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Sure, he's my rival, but he's also my closest friend. So if you ever try anything and hurt him, you'll have to answer to me, got that?
— Esi discussing her relationship to Slate Cait

Esi Akhet
Age 17 (Vol.1) / 18 (Vol.3)
Status Active
Color Egyptian Blue
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Jackal
Handedness Right Handed
Complexion Dark Brown
Hair Ebony (Bluish Black)
Eyes Ruby Red
Height 5'6"
Weight 141 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team ECPS
Partner Clyde Angkasa Luar
Occupation Student

Her name is pronounced:

  • Esi - 'eh-see'
  • Akhet - 'ah-khet'


Esi is a young woman dressed in a black open backed, silk dress that reaches mid thigh, under the dress being dark blue skin tight shorts. Around her waist is a dark blue sash that she has folded around her front and trails down her sides to her knees. The shade also has black spiral like designs going down it with the ends having her emblem on them. Upon her arms are black metal bands with dark blue spirals upon her upper arms while four black metal hoops are around her left wrist, one of which has bright blue beads hanging off it.

Upon her shoulders is a see-through black cloth that hands down to her knees and is trimmed with shimmering dark blue spirals. Holding this cloth in place is a black metal chain that resembles that of a necklace, as a bright blue pendent hands in the middle of it, the pendent being a round stone with her emblem carved into it with black. She wears thin black sandals that straps up her leg to mid-shin. Upon her forehead is a large black metal tiara with blue stones embedded in it with a string of multi-colored beads of blue hang from her temples.

Her long ebony toned hair reaches her elbows when it is let out but she has it stylized to be up into two loops just behind her ears while her bangs are pushed to one side of her face, covering her right eye slightly. Her eyes are a deep ruby red with her deep brown skin and her slim yet tall figure. She has little muscle build and seems more slender with a developed figure. Atop her head are small pointed ears, resembling that of a dog's or a jackal's. She has a long scar running along her left side, trailing just below her bust to her hip, having had a dreadful accident as a child.

When in casual wear, she wears a loose, open backed, black shirt that hangs past her hips on the left side, wearing dark blue jean shorts with a white belt holding it up. She still wears her arm bands and bracelets like her fighting gear and dark blue heeled boots that reach mid-shin.

When sleeping, she will wear a long black loose nightgown that reaches just above her knees and is sleeveless. She also lets her hair out from the loops, letting it flow down her back.


Often times she would appear calm and collected, as this is how she wants people to know her. She is confident of herself and thinks highly of herself but knows that she still has much to learn. However, when around her childhood friend and rival, her true nature is exposed. She will act childish in a certain manner and more aggressive, however, this is only toward Slate. Nevertheless, she still thinks of him as a good friend and treats him as such, often times saying that even though they are rivals, she would protect him if he ever needed it.

As a result to this though, she doesn't act that way towards others so easily. She actually is somewhat withdrawn from new people, not comfortable with trying to get along with someone she barely knows. However, she feels a certain belonging when with other faunus and will treat them in a different manner. Though not like she is with Slate, she gives more respect and actually will try to get along with them more than humans.

At times she will have trouble expressing herself, as 7 years of her memory has seemed to disappear, so has a certain level of affection she had felt during those times. As a result, she does not coup well with displays of affection and will often turn away from such displays.

Another certain trait that is usually only revealed around Slate or in the heat of battle, she can be a bit reckless in her actions. She isn't much of a frontal fighter, but she may attack out of turn and cause more trouble than help. Hopefully she will learn when is the right moment to attack and grow out of this reckless nature of hers.


Esi lived half her life with her parents who lived in a small town on the outskirts of Vacuo, a town in which the family traveled with goods they had gathered and grown. She was very happy with this life and turning their travels she learned many things. How to survive on the land and what would be good to eat or sell. And when in Vacuo, she was taught how to read by a frequent buyer of their goods. She lived a good life and could wish for nothing more. But life always has it's turns for the worst at the happiest moments in a person's life. Hers happened when she was 7, on a trip to Vacuo, she and her parents were attacked in their wagon by an Ursa. The wagon was torn to shreds, their goods trampled and her parents killed. She survived with only some bruises and a long gash along her left side.

When she awoke in the hospital a few days later, it was found out that she had lost all her memories of her life till that moment. Many of the doctors tried to help her gain her memory back, showing her photos of her parents, reading her books she had read before and other such treatments. However, none of them worked and her memory was still has blank as it had been when she woke up that first morning. Eventually, they gave up on trying to treat her and as soon as she was well, she was sent to the orphanage. She thankfully still remembered everything she had learned, almost liked it was imprinted on her mind. As a result, she spent the majority of her time outdoors and it was here that she met the man who would become her foster father. She had only been at the orphanage for a few months when he came to the orphanage to ask her to be his foster daughter. He went by the name of Bás and never had any children of his own after the death of his wife. She was given to him after he had somehow proven that he would be a good father and she began to live with him.

However, when she did start to live with Bás, she found out that he was not quite what she first thought of him. He was not quite all there and often spent most of his time in the basement or his study, trying to figure out a contraption that he was contructing. It turned out that she would take care of his food and such and she figured out how to take care of herself. She did not mind this, she was glad to have someone she could call family and left it at that. Like before she spend much of her time outdoors and it was during this time that she met a boy who would become her closest friend and her greatest rival. He was a year older than her in age and a cat faunus at that, but the two got along better than most people could expect. He had told her his name was Slate but it wasn't long before she began call him Mao. A little annoyed with this at first, he decided to get back at her by calling her, Cù. With that, the two became the best of friends, albeit the two fought more than normal friends would, as the two also considered the other a rival. Through their years together, they competed each other and would always congratulate the winner. It was also because of Slate that she decided to become a huntress, telling him that she could do it better than he could. The two of them went to the same school, though she a year behind him.

She had been surprised to hear that when he had graduated from the academy that he did not join Beacon like he had said he would. When she had questioned him about it, he would grow silent and ignore her. It wasn't until she had graduated from the academy herself that she found out that his parents were sending him a year later because of his birthday and the fact that they wanted the two of them to go together. When Esi questioned why they wanted that, they told her that they assumed she'd keep their son in line from his ruthless fighting. Though Esi did not tell them this, she knew that she had no control over the boy who was her rival and that his parents may have thought of the wrong thing about her, as she herself was just as reckless as he was. But without his parents knowledge of this, the two went into Beacon together and it would turn out that they had a lot headed for them.

Fall of Beacon

Esi and her teammates were on the fairgrounds when the Grimm attacked. Team ECPS was taken quite off guard and it was Clyde who called the team to attention. Once focused, their weapons were called and Esi took control of the team. She directed that they should try and protect and evacuate the people as much as they can. She felt that they were doing a good job for a while, for they eventually were able to get all the citizens to safety. Once done, they tried eliminating the Grimm who had overrun the fairgrounds.

Throughout the whole fight, she kept on trying to be near Slate to protect him. However, she eventually had to stay near Clyde, though not knowing why. She had not realized how much she was trying to protect her best friend, even when it could possibly cause them both their lives because of her recklessness. It seemed the battle was going well until suddenly the robot soldiers of Atlas turned on them.

Esi could see the others starting to tire after some time. It was a tough fight and the Grimm only kept on coming and the robots didn't help matters. Esi was trying really hard to assist them from behind, with her dust magic but eventually, she ran out of crystals. Out of breath and seeing the others growing weak as well, she felt like things may have taken a turn for the worse.

Eventually, not only she was tired out, the others began to be knocked back and feeling a sense of desperation, she rushed forward to protect them. However, she too was knocked back by a very large King Taijitu, where she slammed into Slate. She looked at the others, seeing them all tired out, even hurt pretty badly. She knelt there, almost in shock at a sudden realization.

They could die there, the Grimm could actually be able to kill them and she could do nothing about it. If they did die, it would be her fault. She had decided to go back to fight the Grimm, on their own. With this sudden feeling of despair and almost a sense of desperation and trying to do something, a way to help them, to save them.

It was then that something seemed to have blossomed within her. A sudden flare of her aura that cause a slight shining of the color blue. Around her, these sigils appeared, she did have time to count them until they suddenly flared with fire and rushed forward ahead of her. They have moved chaotically and caught the Grimm on fire, setting them ablaze. Soon, whatever they had been fighting, disappeared, including the sigils.

Nothing was left, aside the metal bodies of burnt robots, fried and out of commission. Esi was in awe of what happened but suddenly a wave of exhaustion rushed over her. She could not help it, she fell over right there and lost consciousness.

Aftermath of the Fall

Esi woke up a day or two later. She was in a white room and noticed she was alone. Her head hurt and her body was sore. She was surprised she was still alive. Once that thought crossed her mind, she thought about her teammates. She looked for her scroll and found it on the table beside her. Upon picking it, she had called and teammates and upon finding out they were fine, she felt a sense of relief rush over her. She had been worried about that, if any of them had been seriously hurt or had died, she had no idea what she would have done.

She was released from the hospital not long after, for she didn't have anything serious aside her coma like state before. Once out, she tried to take charge of her team, feeling that she needed to be a better leader, better than she was before. However, she always made time to train in private, practicing her semblance, to which could help her in the future. However, she has been having trouble controlling it, for it almost seems like it has a mind of it's own. She worried she may not be strong enough to control it, that it will control her and that's something she doesn't want.


Esi's Shu Rod

Sketch of Esi's Weapon and Components

  • Shu Rod is a scepter like weapon with a dagger like blade that comes out of the bottom. The small orb atop the scepter contains dust in which allows her to use dust like abilities by casting them before her.
    • The shaft of the scepter is around two feet and a half in length while an inch in diameter, the shaft itself being black with a two small white metal bits that circles around it in the middle of the shaft. The upper part of the shaft has a dark blue grip that spans around 6 inches, a similar grip is on the lower part of the shaft as well.
    • On top of the scepter is the small orb, the glass of the orb being a dark blue in color, the orb being held into place by two bits that look almost like jackal heads, the 'ears' holding the orb in place. On the bottom of the shaft is a thin piece of white metal. This is all around a half foot in length.
      • The orb itself appears to made of glass, aside from having a small hole in the top of it. This is where she puts the small crystal of dust into it the orb.
  • Within the shaft are two blades, both spanning of around 8 feet. The bottom part of the shaft comes off by slide the blade out of the top shaft which acts as a sheath for the blade. Once this is done, a switch within the shaft activates which allows the blade to slide out of the bottom of this shaft.
    • The blades are a bluish white metal with no dust properties.

Fighting Style

Her fighting style centers more around staying to the sidelines and delivering support in the form of dust attacks. She can cast two different forms of dust; fire and ice from the orb upon her scepter. However, this can only be done if she stores dust within the scepter and only one type of dust at a time. She carries flacks of different dust types on her person but can only change a dust after the first has been used up. Because of this, she only places once small crystal within the orb.

The dust crystals only have at most, 5 uses per each crystal. So she constantly is putting the crystals in the orb. At most, she will put three or four crystals in the orb so as to have the maximum amount of use from them. But during battle, she will often only put one as it will allow her to use the different types of dust when need be.

If the event calls for it, she can fight up close if need be. This is done so with her secondary weapon, that being a dual bladed short staff. She will use the dagger like blades to hopefully ward off any attacks she has coming at her from close combat and then can either attack back at her attacker with the other blade or cast a dust at them to hopefully gain some distance between herself and her opponent.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Even though she is not considered the most intellectual, she is smarter than she appears. She happens to have the ability to be able to retain a lot more information in her mind than you would think, though, half of the stuff she does remember is just random trivia she learned through out her years.
    • However, as a result of her memory loss, she cannot remembering a single thing of her life before the age of 7. And because of this, when questioned about her life as a child, she will often answer with a 'I don't know' or with memories of her life after 7 years old. Because of this, she at times will feel empty or blank when questioned too much of her childhood.
  • She is very nimble and quick, able to dodge and effectively strike swiftly. This assists her when she is fighting in close range, as she will use this quickness to either dodge an attack and move in such a way so that she can block the attack. This also allows to attack just as quickly.
    • As a downside, even though she is fast and light on her feet, she is not most balanced of people and will often lose her footing on the simplest of things. She could trip on a flat surface.


Semblance is not gained until Fall of Beacon

Her ability allows her to summon sigils around her, they are depicted as a circle with wings and rays 'shining' from the bottom of the circle, with markings above the circle and inside it. The sigils themselves are a bright blue in color but within seconds are inflamed with red/orange fire. She can summon up to 5 around her or at a certain spot.

These sigils move around fairly erratically with no real control in their movements, for Esi has no real control of the semblance to begin with. As she trains with it, she may be able to gain some presence of control of them. The sigils themselves have no real form and thus can go through objects or bodies, the flames however have material form and can burn or catch things on fire.

The flames can also rage bigger depending on Esi emotional state. If she is panicked or feels a sense of desperation, the flames are large and wild. If she is composed and calm, the flames are steady and powerful. If she is lost and confused, the flames can be sometimes weak or powerful.

This ability drains her quite quickly, and with have no real control over it at first, it can train her so much to exhaustion and thus causes her to fall into a deep sleep. As she trains she may be able to control just how much it could drain her, but right now, it takes a big toll upon both her body and psyche.

Her eyes give off a slightly blue hue when using the semblance. She did not notice it at first until it was mentioned to her at one point by her teammates.



  • Clyde Angkasa Luar - Her Partner
    • Before: Esi was comfortable to a certain degree with Clyde to begin with as he too was a Faunus, but as her best friend was on the same team as her, she couldn't keep up her calm front as much as she wanted. As he saw the different sides of her because of Slate, he seemed to understand her more than she expected. And when she'd start to be reckless, be it on or off the battlefield, he'd always be there to stop her or talk to her. This surprised her, for he seemed to be able to see when she was going to do something. Eventually, she began to be able to talk to him about anything, even things she'd never talk to Slate about.
    • After: Their relationship didn't change much, aside the two possibly getting closer. However, Esi has noticed Clyde being more quiet than usual, as if in thought. She doesn't question him, for she thinks he needs his space. Something has changed and she doesn't know what, however it doesn't seem to have caused much difference to their present relationship, so she doesn't let it bother her too much.
  • Page Scriven -
    • Before: In the beginning, Esi was rather disappointed with how much Page was uninterested in working as a team, let alone school work. However, as time grew on, the two began finding things that the two had in common, reading and literature being some examples. She began being able to depend on him and he was lessy sassy around her. This was a huge improvement to their bonds for it also helped when fighting together, bringing the team forward.
    • After: Esi noticed that after the fall, Page opened up more to them and was more cooperative. The team got closer because of it, and Esi noticed how he was more active with writing. She never bothered him though, feeling that he was doing something good. She was glad to see the team become as good as it was now and hoped nothing changed it.
  • Slate Cait - Her Childhood Friend and Rival
    • Before: Esi thinks of Slate as both a friend and rival, thinking of him as the person who she always has to be able to beat. Often times, when they do fight, it goes either way, one wins, one loses. But it's never the same. As a result, she thinks of him as a goal to be ahead and she is sure he thinks the same. However, she does value his opinions and thoughts, always making sure to listen to him if he feels the need to speak. She'd always be there for him and she is sure he'd do the same.
    • After: When everything settled, Esi was surprised when Slate confronted her about her actions during the fight. She had not even realized that she kept on trying to protect him. She explained that he was her friend and that she'd always be there to have his back. From this, she felt they grew closer, him confiding in her more, being more quiet to others. She was surprised without withdrawn he was becoming with the outside but as long as she could still be there for him, that was all that mattered.



  • Bás - He is the man in which she now thinks of as a father figure, even if she took care of him more than he took care of her. She felt that it was an acceptable relationship, as he had not been her real father. She was glad he took her into his home and thought of her as his daughter even when she was a faunus. She couldn't have asked for a better foster father.


  • Esi has a hard time trying remembering her life from before moving in with Bás. When questioned about her childhood, if asked about times before 7 years old, she'll stay quiet as she cannot remember a thing.
  • She is called by her childhood friend, Slate, 'Cù'. She in returned calls him 'Mao'.


  • Esi is based off of the Egyptian lore, the Set Animal, which was the residing creature in the service of the Egyptian God, Set or Seth, the god of Chaos.
  • The name Esi means in Egyptian, 'Ancient'. This eludes to age, which everything does, this is connected to a dark color.
  • The name Akhet means in Egyptian, 'Eclipse'. This is what eludes to her color, as eclipses can be many colors, this including, black, white, red, blue and purple. Blue and black are the colors which connect to her.

Esi Akhet's Stats :

Primary Role Dust Striker
Secondary Role Support
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


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