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 This is an episode idea with it being a character dev episode for Weiss.


Weiss Schnee

Ruby Rose

Blake Belladonna

Yang Xiao-Long

Walter Schnee: Weiss' father and CEO of the SDC

Rebecca Schnee: Weiss' loving mother


I do not own anything related to RWBY, all related belongs to Monty Oum, Roosterteeth Productions, and the Schnee Dust Company (in that order).


This is a bit later in RWBY, by then Weiss has learned about the SDC's dasterdly deeds and confronted them about it and was promptly disowned. She has resolved that she has done the right thing, but she is beginning to think that, perhaps Ignorance was Bliss.


Team RWBY is on Winter break at a cabin in the famous Winter Woad (the same place as the RWBY Red trailer). Weiss is looking out the window, with her eyes closed, deep in thought.

Yang: Weiss!

(Weiss abrubtly opens her eyes and looks over)

Weiss: What is it!?

Yang: it's your turn to do the dishes!

(Cuts to Weiss doing the dishes with a disdainful look on her face, while periodically looking outside, she then sees the shape of a woman outside and stops to stare at it before it fades away and she continues).

The Team then gathers in the living room before the fire. The team starts talking.

Ruby: wow, Ozpin's really being genorous if he's lending us his family's cabin.

Blake: he just said he can only do so do to it having to do with us living in an isolated space with each other.

Yang: ouch, I thought some of us had living problems

(Weiss finally looks up)

Weiss: what's that supposed to mean!?

Yang: whoa just saying, you haven't always had an equal level of living when it came to houses

Weiss: you haven't answered my question

Blake: she means you're spoiled

Weiss: spoiled!? I came from paradise! I had a perfect life

Ruby: hey guys, lets just...

Blake: what life could you know, you've been cut off from the truth of what your family has been doing for years

Weiss: do you think I cared!? I actually prefer my life at home, White Castle!

(Weiss begins to reminicse)

Weiss: the hot, warm baths, the frequent walks, the private rooms, the atmosphere of luxury... And it's all GONE! and I can't get it BACK!

Blake: you should be satisifed princess

Weiss: all you are is just a pain, you've done nothing but humiliate my family, you peasent!

Blake: take that back! (both draw weapons)

Ruby: please stop! we shouldn't fight

Weiss: (angrily puts away Myrtenaster) you're right! I'll just leave! I'm done (picks up a bunch of supplies)

Blake: sure, just leave, see if I care!

(Weiss heads outside)

Ruby: Weiss! come back!

(Blake heads in her room)

Weiss heads out into the snow alone and retreats into the woods. A few hours (to us minutes) later she arrives in a cave and lights a fire with Myrtenaster and stares into it. She then flashes back to a few moments when her family was truely happy (vague at best).

Later in the cabin the team recieves bad news for Weiss

Lisa Lavender: this just in, reports have come in about a blizzard about to come in, residents are to close their doors until it subsides.

Yang: we've got to find Weiss!

Ruby: no way, it's too dangerous, where's Blake?

Yang: she still hasn't come out of her floor

It shows Weiss in the cave again sleeping and flashing back to when her father was teaching her how to wield a sword, when she was 6-9.

(blurs a little)

Weiss: dad, I don't see why I have to train so hard, it's not like I'll use it

Walter: Weiss, every heir to the Schnee family has learned how to wield a sword, everyone

Weiss: but I don't want to!

Walter: (sigh) how about this, you train and I'll show you something cool, alright?

Weiss: well... alright

Walter: alright (looks over to the training dummies)

Walter stands straight, extends Myrtenaster, places his right foot forward, then dashes forward slashes it then airsteps up in the air and crashes down and destroys it

Weiss: woah!

(Weiss' mother Rebecca comes in)

Rebecca: what is going on here?

Weiss: mommy!

Weiss goes over to hug Rebecca

Rebecca: oh hi sweety, Walter what is this, do you know how expensive those are

Walter comes out of the rubble

Walter: they'll get cheaper, I'm counting on it, now Weiss has to resume her training. We had a deal

Weiss: yes dad

(they continue to train)

Weiss: dad, do you think i can use that sword one day

Walter: what, Myrtenaster? sure, but only if you're ready

Weiss smiles and the flashback ends with Weiss still resting.

Back at the cabin, Ruby is knocking on Blake's door

Ruby: Blake, Blake, Blake open up! We need to find out how to get Weiss back, come on

Yang: that's it sis, we did it your way long enough

(Yang breaks down the door)

Yang: yo Blake!

Then Yang and Ruby are shocked to find Blake has already left, the window is open and snow piling in steadily

Yang: what is she thinking?

Returns to Weiss trudging thorugh the snow and while walking she goes through another flash back in her preteens, singing an early version of Mirror Mirror in her room when Rebecca comes in.

Rebecca: what is that, oh Weiss

Weiss, taken aback, retreats further into her room

Rebecca: wait Weiss

Weiss: please go away

Rebecca: but that singing, was that you?

Weiss nods her head

Rebecca: well why are you trying to hide that, you have a gift

Weiss: dad, wasn't really that interested

Rebecca: rubish (sits next to her) I'm sure he liked it

Weiss: then why didn't respond

Rebecca: your father is very busy these days, we all have, I guess he just needs time, but I like it, you should practice, think of what you can do

Weiss: you think so?

Rebecca: of course, now why don't you show me what you can do

Weiss smiles and gets up and is about to sing as the flashback ends, with her continuing to go through the snow, shivering as she hears Beowolves in the distance. The Beowolves show themselves and Weiss begins to draw Myrtenaster. Shows Blake going through the snow as she heard combat and begins running to Weiss. It shows Weiss finishing off the last Beowolf and she collapses in exhaustion while remembering flashes of her mother Rebecca's funeral and how her father Walter left quickly to escape the grief while she stayed. Finally Weiss begins closing her eys as Blake calls her name. Weiss wakes up in the cabin being looked over by the rest of the time.

Weiss: oohh, what, what happened?

Ruby: you passed out in the snow, if it weren't for Blake you could've died

Wiess looks to Blake

Blake: I think we both went a little too far

Yang: just glad to see you alive

Weiss smiles

Weiss: same here, and I'm... sorry too

Yang: (whispers to Ruby) That's out of character

Ruby: (whispers to Yang) shut up!

Weiss: well it seems, if it's alright, someone has to do the dishes

Yang: well I think that can wait for a while

(Ends the episode with a wide shot of the cabin as it zooms out)

Apologies are in order for the length of the episode script but it was a great idea for the character development of Weiss Schnee.

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