Emile Cuprum
Status Active
Color Emerald
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Tan
Hair Dirty Blonde
Eyes Green
Height 5'6
Weight 121lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Lantern Academy, Cuprum Family
Team Team GRAE
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Autumn Cuprum (Cousin)


A man of average size and stature, Emile is not particularly outstanding in any field of athleticism, but is still capable of holding his own in a fight.  An overwhelming air of confidence usually surrounds him, causing people to mistake him as having a larger presence than he would otherwise.  Rarely seen without a beaming grin, he has a tendency to make others smile along with him.


Emile's Symbol

Almost never seen without a emerald beanie, Emile's face is typically covered with loose hairs that fall before his eyes.  A simplistic green T-shirt adorned with a wave pattern matches elbow pads and training gloves.  A small black belt adorned with holsters for his weapons overlap baggy jeans, and ending in basic boots. 


Emile is best known for his incredibly easy going nature.  While a bit hot-headed and excitable, he rarely worries about things unless the situation demands it.  Described as 'The guy who never gets truly angry,' he only breaks away from his identifying nature when near his cousin.

When near his cousin, Autumn, they each become either incredibly argumentative or incredibly friendly to each other with no rational method or pattern. However, when fighting, they instantly forget anything but the enemy and display exceptional teamwork.

Burst Alchemilla

Weapon Type: Double Barrel Sawed-Off Tonfa/DBST

Weapon Derivation: Double Barreled Sawed-Off Shotgun/Tonfa

Incredibly useful for close ranged combat, the Burst Alchemilla is a double barreled shotgun capable of splitting into two separate single barreled shotguns.  The back of the shotguns are both outfitted with a sturdy bust designed both as a shoulder brace and as a powerful blunt end to be used as tonfa.  They are either wielded as a single or as two medium ranged shotguns, or held backwards to be used as shotgun fire enhanced tonfa.  The reloading mechanism has been modified to make it easier to reload, carry more ammunition at once, and for making Dust reloads.

The Burst Alchemilla are easily compacted, and usually kept in holsters located on Emile's belt.


Emile acts as a balance between his speed oriented teammates and his heavy hitting ones, with him leaning more towards speed.  Utilizing the rounds fired from the Burst Alchemilla to launch himself around the battlefield, he is capable of dancing around his opponents.  Unfortunately, he is also a bit delicate; incapable of taking too many hits without having to retreat.  Regardless, he can still dish out powerful hits from the blunt end of his weapon.

When not in combat, Emile enjoys napping, running, and sketching.

Fighting Style

Fast and strong, Emile utilizes hit and run tactics to wear down opponents before finishing them.  Alternating between firing rounds and knocking the opponents, occasionally in tandem, Emile finishes his fights fast and effectively.


  • Emile is derived from the word Emerald. Cuprum is the Latin name for Copper, a metal that is known for turning a green color after the effects of oxidation.
  • The Burst Alchemilla are named after the bursting sound made when firing the shotguns, and the Alchemilla mollis, a green flower.

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