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I'm a HUNTSMAN-in-training! Huntsman!
— Ember, when she's referred to as a Huntress-in-training
Ember Maerts
Age 18
Nickname Em (teasing)
Status Active
Color Orange
Gender Female
Race Human
Born Where: Vale

Birthday: ???

Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Light
Hair Orange
Eyes Stream-Blue
Semblance Fire Wheel
Height 5'11"
Weight 116 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Haven Academy
Team Team EMIR
Partner Metagh Olina
Occupation Huntress-in-training (2nd-year)
Personal Status
Relatives Father - Unknown (Aviv Maerts)

Mother - Flora Maerts

Additional Info
Likes Fighting, moving, being busy. Sports.
Dislikes Grimm, the White Fang. Idiotic and rude people. Those that annoy her and/or make her PO. Girly stuff.
Special Skills CQC, planning. Taking hits, racing.
Weaknesses Rage, short-temper. Tight spaces.

Ember Maerts is a 2nd-year student at Haven Academy; the leader of Team EMIR (Ember) and partner of Metagh Olina. As the short-tempered, hand-to-hand fighter of the team, she's not one to be angered. Anything in italics is RP-only.


Ember has chin-length, reddish-orange hair, with strands usually falling in her face. Her eyes are stream-blue, and she has a light complexion. Her official height is 5'11", making her pretty tall. She also has a small bunch of freckles across her nose.

Ember, when she's not in uniform, tends to wear an orange camisole and brown shorts. Oftentimes she'll wear a short-sleeved, crop-top-length brown jacket over the camisole. On her feet are a pair of brown ankle boots, with neon-orange boxes framed by gold metal on the outside, near the heels. She also wears brown, leather gloves that have gold, metal rings around her wrists. These are actually Hot Secrets and Hot Havoc, respectively.

Unlike most girls, Ember does not wear a dress for formal occasions. In fact, she doesn't even like going to formal occasions. If she has to, Ember will wear a woman's suit, consisting of an orange undershirt, a black dress jacket, and black dress pants and shoes.


Ember tends to have a bit of a short temper, especially with those she doesn't like. She also tends to judge others, meaning you'll either have a good or bad first impression of her, depending on what she thinks of you. And before you ask, no, she's not one of those racist people who discriminate the Faunus. In fact, she likes most of them - except for those who make her pissed.

Speaking of which, it's definitely not a good idea to make Ember mad, nor is it one to call her Em unless you're her teammate. She tends to act first and think later when she's mad, often using her fists and feet to make her point. While doing so, it's more than likely her mouth will be streaming curse words and other stuff. In other words - she definitely needs anger management.

Ember is very much a tomboy - outside of her team, most of her friends are boys. She has no problem getting into a scrape, oftentimes beating the boys. There are some who even call her a boy, which she doesn't even mind - in fact, she'd prefer to be thought of as one, calling herself a "Huntsman-in-training" rather than a "Huntress-in-training." Basically, Ember's a very rough-and-tumble girl, and you will never find her wearing a dress or make-up.

But despite her short temper and rough-and-tumble ways, Ember is fully capable of being a leader, albeit a bit of an aggressive one. Her quick thinking in and out of battle, along with her fighting and planning skills, are what qualify her for the position and make the other three girls respect her as leader.

Also aside from her tomboyish side, Ember is very good at keeping secrets - especially those of close friends like Kaili. Ember has not told a single of Kaili's secrets, and has vowed to take them to her grave. And she will do the same with anyone else's secrets, as well. The weird thing is she's not very good at detecting the fact someone has a secret in the first place, often oblivious until she's told the secret. But despite this, you can always count on Ember to take a secret to her grave, never sharing it with anyone else unless she's told to.

That said, Ember also respects others' privacy, and will not pry into a person's affairs without permission or unless necessary. So don't worry about your secrets whenever Ember's around - she won't let anyone find them out without your permission. And if she feels it's necessary, you can bet there's a very, very good reason.


Born in Vale, Ember never knew her father, growing up with her mother, Flora Maerts, whom refused to say anything about Ember's father. This only made her more determined to find out who her father was.

Finding her father was one of the reasons she decided to become a Huntsman - she figured being one would open up more places where she could go to find him. The rest of her reasons stemmed from her rough-and-tumble, restless nature. So, she went to Signal.

While at Signal, Ember met Kaili Hart, who didn't go to Signal, but rather lived on the streets. They became close friends, and Kaili even helped her make Hot Havoc and Hot Secrets. Both of them knew each other's secrets by the time Ember's time at Signal came to an end.

After graduating from Signal, she decided to go to Haven instead of Beacon, so as to search for her father in Mistral. Now, she's team leader of Team EMIR - though she still keeps in touch with Kaili, whom respects Ember's decision about going to Haven and understands why. Ember also supported Kaili's decision to go to Beacon.

Over her first year at Haven, Ember got to know her teammates, and respects them. Though they're still sometimes annoying, Ember looks forward to another year with them.

Team EMIR was in Vale for the Vytal Festival, and, as such, there for the Fall of Beacon as well. Originally, they were gonna go back to Mistral, but Ravelyn was determined to stay out of duty. Respecting her decision, Ember made the executive decision that they should all stay behind. They now help the survivors that didn't manage to evacuate, and defeat any Grimm they come across.


  • Flora Maerts is her mother, someone who Ember loves and respects. They don't have that much face-to-face contact anymore, but do keep in touch through calls and texts. Ember can tell her about anything that's going on at school, personal ventures, etc, and will listen to her advice on matters she struggling with. Aside from Ember's best friend, her mother is the only one who fully understands Ember.
  • Kaili is her best friend, one of the two that truly understands Ember's ways, and vice versa. Despite going to different schools, they still keep in touch. Ember can tell Kaili anything, though will be met with what most would see as a snarky comment, but that Ember knows is just Kaili's way of cheering people up. Ember would do anything for her, and knows the girl's deepest secrets. Ember also supported Kaili's decision to go to Beacon, telling her it'd be fun, and is quite proud of the girl's achievements there.
  • To her, Metagh can sometimes be a pain in the ass with her jokes and teasing. In fact, the first time her partner called her "Em", she almost took the girl's head off - literally. But thankfully for Ember, Metagh is usually has her nose in some research project or her homework. However, whenever Metagh is not, they often argue - even in the middle of battle. Despite all this, Ember respects the serious (if sometimes antagonizing) girl for her skills, and they get along just fine otherwise.
  • Islingr is a very calm girl, with a focused nature - at least, that's Ember's opinion of her teammate. She respects the girl's determination, yet often wonders why she sometimes finds Islingr staring off into space. But, not wishing to pry, Ember has decided not to ask, figuring if Islingr wants to tell her, she will. Ember also values the girl's bravery in stepping between herself and Metagh to break up the two's arguments.
  • Ember doesn't really understand Ravelyn. She's moody and not very forthcoming about herself, usually shutting the topic of her past down before Ember or anyone else can even say anything. Yet the girl's marksmanship is excellent, and Ember respects her for it. She also wonders about the girl's statements about truths, but being a person who respects others' privacy, doesn't pry into it.


Hot Havoc

Hot Havoc

Ember Maerts


BCGG (Ballistic Clawed Grappling Gauntlets)


Melee, Ranged

Weapon Derivation

Gauntlets, Claws, Grappling Hook

Hot Havoc is a pair of Ballistic Clawed Grappling Gauntlets (BCGG) named after the havoc Ember can cause with them.

Compact: In their compact form, they look like simple gloves, with gold metal rings around the wrists.

Gauntlets: As gauntlets, the metal rings extend to cover about half of Ember's forearms, giving her some protection. In-between the fingers of the leather, holes appear.

Claws: Slightly-curved, iron claws come out of the holes in the leather. These claws can be shot at enemies, with string unraveling behind them, acting like mini-harpoons or grappling hooks, their curved ends helping them to dig into whatever they hit. Ember also uses this feature to help move around the battlefield, launching them at a target and pulling herself towards it to dodge an attack or attack an opponent.

Hot Secrets

Hot Secrets

Ember Maerts


MPAS (Multi-Purpose Action Shoes)


Melee, Ranged

Weapon Derivation

Climbing Shoes, Grappling Hook

Hot Secrets is a pair of Multi-Purpose Action Shoes (MPAS) named after the many secret abilities it holds. They take the form of a pair of regular, brown ankle boots. Used in the right way, however, they can be very deadly, despite their innocent looks.

Spikes: These iron spikes come out of small holes in the soles, and can also be shot out just like the claws on Hot Havoc. Ember usually uses these for easier climbing.

Blade: A slit in the toe hides a blade that can pop out to serve as a climbing device, or another grappling-hook/mini-harpoon.

Data-Collecting: On the outside of both shoes, near the heels, neon-orange boxes outlined in gold metal can be found. These boxes serve as scanning devices, collecting info as Ember walks by echolocation - through the ground as well as through the air. When the waves, the angle of them being 180 degrees, hit something, it scans it for composition, etc, then goes back to the boot. The drawback is that it acts exactly the same as regular echolocation otherwise, bouncing back when it hits something. Meaning the waves usually bounce off the same thing multiple times. This, though, does mean more detailed information. A slit on the outside of the right boot allows Ember to put her scroll inside the boot so the info Hot Secrets gathers can be loaded onto it (which is where she usually keeps it).

Semblance & Abilities


Ember's Semblance is named Fire Wheel. With it, she is able to spin at increased speeds, kicking up a cloud of dust. Right before she uses it, she becomes covered in her orange Aura. This is usually used as a way to help the team escape, though it can also be used to blind enemies and decrease their accuracy. The downside of it is that it also blinds Ember and her allies as well. Which is where Hot Secrets' gathered info comes in.


Ember's skills with her weapons are very good - she can even beat a few of the second years in little time. However, the grappling feature on Hot Havoc needs room to work, meaning if you can catch her in an enclosed space, you could probably take her down, as the grappling feature is how Ember avoids enemies.

Ember also has enhanced speed, being able to outrun a little over half of the kids in the school. Of course, Ruby would beat her in a heartbeat, as well as others whom have Speed as their Semblance. Otherwise, it's pretty likely she'd win in a short race, or at least get 2nd or 3rd place. Long races, though, she doesn't have the endurance for, being a sprinter rather than a long-distance runner.

Though she lacks in endurance, Ember's durability is very high. She is able to take multiple hits, lasting pretty long in a fight against multiple enemies.

Ember's Stats :

Primary Role Front-line Fighter/Distraction
Secondary Role Info Collector
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo
Battle Skill
Semblance Mastery
Social Charm


  • Her last name, Maerts, is stream backwards.
    • This, and her first name, came from one of my Warriors OCs, Emberpaw, who was later to be named Emberstream as a warrior.
  • Hot Secrets was based off the Ekaterina's Secret Agent Boot from The 39 Clues: Black Book of Secrets.
  • Hot Havoc was inspired by the Leather Gauntlets and Iron Claws equipment items in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies.


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