You reeeaalllyyy should think before messing with fire.

Ember Blaze is a 1st Year Student at Beacon and second in command of Team METR.

Ember Blaze

The Fire Girl






Blaze Whip (Rod)


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July 10th








135 Pounds

Hair Color

Fiery Red

Eye Color



Fire Flight

Professional Status

Beacon Academy

Previous Affiliation

The Blaze Family Ranch


1st Year Student at Beacon




Ryland Clockwork

Personal Status



Emily Blaze (Deceased Mother) Quinton Blaze (Deceased Father) Emelia (Older Sister and Legal Guardian) Dani, Matthew, Ian, Xavier, Zachary, Ethan, Jacob, and Mickey (Older Siblings)

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Ember has a red sleeveless shirt with two straps going from her neck to her chest. They connect via a black circular pendant that has her emblem. Her shirt then goes down her life side diagonally. The end is jagged and ripped, so it reveals her black shirt underneath. The shirt then goes on to end a bit past the left side of her waist. Over her black shirt, she also wears a red belt that holds her weapon. She has a dark red skirt that goes down to the right in a ripped style. Underneath this she wears black leggings. Her low-heeled boots are black and has red laces intertwined with them, and unknown to everyone, her left leg has a deep burn from her past.


Ember is the most hot-headed and strong-willed individual of Team MEMR. Her defiant and destructive personality only adds to the fact that she uses fire to help her in getting what she wants. However, despite her very...flamed personality, Ember has shown to be very supportive and kind to her teammates. She strongly believes in getting to know others, and loves to hold "Team METR Bonding Time" or when she forces everyone to talk to one another. But her caring nature can be a BIT too extreme, such as when she tries to help Malva be a team leader by setting up somewhat dangerous and (possibly) illegal scenarios. Ember has displayed several moments of serious nature, such as when reflecting on her past or the fact that her parent's rivals are after her vast fortune, but for the most part, her happy-go-lucky attitude and willingness to help her friends makes up her traits. She is prone to using violence to get what she wants, and won't hesitate to roast someone if they tick her off.


Blaze Whip: Also called Blade Rod sometimes, is Ember's main weapon and her line of offense and defense. It is, well, a whip, hence the name, and she crafted it at her old training academy. The handle is almost a foot long and colored black. A flame design is located on the sides, as well as a medium sized panel. When not activated, the only remain of the weapon is the handle, and she keeps it on her waist belt. Ember can start her weapon by pressing a button located at the top. The whip uses red (fire) dust, and Ember also keeps a few by her side during battle. When activated, the fire dust causes flames to encase the long trail of the leather whip that shoots out of the handle. Ember can then use the whip to slash her enemies and set her surroundings on fire. The length of the whip is about 5 and a half feet long and when not in battle mode, folds up automatically and goes back in the handle. It can also be used for defense, as Ember can use it to deflect incoming objects or monsters.


Ember has a number of abilities, with most coming from her time at her parent's ranch. She excels at horseback riding and using her whip. Ember, surprisingly, is also very good with animals, and it's when she is with creatures that she's the most calm and relaxed. In battle, she is very headstrong, and won't hesitate to attack and protect her friends. When using her aura, Ember's body lights up with a dark red hue. Her strength and aim in using her weapon makes her a deadly force, but her reflex skills isn't the best.


Ember's semblance is called Fire Flight, and she uses this ability to her attack her enemies. The power allows her to create dark red glyphs in mid air that resemble a spiral flaming whip. When activated, it serves as a mean of teleporting her whip to various locations in battle. Ember can then hit her enemies from all sides. She usually activates this power when cornered or just to have fun. The firegirl creates only two, one to throw the whip into, and the other for the weapon to exit out of. However, Ember can only use this ability when focused on one specific area, which is hard because A. She has a hard time focusing on things. And B. When getting attacked by deadly Grimm it's a bit hard to focus everything on just one area of the battlefield. This semblance can only work for her whip and her whip only, and they can reach up to thirty feet from her position. When using this ability, though, it can cause her energy to drain a significant amount.


Ember was born to a regular family in the hot and dry deserts of Vacuo. There, she grew up with nine siblings, all older than her, whom she loved to brawl and wrestle with often. Her parents were wealthy ranchers, and tended cattle and other animals for a living. Ember, by the age of ten, knew all the ropes in handling whips, saddles, and even annoying business partners. Her older sisters and brothers grew up in their own way, each one moving or leaving their home ranch to pursue their career path. Soon, it was just Ember and her parents, and life got lonely. For the most part, Ember was driven to take over her parent's ranch when she got older, but a sudden turn in fate caused her dream to collapse. A rival of her parents popular ranch, led by Rick McLean, bribed some bandits to set fire to the Ember's ranch and her house. It was then that Ember discovered her semblance, as she used it to escape, only getting a deep burn on her left leg. However, her parents weren't so lucky, as they were burned to ashes along with the young girl's entire future. Ember managed to get her horse and ride to the local city, where she was taken to the hospital and treated for her injury. Afterwards, the inheritance her parents left her was safely tucked away in the bank, but Ember knew that it was a matter of time before someone would try to steal it. Moving in with her older sister, Emelia, the two agreed to send Ember to a training academy to learn how to fight. There, she grew tough, independent, and forged Blaze Whip, modeling the weapon after the whips from her past home. After graduating from the school with fairly good marks, she then applied for Beacon and was accepted.

Relationships with Teammates

Malva Mnemonic Ember finds Malva extremely too quiet and reclusive, and often tries to get her leader to see the world and make friends. Unfortunately, Ember's extreme and sometimes dangerous attempts ends up with Malva becoming more reclusive. However, Malva appreciates having Ember as a friend, and because of the latter's help, is starting to open up more. The two have trouble talking though, with Ember being a bit too nosy, but their working on it.

Talcum Shennong Ember and Mica are very passive towards one another, and try not to fight for the sake of their team, but Ember often finds Mica's reluctance to help her annoying, and Mica finds Ember's overly outgoing and persistent nature a little two extreme. However, they manage to surprisingly get along, and Mica often gives Ember advice on homework or battle strategies, despite the fact she ignores him most of the times.

Ryland Clockwork Out of all her team, Ember finds Ryland even more annoying than Malva, as his somewhat dry and logical nature often makes her feel degraded. Because of this, Ember is determined to change her teammate, and drags him along in her crazy schemes to "help" their leader. They both argue a lot, with Ryland mostly winning, and Ember usually manages to get him back. In battle their relationship is similar as well, with Ember's headstrong approach countering her partner's practical fighting tactics. However, deep inside they both carry a mutual respect and understanding of another.

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