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Shell "Elley" Godwind

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Divide and Conquer


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1.68 metres

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Pale Blue

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Pale Blue



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Shell Godwind, or mostly known as 'Elley, is a member of Team LEAV and a first-year student from the same year as Team RWBY. She is a girl who externally is similar to Nora in terms of cuteness and bubbly appeal, but is internally manipulative and takes pride in her ability to incite her opponents into making mistakes, which she fully exploits as a trapper-type Hunter, using the Close Quarter Multi Explosive (CQME) Divide And Conquer.


Image Inspiration: Frenda Seivelun from Toaru Majutsu no Index

Elley's constant use of explosives can be rather apparent in her most distinctive feature. Everytime she appears, she will have a black ash mark on her face, which she claims that always comes back despite her washing it off fervently. Her claim may be true as the mark constantly changes location on her face or neck in between battles. She has a pale complexion, with her skin being very smooth as frequently noticed by Artagnan, which always prompts Elley to tease him. Her heavenly blue hair is in a medium shag style, its ends reaching down to just touching her shoulders.

Her casual clothes are tailored to be cute, with a palette pattern of her pale blue and white. In all of her clothes, she wears a white muffler around her neck, even in situations where having it makes no sense, making it an object of ridicule by Vulturn. Her casual outfit consists of a dark blue, tight-fitting sailor top with a light blue pleated skirt that reaches mid-thigh. On her outfit's left upper arm and right lower leg is emblazoned her symbol - a light blue wool ball with a steel blade jutting right out. In combat, her skirt is replaced by the extremely baggy pants that are worn by bomb disposal squads and she dons a pair of combat goggles.


There is one key distinction in Elley's personality: her exterior and interior personas are very different. On the outside and out of battle, Elley can be compared to Nora, acting as a bubbly and cheerful girl, with almost limitless energy and incredible enthusiasm in even the smallest things. She seems easily excitable and curious, being very gossipy as she genuinely listens out to the rumours that go around the academy and beyond. This in turn is reinforced by her lack of a sense of respecting others' privacy, where she has a tendency of barging or eavesdropping onto conversations that one should really not be listening to without permission. Her energy is crucial in the team as she is really the only one who could really bring the group together to socialize as a real team, rather than continuing as a group of rather distant individuals, especially with Vulturn. Furthermore, if one were to conclude from her external appearance, they may determine Elley as a girl who has little care of the world and is very compassionate.

In the inside, Elley's true personality is that of a manipulative, perceptive lady who can even be considered devious. This is most apparent in battle, where she makes use of her humorous remarks and carefree exterior to make opponents let their guard down against her cunning style of combat using traps. Even if one is already aware of Elley's true persona, she does not relent in the diversionary tactics, taking another approach where she presses their buttons to piss them off, which can be very annoying in her 'sweet' voice, once again making them overextend themselves to fall into her traps. According to her, Vulturn was the only one who had such a robotic and logical mindset that he entirely ignored such tactics, but sometimes even emotional people get so berserk from her comments that their combat instincts grew even more effective, backfiring on her. When her traps succeed, Elley has a tendency to gloat and giggle, as she is rather vicious and celebrates her successes at hurting others. Finally, when placed into a corner, Elley is brave in the face of death, but also a sore loser and will frequently not recognize a loss and instead try to call the battle as a draw, such as having a bomb powerful enough to destroy both her and her opponent, claiming that it is the final duty of a trapper. Only when she is utterly beaten(i.e. she has no more tactics left) will she admit defeat.


Elley uses a Close Quarter Multi Explosive (CQME) called Divide And Conquer. Its initial form is that of two large high-caliber pistols, each with a crescent axe blade attached across the top of the barrel. The pistols transform by having a arm-length handle extend out from the 'magazine', while the axes fold down to line up behind the barrel where the pistol hammer should be, forming a pair of dual axes that function similar to Ruby's scythe in terms of propulsion mechanics. Their third form is attained by slamming the two pistols back-to-back, resulting in a very long body-length handle telescoping out of the magazines, while the two axes now shift themselves in front of the barrel, themselves folding out to become a large double-headed axe that once again can propel itself through bullet fire, though it can do so from either barrel. A final 'form' this weapon can take makes use of little finger holes, similar to that of a brass knuckle, between the axe and barrel during its gun mode. Elley can slip these on to use the axe-blade as a bladed knuckle, with the handles from other forms extending across her forearm to provide it some light protection, similar to tonfas.

Its trademark ability throughout all of its forms is that whenever she swings the weapons, a slit in the blades scatter a dense line of whatever substance was inside a secondary compartment within the pistol magazines. Most common of all is a packing of ordinary household dust, which, normally perceived to be not much of a threat, easily slips through Aura defenses and gets into her opponent's eyes.


Character Attributes
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Strength: C Aura: B
Defense: D Agility: C
Endurance: D Technique: C
Intelligence: A Leadership: B
Experience: D Semblance: C

Physically, Elley is quick on her feet, enough to match Blake, while her Aura-enhanced strength is surprisingly high despite her stature, equal to Nora's base. She is the second best close-combat fighter in her team (behind Vulturn) with her power and her proficient use of her weapon's multiple forms, while she is also of great help at middle range with her machine pistols. However, she responds very badly to injury, a glass cannon unable to take more than a critical hit or two.

In terms of fighting style, Elley is a combination of technique and wit, with an emphasis on preparing the battlefield to her advantage. She has a great mind at tactical thinking, being able to think quite a few steps ahead of her opponents accurately, with creative ideas. She is also skilled in putting off her opponents through taunts, snide comments and her irritating giggle, with her small and cheeky appearance belying this psychological warfare, the girl all the more dangerous for it.

Her style with her weapon can be described as sneaky and irritating, with hit and run as her primary attack method, while evasion with a mocking tongue is her primary defense. As a result, she noticeably gives a lot of space to her opponents to advance at her, but these are just a lead to Elley's next trap - her incredible strength. The amount of strength she uses is minimal to lull her opponents into weathering her light blows, aimed at important joints and tendons to numb and debilitate them. Her full strength is only reserved for parrying powerful attacks or taking on heavily armored opponents, switching to her two-handed axe when doing so. Such attacks cleave right through packs of low-level Grimm, while a Paladin is going to lose an arm.

Her Dust Style can be considered as a "Liner"-type. When utilizing Dust, she evokes their effects by drawing lines of Dust in the air. While a single line can cause a rushing wave of fire or icicles, outlining a basic shape such as a circle can cause a pillar of flame or a wall of ice. With more complex outlines, she can create constructs of the element that she used. To take advantage of her talent, Elley had her weapon leak out a line of Dust through a slit in the blade.


Her Aura has the Semblance of Illusion, "Full-Name: Illusion - Additions to Reality", being able to make people see and hear things that aren't there. Her Semblance's unique trait is that Elley cannot alter an opponent's perception of real objects and sounds, but in return her illusions are in fact physical, albeit intangible, projections of light and sound waves that can be perceived by everyone without needing Elley to go into their heads. This completely removes the need to micromanage the illusion, reducing the mental burden, while also allowing her to cast an illusion upon everyone around her without needing any additional effort.

The ash patch on her face is related to her Semblance: first of all, due to the ease of getting caught up in her illusions, Elley hence subconsciously creates a preemptive illusion of the patch on her face to remind herself when she is in reality or in an illusion, with the patch vanishing whenever it is the latter, having been overridden by the stronger illusion. Everyone else sees the patch as well, but they generally do not notice it in the heat of battle. A secondary function of the ash patch is that it can work inside the illusions of others if they do not quickly cover up for it, hence revealing to Elley that she has been caught in an opponent's illusion.

By the second year, Elley's mastery over her Semblance improves to the point that she can create high-intensity illusions such as blinding lights or deafening sounds, as well as induce actual pain through her illusions, making them not only more convincing, but also potentially debilitating.

Other Skills

Elley is skilled in the art of information gathering, making use of an excuse of a gossipy girl to lean into conversations and keep herself very up-to-date with the day-to-day events going around in Beacon Academy. She even extends this into the city of Vale, being aware of the best information brokers in the area and the right strings to pull. Another related skill is the creation of misinformation, using the near-impossible-to-stop flow of gossip and rumor to inject in false rumours that can benefit her or the others. In her classes, Elley is average in most areas, but excels in World Technology and Team Theory.


  • Shelley Godwin is a direct reference to the author of the book Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, whose father was named William Godwin, hence giving the Godwin family name.
  • Composition C is the name of the plastic explosive that makes up the well-known explosive device C-4.
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