Elucifer's idea came from the Pokemon Poochyena

Name: Elucifer Rouge

Age: 3 As a puppy (14 in Rina's Dream)

Gender: Male

Race: Animal

Species: Gray Wolf

Height: 1'3"

Weight: 35 lbs

Hair/Fur: Gray

Eye color: Sky Blue

Role: AMBR's Mascot and Rina's pet

When he was Found

He was following a scent of red Sap from the Forever Fall Forest to find Rina Rouge. He had "attacked" her by licking the red sap she spilled on herself and just found a liking to her kind nature.

Not too far from Rina's location, the rest of Team AMBR came to her aid and found she wasn't in danger. Amy had then found a corpse normal wolf with the same color scheme as Elucifer, along with one of a beowolf. They weren't sure exactly what happened, but the fact of the matter was that he was alone and just a puppy, so in the end they decided to take him home.

Puppy Days

Elucifer likes to stay in Rina's room under her bed lying down catching some Z's when she's in class or on a mission. Occasionally he gets to go out and play fetch at midnight with his beloved master. Sometimes if Rina is sneaky enough, she sneaks Elucifer into the cafeteria with him for breakfast and dinner. If not, she eats half of her food and brings the other half to him.

The reason he's confined to Rina's room is mainly because of one incident where Elucifer went to roam the school all by himself. Rina almost got in trouble with the Beacon staff members and nearly got told on by some of the students at the school as well. She also got into a fight with Team RAVN's Verona Lyr, who was in a foul mood after Eluficer tore up a pair of her boots and marked his territory on her leg as well. Rina scolded him of course, and that was only the beginning of some of their troubles.

Older and more Loyal

At the end of the first year, the fact that Rina was hiding Elucifer was no secret anymore. The teachers heard of the trouble being caused by her pet, but Rina persisted that she'd be able to train him well over the summer break. The staff had gave her the chance, but only if Elucifer would aid her in some sort of way in battle; otherwise he'd just be another distraction from her studies.

After getting an okay from staff, Elucifer goes anywhere he wants to on campus, as long as he's being supervised by Rina or the other members of AMBR. He's capable of staying by his master's side without the usage or a leash.


Elucifer looks like any normal gray and black wolf pup with no scratches, scars or anything on his body. He's tiny, so he'd be able to fit through many small places. The best image I could use that fit the description for the time being is a Poochyena.


Since he's still a puppy, Elucifer is pretty innocent about many things. He's still young, so Elucifer is very hyper-active and curious about a lot. That curiousity of his causes a lot of trouble, and Rina ends up cleaning up his mistakes afterwards; Elucifer ends up apologizing to her and manages to always make sure he helps clean up his mess. He also has a big appetite, so he usually spaces out at the smell, sight, or even hearing the word food.

2 years from Present Day

After a lot of training from his owner, Elucifer has become the loyal and obedient pet that the team wanted him to be. He stays out of trashcans more often, and stays by Rina's side always, allowing him to be in class with her just as long as he behaves. He still has that playful nature though, and only shows it when he's allowed to.

Battle Abilities


In Rina's Dreams

ChibiMaker Elucifer -true-

Chibi Elucifer as a Faunus from Rina's dream

The first time Elucifer is seen in his Faunus form is in a strange dream Rina had a few weeks after they found him. Rina was shocked and dumbfound because all she saw was a little boy wearing nothing sitting on her bed. When he noticed her, the boy jumped at her yelling "Master!" and gave her a big hug. After explaining who he was, Elucifer found it hard to change back into a puppy for a while, so Rina had to vouch for him whenever he caused trouble at school. With the students and staff, Rina tries her best to convince everyone that he was her adoptive kid brother.

Elucifer sometimes has a tendancy to act like a wolf while he's in human form; usually it's due to him focusing on nothing but food when he's hungry. He ends up crawling on all fours occasionally, and forgets to use utensils when eating. Everyone thinks it's natural for a Fauna, but Rina says that he should try to act more human-like. Sometimes Elucifer even forgets to put clothes on after his transformation. The first time it happened Rina's face turned completely red and told him he couldn't go outside naked. His response was, "But I'm always naked," and she then explains to Elucifer that it's different now.


  • Elucifer is the missing "E" in Team AMBR.
  • His name is based off of Lucifer, derived from Latin lux "light" and ferre "to bring" and the name is commonly associated to Satan.
    • Because of his name, I could give him some ability related to light or darkness. Though this of course waits until animals are seen fighting with a Semblance, but fighting in general.
  • In Faunus form, Elucifer takes on the alias as Elucifer Rouge, Rina's younger brother to anyone outside team AMBR. Only when Rina has this dream again of course.
  • Elucifer took a liking to Rina, Amber, and Miles quickly. Blaine, on the other hand, is on his bad side.
  • Elucifer's favorite treats are fish, steak, chicken, and bones.
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