Elvira Nightshade.
Age 21.
Nickname Violet flame.
Color Palatinate.
Race Human.
Handedness Left-handed.
Hair Black hair with long ponytails.
Eyes Gray.
Height 5'8

This character is the property of KuraiJack.


She is 5'8 with a slightly thin, average build. She has two chibi skulls to keep her long ponytails in

Elvira and her teammates in their school uniforms. (Credit goes to DeathNapalm.)

place. She has black punk rock styled clothes and a black combat skirt with black trainers. She has a scar in the shape of an x on he face between her eyes due to a injury she had in her old combat school.

Elvira and her emblem. (Credit goes to DeathNapalm.)


Elvira normally acts as a very calm individual who doesn't seem to be very motivated and doesn't smile much, but she actually has a deep love of sports and combat. She joined Beacon to become stronger so that later on in life she can join professional sports teams across all of Vytal.

She loves the colour black.

Weapons and abilities

Elviras main weapon is a double-edged black fire sword called Datora. It can be turned into a long lance that can fire fire balls from the blade due to the high amounts of red dust inside it. The blade is coloured violet while the hilt of the weapon is black.

Elvira is good with her survival skills and is a decent close range fighter, but her sniper skills is where she shines.

Her semblance silences any noise both she and her weapon makes, allowing her to fire her weapon without her opponent hearing her.


Elviras father was obsessed with sports. As a child Elvira quickly adopted his love of sports. He then decided to teach her how to play in multiple sports and how to fight so that she could protect herself.

Her father decided to send her to combat schools to increase her skills. She then made her own weapon called Datora and she was able to get good grades, but she also received a scar on her face due to a accident when she was trainning with another student.

She then came to Beacon to get stronger and to make her father proud. In the initiation test, Gylfie became her partner.

During her time at Beacon, she made a competition for fellow students called the Beacon games. Students could  go near the Emerald forest after the days lessons and compete against each other in a variety of games that would also increase their skills. 

Credit goes to DeathNapalm.

Notes and trivia

  • Datora is the name of a poisonous plant.
  • Elvira is a adoptable OC made by TondaMonai. Credit for the image and appearance goes to him.

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