she'll often use this style in tandem with the blades on her fingertips, which when held straight can act as a very effective piercing weapon to followup attacks that Liz blocks if  they are close enough. When the top is instead closer to Liz's shoulder and the bottom of the weapon is over her hand, she wields the weapon like an oversized armblade, using its size and weight to overwelm her opponents. This is Liz's most offensive style, giving her better reach and more power behind her strikes than any of her other styles, allowing her to swing, stab and bash with the weapon. However, the Tombstone's defensive capabilities are reduced somewhat as the weapon is somewhat harder to swing and control, causing her to often have more follow-through for her swings. This style is rarely paired with her free prosthetic arm, but will be if the situation calls for it.

When she is unarmed, Liz can be considered quite lethal. Without her weapons she may have reduced attack power, but she makes up for it by moving around swiftly. Liz has a large amount of flexibility, rather surprising for one as strong as her, but her mechanical arms allow her to focus on the rest of her body during training, giving her the ability to move around an opponents attacks and counter with punches being her primary form of attack. On top of this Liz has the folding blades on her finger tips which she may use as stabbing or slashing weapons along with trying to grab her opponents, using the blades to help her keep hold of her opponents along with her strength. This style is good against those with longer weapons that require an enemy to stay at a certain distance to be effective, but both are dangerous to those who have weapons that require them to be as close to her as she needs to be to them. On top of this, her being unarmed is the most likely time she may deactivate her arms' more potent limiters, something that can win her a fight by allowing her to outmatch her opponent, but comes at the risk of damaging her arms to the point of being inoperable before the fight is finished.


Liz suffers from amnesia, which causes her to not remember anything beyond the three years prior to Beacon. However, she does get flashes of her past life from time to time especially when seeing something that is similar to her life before her memory loss. These can be subtle visions or can be intense enough to cause her pain and have the unfortunate trait of occuring at almost any time, which can distract her greatly. Along with this is Liz's old personality which, if her flashes of memory get intense enough, can resurface along with her memories. During these 'lucid' states Liz will revert to her old self, though these states are rare and tend to not last very long. When they end, which can be at any time, she'll return to 'normal' but have no memory of the lucid state occuring at all, which can come back to her in the form of dreams. Liz also has been witnessed sleepwalking from time to time, while she does so she acts as she used to and is one of the few times not related to significant outside factors that she'll return to her old self. Luckily this is even more rare than her being forced into becoming lucid by her mind trying to remember something specific, but tends to last longer.

"Lucid Liz" is Liz's pre amnesia self, she is almost the complete opposite to Liz. She is violent, quick tempered and proud, demanding she is reffered to as "Elizabeth" rather than Liz by most with only certain people being the exception. Elizabeth is the thief that Liz used to be, as such she usually only surfaces when the situation involves those she used to work with or used to know, with the relationship of herself and her former colleages determining if she is friendly or hostile to them. Elizabeth rarely resurfaces without a reason and she'll often spend her time trying to complete a task linked to said reason, though due to the realatively short timespan these states possess, most of these tasks are left unfinished.  It is currently unknown if Elizabeth is aware that her mind suffers from amnesia since she has yet to try and leave clues for her amnesic self.


Elizabeth Vor doesn't know where she was born, who her parents were, if she has any siblings or even when exactly she was born. However, her amnesia cutting off everything from three years beforehand is the same date that an imfamous thief dissappeared. Yes, Liz used to be a proffesional criminal, she was born and raised one seeing as she was taken as a child to be trained as such. Unfortunetly she has no concrete details of who she was though she sometimes gets images and flashes of her past.

Liz was taken as a child away from her hometown by a skilled mercenary, he raised her and trained her since she could swing a knife in how to steal things and get away with it and how to kill if she didn't. Eventually this turned her into a legend among the criminals of Vale, not just for what she stole, but for her age and ruthlessness towards those who got in her way. During this time she killed and stole for a profit and earned a lot of money for her trouble, so much so that she was technically rich.

This life didn't last forever however. From what Liz can gather from a few images of her past, she was at some point in an explosion, a large one. The context of this explosion is her and a group of theives were robbing a transport of Dust aboard a train, little did she know at the time that it would be her last proffessional crime. During the raid there was an explosion from one of the Dust containers that consumed her arms and singed her right eye, with mild burns across her body, this blast threw her from the train and into the outskirts of a town.

When she came to she had no idea who she was or where she was from, but soon realised her arms were prosthetics. She had luckily been found and treated by the doctor, but he couldn't save her arms which were replaced by prosthetics with a few working fingers, they were cheap but did their job. Liz was informed that she had been carrying nothing but a large amount of money, which was returned to her. She was allowed to stay under the protection of the man who built her new arms and his wife. Eventually she was treated like a daughter and was taught morals, humility among other normal things, though she could never quite shake the urge to steal something. During this time they found she had skill in designing robotic models ranging from prosthetics to simple robots.

The village she was living in was at some point attacked by Grimm and she for some reason wanted to help, but couldn't do so in her state, soon being knocked out. When she woke up again she asked how the village was doing, soon regretting her concern when she heard of the injured. Eventually she designed herself a pair new arms which were made with combat in mind, a concept her guardians didn't quite understand until she said she wanted to help defend the village. They explained that the village was well enough defended as it was and that she shouldn't worry about them, but prompted her to join a school and train to be a Huntress if she wanted to kill monsters.

She took this to heart and decided to join a school, one that she was able to pay for admission herself despite not knowing why she had so much money with her. Before leaving however, her guardians gave her a small jewel encrested ring, it was a family heirloom and seeing as they had no children to bestow it upon, they decided to give it to Liz seeing as she had become a part of their small family.

Liz managed to pass through her classes easily enough, along the way she managed to replace her arms with an even more advanced pair with the school's equipment being better suited than the workshop she designed hers in, alongside her actual weapon the Tombstone. During her time at the school she realised that she was among few who had prosthetics at all, let alone have multiple limbs replaced, a fact that caused her to get a little insecure about her arms, prompting her to shun some people who looked at her and become very shy very early on, which made a very large impact on the design of her weapon.

She failed to work up the nerve to make very many friends. Thus her career as a student was spent as a slight loner who would spend a lot of time in the school's metal workshop and library. Instead of using her free time to chat with friends.Her lack of a real social life allowed her to get excellent grades however and she passed at the top of her class, soon sending in an application to Beacon, which got accepted.


- Liz's last name, Vor, roughly translates to thief, thieves often wear black or dark clothing, her first name, Elizabeth, is a reference to Queen Elizabeth the first, who had red hair

-Liz's weapon, the Tombstone, was originally based off of a weapon from Blood+ (it's pretty obvious to guess which one)

-Liz actually owns a house, a rather large one at that, and she has a basic idea of where it is but no solid address

-Liz is technically rich, but doesn't remember why exactly she has so much money, this disposable income does allow her to buy a lot of things such as different metals or tools for her to use

-Liz's visions aren't limited to her forgotten past, her everyday life can play out in front of her at anytime, a recurring vision of her's is blood being everywhere for example and is usually seen after she is in a heated conflict with lots of blood

-Only those with a criminal backround or those who were also working with Liz when she lost her memory have a chance to recognise her from before her amnesia.

-Liz's weapon is tailored to her personality, since she is very shy she hides behind a wall of steel.

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