Smiling never hurt anyone. It only hurts if you aren't happy when you smile.
— Ember Kioko



Ember Kioko

 Name: Ember Kioko

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Faunus (Fox)

Nickname(s): Em, Emki, Kio 

Height: 1.70 m (5'5")

Weight: 54.5 kg (120 lbs.)

Character Theme: ()

Entrance Theme: ()

Battle Theme: ()



Ember's Symbol

Ember's features can immediately draw stares, fox tail aside. Her long, brown hair--braided and put into a pony tail, aren't all that remarkable, and neither is her darkly tanned skin. It's often her magenta colored eyes and tattoo that often draw stares. It's also her flame colored clothing and equipment that also draw attention to her as well. 

She wears a maroon and orange long-sleeved shirt that opens up at the shoulders, exposing some of her midriff. This is covered up by an orange button-up collared vest, with yellow trim, which she chooses to leave open--the main cause being her assets. She also wears a mid-length crimson skirt with yellow trim (which is held up by a belt), and shows off her lithe figure a bit more. She wears short white socks, over that she wears yellow colored tennis shoes. 

On her back, in a golden yellow sheath, she carries a red-handled fire whip-sword that she can wield with very little trouble. In a pair of hip holsters mounted on either side of her belt, she holds a pair of sais, and she uses this pair of weapons with great efficiency as well. And if one looks, she also has a pair of runes that are tattooed onto her exposed shoulders and down to her elbow, the purpose of them becoming obvious in the heat of combat. 


Ember's personality is a mostly playful one,  people often thinking she's on a constant sugar high. She's cheerful, kind, shy at times, and somewhat ditzy at certain times as well. When she's shy, her voice often softens to a whisper level, and often curls her tail around her body. She's unapologetic prankster, and has played many a practical joke on others, and has often had laughter at their expense. But more often than not, she has a cheerful personality and kind heart that often keeps a person from being mad at her.

And as a bi, she's had more of a preference for being around girls than around guys. The only guy she ever hangs out with very often is Kaius, to whom owes a debt of gratitude to his family. If you're nice enough, you may be treated to a wild night in bed, but she doesn't take kindly if you flirt with her the wrong way. If you do happen to do that, she'll go at you with a surprising amount of strength. 

Even with this temper and her shyness, she's someone that you'd enjoy having as a teammate and a good friend when the time calls for it. 


Her weapons are a bit...different, to say the least. They're a bit unusual and some could say not really fitting for a girl her size. Her skill with these tools, however, would say otherwise: 

  • Ateşli Tilki Kuyruk: A four foot long fire whip-sword, it looks at first glance like the fire sword that the weapon is derived after. However, upon closer inspection, one can see that this sword is a bit more lethal that the average fire sword.  When extended, the weapon's reach extends out to nearly ten feet. She does know how to use this weapon to great effect, and the metal allows her to sheathe the blade in fire, even when it is extended as a whip. 
  • Fox Fangs: A pair of sais that she often uses to try and disarm opponents. Ember is also well versed in their usage, and uses these weapons to great effect in a close-quarters fight. 

As a fox faunus, she naturally gifted with great agility, and has excellent night vision and excellent hearing. She can hear a pin-drop in a slightly noisy room, and can see a person's profile in the dark--even when they can't see her. She also uses her agility to great effect on the battlefield. 

Ember discovered her Aura and Semblance while she was with Kaius at Sanctum Academy, and has gotten used to using it over the years. Her Semblance allows her to control a fire's temperature whenever she is near one, affecting only the area around her, making her Aura runes glow as a result of the use of her Semblance.

And when her Aura is used, her eyes turn from a magenta to a crimson red in coloring. 

Battle Style

Her style is a largely unpredictable one, as is expected from her. But there are some things that can be predicted that she will incorporate into a fight. She'll use her speed advantage to hit her opponents with hard and fast strikes, often hiding before she strikes once again. If the fight gets to ultra close-quarters, she'll use Fox Fangs to cut up or just disarm them. 

If it just comes down to a close-range fight, she has her whip-sword that gives her tremendous range up close and gives her more options than the average swordsman. Other than that, her tactics are largely unpredictable. 


  • Erin Corbeau: Erin often has had to clean up the messes from Ember's antics, but the clan raised Erin puts up with the mischievous little fox girl. Despite this, she developed a bit of a soft spot for the fox girl, and is one of the few people that Ember has a liking for. They have become a bit of a double act within the team. 
  • Luna Alev: Ember tends to keep her distance around Luna, finding her arrogance in public a bit off putting. And with that, Luna is sometimes the target of Ember's pranks, and it often leaves Brianna and Erin in histerics; much to the chagrin of poor Luna.
  • Brianna Catama: Brianna is Ember's opposite when it comes to brains and attention span, the mechanic often having to tutor the little fox. And, to Ember's chagrin, she's often the gunea pig for Brianna's projects. She often dreads when she hears Brianna saying "Ember...could you help me out...?", but can often be mollified by Brianna's cooking. 


Ember's life has been a mix of happiness and sadness, despite how she acts at this point in her life. Her early years were as normal as it could be for a faunus, the racism being a constant and ever present problem, even when she got older. To help combat this, she became a prankster, enjoying the diversion of laughter that the pranks brought to her. And until she was eleven, this didn't really change. And at eleven, she became the victim of a newly aggressive White Fang, a tragic case of 'wrong place, wrong time.' 

Her parents were out and about, confident that Ember could entertain herself at their home. Several hours later, Ember was notified of her parents passing, the result of them being in the middle of a White Fang attack on a shop that they frequented. Ember, lonely and tear stricken, was placed in an orphanage, having no known relatives that could take care of her. A year later, she was adopted by the Lupold family, and instantly bonded with Kaius; she saw them as the family she could start over with, and leave the tragedy of the event behind. 

She lived with the family for a year before they allowed her to apply to Sanctum with Kaius, who grew a soft spot for the fox girl who had become his sister by circumstance. And while there, her life was uneventful, and she once again became the happy girl she was in her early years. And she resumed being a prankster, her pranks often at Kaius' expense. Despite this, Kaius put up with Ember's antics, and was surprised when she successfully applied to Beacon at the age of 16. 

Now that this cheerful little prankster is at Beacon, she's determined to succeed, and have a bit of fun in her four years there while she's at it. 


  • Her first name Ember means 'Spark' or 'Fire'
  • Her last name Kioko means 'Who brings happiness' in Japanese
  • Her full name means either 'Spark who brings happiness' of 'Fire who brings happiness'

Weapons Notes

  • Her fire whip-sword Ateşli Tilki Kuyruk means "fiery fox tail" in Turkish
  • She is the first character of mine to use her secondary weapons. 

Character Trivia

  • The irony of her last name and her backstory were meant to be intentional.
  • And there is also the irony of a fox being paired with a wolf (Ember with Kaius), which is something that will be talked about later on.
  • Ember has a small attention span, and often has to be reminded of things multiple times, much to the chagrin of her teammates. 
  • Ember's pranks can range from something small (like a whoopie cushon on a chair), or something big. Don't ask what is meant by a big prank, (I leave it up to your imagination (:< )

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