Just because I'm not like you doesn't make me a fucking animal, alright?
— Erebus
This original character was created by Raga. Do not use any names, titles, themes, or ideas without asking Raga first.
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Age 19
Alias Ouroboros
Status Active
Color Midnight Blue
Gender Male
Race Amphicyon
Species Faunus
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair Grey
Eyes Dark Blue
Height 5'9"
Weight 84 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Occupation Mercenary


Erebus was born into the slums of a town at the far west end of Vytal.  


Erebus is almost exclusively wrapped up in his. His head is covered by a cowl, and his face by a mask of the same material. This mask has lensed holes, both for him to see through and to protect his eyesight, in a similar manner to protective goggles. The outfit, despite its rather disheveled appearance, is a well-maintained and powerful asset for Erebus. It is comprised of multiple layers, which in turn provide effects ranging from being waterproof to thermal & electrical insulation.

His garment's appearance is that of tattered gray wrappings trimmed with a hem of midnight blue.  It ends slightly above his knees, with his pants being in the same style, albeit in a better-looking condition. His boots follow the same color scheme, and are of higher durability and quality for use in multiple types of terrain. Inside the first fold of the garment is where he keeps much of his equipment for his missions, and it is sealed off from the actual inside of the garment.

As for his physical appearance, Erebus is of average height, although he considers himself to be short.  He has a short mess of grey hair and small grey ears, both of which are constantly kept under his cowl.  His eyes are a dark midnight blue, and his skin is pale due to its lack of exposure to sunlight.


Erebus is quick to anger, and when provoked, he will often act rashly, with little thought or strategy put into his actions.  When he maintains a level head, he is far better tactically, and when he has significant preperation time he can usually come up with a good strategy.

Despite his age, Erebus might act immaturely; not in that he jokes around, but more as spiteful or holding a grudge.

Weapons and Abilities

Erebus' garment provides some measure of protection, as well as the aforementioned specialized protection against certain types of attacks.  It is not stiff and fully flexible, allowing Erebus full mobility in combat.

The gloves of his gauntlet have holes on the fingertips that can open up, allowing for Erebus' claws to come out.  In addition, there are small spikes facing inwards, allowing him a better grip.

Apart from his specialized tools, he also has a small array of standard armaments, including different sorts of grenades, a flare gun, and a knife.

Erebus possesses the ability of Night Vision, courtesy of his faunus heritage.


  • Erebus was a primordial deity of darkness in Greek mythology

Author Notes

  • As of July 2nd, 2014, this character is being completely redone

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