GRIMM! DIE NOW YOU SOULESS MONSTERS! *combat noises and yelling*...*plop*ZZZZzzzZZZZ
— Enyasi Gorestin



Enyasi Gorestin
Age 19
Title Student
Nickname GoreGirl, Crazy Bitch
Color gore red
Gender Female
Race Medditerainian
Species Faunus
Handedness Whichever one works
Complexion tanned
Semblance Unforgiving Rage
Height 5'11
Weight 145
Professional Status
Affiliation Shade
Partner Talis
Occupation student
Personal Status
Relatives none
Additional Info
Likes beating people up, Killing Grimm, Talis, Bacon, friends, waffles, sweets, chicken
Dislikes Being alone, losing a fight, pranks, racists, bullies, negativity, fake meat, pet stores, cats, cars (especially noisy ones)
Special Skills fighting, cooking
Weaknesses backlash from semblance, low attention span
Enyasi is obviously a Faunus, as she has extra long canines, like fangs. She's somewhere between wiry and

stocky, with well toned muscles and minimal curves. She stands at 5'11 and weighs in at 145 lbs.


Her white and grey hair is long and shaggy, flowing down past her shoulders. Her slanted yellow eyes sparkle when she laughs...or when she's beating the stuffing out of someone. Her lips are thick and full, with a white scar on her bottom lip where she once bit through it by accident.



In battle and to class she wears her bronze hoplite helmet with attached cheekpieces. She usually wears a purple hoodie underneath a breastplate, and greaves to protect her legs. She wears bronze gauntlets and armor on her arms, and a plated skirt over leggings.


Enyasi wears anklets embossed with a blood red teardrop, and chains dangling from her pocket. These chains are longer than one would expect, and have grappling irons attached to them. This allows her to throw them, or fire them from her gun by jamming it down the barrel. She'll use this to recover if she's falling. She also wears thin leather fighting gloves, which she wears at all times


Grew up in Vacou, in an orphanage run by a strict old woman named Magna. Never knew her parents. When she showed a penchant for mischief early on in her life, she was disciplined. When she showed a merry disregard for authority, she was punished many times by Magna.

Eventually, she was put into a combat school, where she immediately showed an aptitude for combat. Within a few weeks, she was beating up students who had been there for a year.

Enyasi Unlocked her Semblance when a group of the school's bullies tried to beat her up. When they pulled on her ears, she became so enraged that she didn't even notice when her punches began doing damage to their bodies. It took two teachers and four students to pull her off of them, and after the first time she went to sleep for an hour.

First met Talis when he showed up at the orphanage, a hunter at his back. She quickly introduced herself, and they became friends, much to Talis's chagrin. Despite her cheerful nature, has a lot of repressed anger at her nonexistent parents, which explains a lot about her Semblance.

Weapons: Antara and Teon

Polearm Form

A thick pike with an axe blade and a spearhead. Has a rocket on the other end. Enyasi uses this to launch herself at a foe. 

Machine Gun Form

The polearm doubles as a Browning .50 CAL HMG: Enyasi can use this without much recoil, mainly due to her semblance. 


The shield that Enyasi uses is a sharpened circular shield with her symbol on it. Enyasi has Teon on a cable, and can flick it from her forearm and back like an oversized yoyo.

Martial Arts

Enyasi doesn't use an average martial art, as she hated the discipline always associated with them...Until an old man saw her beating up a young would be mugger with her bare hands, at the age of eleven. The old man lead her to a dojo only a few blocks away, where she was initiated in the disciplines of the BerserkerGang, or SomaFera. She went there four times a week for several years, learning not to control her anger, but to channel it into a fighting force. She unlocked her aura there, much to Magna's dismay, and already knew how to fight before Talis arrived.
Enyasi Gorestin's Stats :

Primary Role fighter
Secondary Role berserker
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


Aura strength

Strong. She can take hits and deal a lot of damage.

Aura usage

Enyasi uses her aura for both attack and defense, but she's much better at using her aura offensively. She'll add a reddish tint to her weapons, which allows her to do much more damage.


Unforgiving rage: Her eyes turn blood red and the veins on her temples pulse. A crimson aura surrounds her and her strength increases drastically. This has the side effect of making her enraged. The power lasts until she calms down, or for a half an hour, after which she faints. While this effect is active, Enyasi can simply ignore most hits against her aura, shrugging off blows that would knock her hundreds of feet into the air…at least until her aura runs out.

During the effects of her Semblance, she is completely uncontrollable, unable or unwilling to listen to anyone or anything. She will attack anything that moves. Talis usually has to pull the team back while she rages.

After the effects of her semblance wear off, she gets hit by a wave of exhaustion, the severity of which depends on how much energy she used during her time raging. It's not uncommon for Talis to carry her back to the dorm after a serious fight, shaking his head the entire flight/walk back.


She greatly admires her team leader and best friend Talis, even though he doesn't talk a lot. She needles him about being serious, but also pulls outrageous things just to exasperate him.

She has a love (purely platonic)/hate relationship with Cappollo , because the latter steals her stuff for fun, which aggravates her.

She doesn't think too much of Hecui Jadian, but is more than willing to go bowling with him.

Considers Talis the boring brother she never had. Talis is...less than enthusiastic about this. She smiles a lot around Talis, which leads many to believe that she likes him romantically. Mention this to her at your peril. She once chased a student around Shade's entire campus three times just for suggesting that she should fess up about her feelings for Talis.


a Beowulf with a massive hole in it. Apparently she killed the Beowulf's entire pack, then picked the best looking one and took a picture of it. Talis will assure you that her story is true, if exaggerated.  


-Inspired by the Goddess of War, Enyo.

Like Ares, Enyo is often associated with war, blood and the color red.

Gorestin is a less than subtle allusion to gore, which is more often than not covered in blood

Her semblance is reminiscent of the Viking Berserkers, who were credited with strength and endurance beyond that of ordinary men. Her Semblance allows her to take this to its' utmost extreme.

Comic relief

Is obsessed with bacon and food, to the point that she'll watch someone else's plate with a death stare if she doesn't have anything on her own. Always eats like she's starving, even if she's just ate.

She enjoys life in general, but is quick to anger. She once picked a fight with a boy just because he gave her a funny look.

Loves dogs and puppies, to the point where she actually stole a male Husky puppy, whom she named "Cerbie". Still has the dog, and she keeps him in her dorm.

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