Make your own Rap Battles between RWBY OCs and post them here! Post in the comments who won! Enjoy!

Barth Varega vs Finn Silato


Hey Barthy boy, how do you feel? 

If you didn’t have Aria, I’d say it was a bit queer 

But let me tell ya somethin, You may be from the Army 

but you don’t have what it takes to beat Mach 60 incoming. 

I’ll beat you anywhere, like eating ice-cream 

This road is rocky and you’re only the icing 

I’ll double you up and eat you like my softie 

My cookie dough has more character than Reverend 

My jutte has a longer rod than your penis while full fledged 

You say you’re the leader, but let me tell you something 

This Silato’s gonna beat your ass in Combat Training


I'll lead the way, just like everytime with our team,

Sweet moves, sweet rhymes, with no need for Ice Cream.

Quit fucking around Finn, it's time to get serious!

You excel in nothing, not a soldier or a genius.

As a leader commendable, dependable and trusty,

Look between your legs man, gettin' pretty dusty.

My sword don't overcompensate, it's more representative.

You're not a BAMF like me, you can't even be decorative. 


Oh tough, let’s see what you’ve got 

You lost an arm, all of that for naught! 

You have trouble with Aria even in bed 

I thought you’d pass in that one ed’ 

Probably because you don’t what what it makes 

To take it nice and smooth, like the Finnster takes 

I’d take you for a lesson in training, oh wait, I can’t hold your hand 

This lightning’s out and gonna cost you on your end.


This team's general says Man, those rhymes were whack,

And I could still beat you with a hand tied behind my back!

Must have stabbed yourself with your jutte, lookin' pretty shocked,

cuz I stocked on dope rhymes dropped, unlocked the talk, shoulda walked

Problem with the leader son? Don't be so imperious,

When that leader's superior in everything with double the experience.

I can see that it's me, I'm all you want to be, 

Because the girl of your dreams is riding my D.

Stjarnstill vs Noir Lavis


And so we find ourselves here, once again, 

I think we both know how it's gonna end.

It's the same way it's always been meant to.

Just can't deal with how I'm stronger than you.

Never met a bitch who was quite so unappealing, 

Treated like an arabic whore who got caught stealing!

I strike hard like a hammer to an anvil,

Bow down before your god, call out for Stjarnstill!


You think you're a god? I'm the Angel of Death.

I was killing bitches here and there before you even drew breath.

Well Stjarny boy, you think you know pain?

I was teaching people torture before you first saw it rain.

You used your best move, and I stopped it one-handed.

All that so called power, shouldn't take it for granted.

You're not the best, you're just plain old insane.

This terrible rapping is decomposing my brain.


Oh please, excuse me as I chuckle and chortle, 

Because rhymes that weak must have come from a mortal.

Suck Aleco's dick for upgrades, Noir, I bet you will, 

unfortunately your tech is no match for godly skill!

Try to drop a verse to me, I'll put you straight to hell

Mokoto wannabe, take phantom limb into your shell!

I'll gather all my angels, and lead on with rhetoric.

Time for a crusade, starting with this cyborg heretic. 


Come now Stjarny, you're just a child

In all my years I've never seen attacks so mild.

You talk like a god, then I'll be your devil

Step up boy, get on my level.

Hiding behind that mask, you must be afraid

For good reason, I'm the best in my trade.

Speed up the rapping my dear little Dustin,

You're taking so long I'm slowly rusting.

Bruno Erraunt vs Grizel Svane


Let me put this book down before I battle

This emotionally stunted little girl, I'm about to rattle

I'm the Huntsman from fantasy

You're the failure in reality

An ugly little duckling trying to find her place

So I'm gonna give you some team advice to help you save face

Run back home to little old Plamya

Leave the Hunting to those who can afford it Griselda


If I must partake in such a matter

I would hope it would be with someone better

An imaginative fool, lost in your own reverie

Your vocal nonsense doesn't even register to me

You want to talk about finding a place?

For years you've been stuck in the same space

It may be true I was unwanted but I learned how to get by

At least I wasn't kicked out of my house with a lie


You would know about kicks, always raising your legs so high

Getting his Majesty all hot and bothered, oh my

I'm going to heat you up just as well, leave you looking like burnt sienna

Never miss any mark, just like my rifle: Siena

See there's a reason I'm the leader, and your my newly defeated foe

'Cause when I finish with you here, your only choice is to dance on a pole

My apologies that wasn't a gentlemanly line

But I can't envision any womanly swan, only this lanky swine


Good thing you brought up your imagination

That's the only way this battle ends up in such exaggeration

You think your head's up in cloud nine, but really it's up your ass

Never pay any attention to your studies, so I'm going to take you to class

See you don't need any semblance to confuse others

It's just your entire fucked up presence that smothers

And I laugh at how it's you telling me what face to save

When I'll be the one doing the Danse Macabre on your grave.

Brick Ossumarma vs Evan Verdant


Startin' it up, Brick's gettin' in the mental state,

to ensure there ain't no way this shit'll be a stalemate.

I'm perfection, a golden Trifecta with a creative brain in my skull,

Armor as thick as a Battleship hull, strength to match of a raging bull.

I'm the biggest fuckin' giant, leave you standing in awe, 

I slaughter a Verdent like a copper with a monkey paw.

Doesn't matter what you say, cause all in all.

Everybody here's just another Brick in the Wall.


I'm Evan Verdant, but you can call me V. 

V for victory, 'cause there's no way you can touch me. 

All the armor in the world won't save you now. 

Demi V'll mash your brains before you can even turn around. 

And if you hadn't noticed, the copper missed a spot. 

Me and my sis are still standing and we'll never drop. 

You lose your cool and your defense falls to pieces. 

If I let loose, even I don't know the consequences.


If I was that easy to frighten man, you know I'd be dead.

Shoot your rhymes down like an apple off your head.

Between my armor and my aura, I'm impossible to stagger.

Cuz I'm the only one in Vale who gets stronger with his swagger!

Some gaping holes in your words like the one I left in your sis.

That even though you're still alive, you're target was dismissed.

You best look up to me, V, not just because I'm tall, 

I'm the Wall! The Wall! No man in Remnant can make it fall.


Hurt Leia? Better be sure that you can take the heat. 

The tip of the iceberg on my dark side has never been beat. 

"Kill him! Kill him!" No, I don't want to be my father. 

Besides, for this fool, I won't even need to bother. 

My team's waiting, I 'll be quick about bringing about your end.

Can't wear a helmet? I guess you've just got too big a head!

With my partner at my side I don't need to finish the killing. 

Grimm Chance'll topple the wall, and in the back I'll be chillin'.

Battlus Bloodfalcon XXVII vs Citrine Motacill


What a beautiful day, isn't it Battlus?

But you're so bland you must come from Atlas.

All that silly gear, a mismash of colours,

No wonder all you do is hide under the covers.

You think you can win this battle?

All you can really do is babble.

You're words cannot sufficiently embellish,

I do better work with Perish.


Mocking my look? You're wearing a combat bra!

You look like a stripper gettin' real into Mardi gras.

I'll paint you a loser, can't spell it out faster.

Never learned nothin', hopping master to master.

I'm a badass, leave you bruised; black as night.

I wear twenty belts because my flow's so tight.

You're just a delinquent vandal, on the lam,

I judge you're a twenty seventh of what I am!


Oh come on Battlus, give it a rest.

You think you're so good, but I was taught by the best.

A master, unable to use his weapon JUDGE.

In my eyes you're little more than a smudge.

If you wanna fight, lets met with steel.

I believe you'll find more than just visual appeal.

Better stop now, you're clearly beaten.

Poor little boy was rejected by Beacon.


My rejection from beacon gave me cause to grieve,

But let's see if you can handle my homeboy Steve!

  • Injects self with rainbow dust, becoming Professor Baron Battlus Danger von Bloodfalcon the negative first*

You think a fool like you can beat my badassery and pains?

You like the rainbow, girl? It's running through my veins!

I traveled through time, winning every single fight,

And when I saw your mom back then, I painted her white.

I kicked Reginald through the moon, and I'm here to stay!

With presence so terrifying my hair's trying to get away!

You may be skilled, but you lack my kind of passion,

And I guarantee you'd have failed the Trial of Fassion!