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Emma Austri
Emma Austri
Age 17
Status Alive
Color Green
Gender Female
Race Human
Complexion Fair white
Hair Green
Eyes Black
Height 5ft6
Weight 66kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team WEST
Partner Bridgette West
Occupation Student

Emma Austri is a character in the The Four Huntsmen series and is a member of Team WEST. Emma uses a Metal Handle Spike Ball (MHSB) named Sfär Poäng.


Short and slender, Emma has light skin and black coloured eyes. She has long green hair, with several bangs hanging out onto her forehead and almost touching her hair. For apparel, Emma wears a light green plain shirt and doesn't bother to be fully equipped. Emma also wears blue trousers.


Emma's true personality is that she is very cocky and arrogant. Emma also has a tendency to laugh all lot. Emma is also very funny and always cheerful. Normally, when fighting, she keeps a cool demeanour and just wants to get the job done.

Additionally, Emma is very friendly, believing that friendship doesn't make you stronger but makes you less lonelier. She tries to involve everyone into conversations as much as possible.

Emma has multiple personality disorder, where she adopts different persona's beyond her own control. She has four personalities so far and has named them. As Nila, Emma tends to be incredibly shy and quiet. Nila is also very polite as she speaks to people in a formal tone by using their last names except for Rufus. Xanthe is known to be hyperactive and attempts do dangerous things. She can be prone to believing things other people tell her. Griselda is known as Emma's stalker personality where she has information on the people she is close to and tries to follow others. Her most prominent personality however is Akane, where she has more violent outbursts. Even when being nice, Akane can be violent by punching a friend in the shoulder or hugging them tightly.


Emma was born in the kingdom of Mistral. Both her parents where Hunters. Her father ran an independant school to teach older children how to fight against Grimm just to protect themselves.

Her father, normally would let Emma join in with the training. After seeing that she was improving in her combat skills, she had joined her father's school and handed her over a spikeball. As first it was alright as she was the best swordsman in the school, but bullying began to ensue as people knew she was related to the master. This is issue was easily resolved when Emma had a violent outburst and beat one of the bullies up. This led to Emma having multiple personality disorder. Emma tried to let this not bother her and continued her training

Emma had met Rufus Sabbia when his father took him to a tour in Mistral. This led to Emma meating Rufus and then she ended up having a crush on him as she found his shyness cute.


Bridgette West

Emma and Bridgette were partnered up in the Beacon Initiation. Emma has a liking for Bridgette because of her skills in swordsmanship. Emma also finds Bridgette's temper tantrums to be funny at times as it gives her joy. These two seem to both like working with each other as their skills complement each other, letting them fight better as a pair. The shy and crazy personality like Emma, thinking that she's easy to talk to whereas the violent and stalker personalities dislike Bridgette.

Rufus Sabbia

Emma has a great affection for Rufus, being infatuated with him after seeing him. She finds his shyness completely cute. Naturally, Emma tries to make Rufus feel comfortable at times. Her shy personality tries to be cautious when talking to Rufus and her crazy personality is overprotective, normally taking care of his hair and is wary when talking to other girls. The violent and stalker personality will to cling to Rufus.

Sigvard Norðri

Emma and Sigvard are friendly with each other. They normally swap food in the dining hall whenever they both get food they don't like. Emma can tolerate Sigvard's loud manner, finding it funny most of the time. Her shy personality likes Sigvard but finds him a little embarrassing whereas the crazy personality will join in. The violent and stalker personalities will act more hostile to him.

Trond Suðri

Despite not interacting much, Emma and Trond are quite neutral with each other. They hardly get into arguments. Emma and Trond, being the most proactive of the team, will normally order the team while on missions because they both have survival tactics. Shy and Stalker is completely scared of Trond while Crazy and Violent enjoys Trond.

Powers and Abilities

Athletic Ability

Despite being small, Emma has incredible strength. She is capable of using her strength to push people away from her. Emma is able carry a few heavy items too. Since she holds her weapon with her right hand, Emma uses her left hand to punch for an additional form of attack. 

Emma is really fast too. She is capable of dodging attacks quite quickly despite not having fast enough reactions. Emma is able to use her speed to run from enemies due to the shy personality restricting her from attacking as much.

However, Emma is hindered by her multiple personality disorder. This causes Emma's fighting style to change dramatically. The shy personality will play a defensive approach and will hardly ever attack whereas the violent and crazy personalities will adopt a full attacking mode. The stalker personality goes for a balance. Emma is also limited by her reactions which means that she takes a long time to realise that she should dodge.


Sfär Poäng is Emma's weapon of choice in combat. It is a large black spikeball with white steel spikes all around while being attached to a metal chain handle. 

Sfär Poäng lets Emma use her weapon to cause massive dents in Grimm armour and even destroy them. It also allows her to cause massve damage and allows her to push them away.  Due to her attacking approach, Emma is very deadly when she's being really fast when she is attacking her opponent. She also uses it as a shield against fast firing bullets.

Aura and Semblance

Emma's aura is green and she has poor control. Emma is able to make shields but she normally uses too much of her aura doing so. Her semblance allows her to extend her arm by 5 inches which means the she is able extend her reach and her attack due to her weapon's short ranged nature.

Battles and Events

Season 1

Fight Chapter Outcome
Eli Leictreach, Emma Austri and Bridgette West vs White Fang Members Chapter 6 Loss
Bridgette West, Emma Austri, Sigvard Norðri and Trond Suðri Chapter 6 Victory


  • Austri is from Norse mythology, which is Eastern.
    • This is based on the fact that most eastern countries have a lot of agriculture whic relates to farming which can be associated with the colour green.
  • Sfär Poäng is Sphere Points in Sweedish.
  • Emma's brief interaction with Rufus, calling him Mr.Sabbia, is reminscient to a scene in Full Metal Panic!,
  • Emma's disorder parodies the characters: Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuuga and Karin from Naruto.

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