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Estelle Vortigern



Theory and Practise


FemaleIcon Female








1.50 metres


60 kg

Hair Color


Eye Color

Black (normal), Violet(Aura in use)



Professional Status




Personal Status



Smith (Son)
Hans (Son)

Estelle Vortigern is the head of the Manxome Family and in turn the matriach of the Vortigern Clan. She is the wife of the former head Gildas, as well as the mother of SmithHans and Fisher. As the head of the clan, she is recognized as its most powerful member both in combat and influence.


In her normal form, Estelle is first a typical old lady, being rather short at 1.50 metres and seems almost fragile, her limbs twig-like with her body being extremely slender. The sharpness on the typical Vortigern is no longer reflected on her age-old face, which has a gentler look, with grey wide eyes that even look kind despite her true status and silver hair in a bowlcut, with an exceptionally long ponytail that reaches down her ankles and two extended side bangs that reach her waist. Indeed, her hair can be considered a nightmare for any hairdresser, with Hans frequently joking to her that she should sell it to a wig company, though a quick wallop from her relatively tiny fist shuts him up.

In ceremony as the Vortigern head, She wears a vibrant kimono, usually with purple patterns on the sleeves that actually look like botched drops of paint, or blood, while on the main face of the dress, the Vortigern symbol is shown. In casual times, she wears a baggy purple one-piece dress, sometimes with an apron around her waist when she is cooking and sometimes with a shawl over her shoulders to make her seem even more like a good old lady, even when she is not.

In battle, when her Aura goes into action, Estelle's wrinkles begin to lighten and her face begins to sharpen once more back into the typical Vortigern look. Her eyes are now violet, her straightening skin turns crystal-white and her hair begins to lighten, turning into its original light blonde. Her back is no longer bent and she can stand fully straight, while her limbs becomes fuller and more fresh. At full-power, her young form is once more attained and she can be considered very beautiful, comparable to a magnificient gem cut from ancient rock. Her pony-tail is now removed, allowing her long hair to flow freely. Her outfit is removed, with her Aura instead forming a tight-fitting bodysuit with violet, gray and white details with the Vortigern symbol on the back, while at her hips, a small-skirt-like extension is attached, with the frills reaching down to her knees.


As expected from the head of the underground Vortigern Clan, Estelle hides her true persona under a grandmotherly, almost Mother Mary-like facade. She deliberately talks in a very slow, calming manner and genuinely sounds like she is sympathizing with the one she is talking to, making almost anyone drop their guard against her. She even willingly does stereotypical old lady acts, like asking whether they want coffee and tea or inviting people to sit down with her to have a friendly morning chat, with a modest and humble disposition when people praise her for her sons' achievements when they are in their false identities. She does this with Smith's daughter, Caroll, secretly training her via another identity, with her grandmotherly side always trying to take care of Caroll before and after the abusive training, therefore unfortunately making Caroll all the more attached to her 'caring' grandmother.

Indeed, Estelle is a wise woman with tremendous knowledge and wisdom, but within her she has a cold and calculating nature, with the logical mindset that is ingrained into all Vortigern assassins, but she applies it in a more ruthless and manipulative fashion that exceeds any other member. She is said to be the best in understanding and playing with the human emotion, interests, rationality and morality and throws everyone off her alignment by doing both good and bad things with equal ferocity, so long as it benefits the clan. When she plans, she has complete disregard for human life and is willing to putting a person "into the tortures of hell so long as it ups the chances of success", even if it is perfectly possible without the torture. Unlike her grandson Vulturn, however, who is utterly emotionless, Estelle has the pragmatism to at least fake her emotions, showing a sincere smile with no outward malice, throwing people even more off and to get what she wants. Her plans all focus on subtlety and whenever you think you are out of your grasp, you may be wrong, for it could be entirely possible she predicted your behaviour and hence planned accordingly as well. Even if you do get out of her strings, the puppetmaster will be able to quickly adapt, as well as wait for points of opportunity to once again snare her hooks onto you once more. It is from the planning position that she loves to look at the world from, with her other family members usually sent to deal with meeting with others face-to-face. However, if a person such as Zephyr or John Dog manages to match her plan to plan and overcome her tricks repeatedly, Estelle will soon find herself feeling excited at facing such a tough opponent and begins to reform her plans such that it will be herself who will personally take down the ones who have managed to successfully oppose her. She regards the Clan of Vortigern as a strict and rule-bound clan that must have every single one of its members in line and sees the Hunters and the Four Kingdoms as weak, for it makes sense that the Assassins, who are already trained to be stronger than Hunters, would be more suited in destroying the creatures of the Grimm and liberating the world from their threat.

In her casual time, she loves to take baths, always putting on her young appearance when doing so. She collects many types of bath tubs, ranging from the techy to the Victorian to the ancient, which fill up a large space in the house of the Manxome family, in a rotating room specially designed by her grandson Fisher. Her long hair is also an object of great care, as she spends hours of her free time treating it with meticulous care. She also spent a good deal of time cooking and making motherly drinks, but all this is an act to further enhance her facade, with Estelle stating that she hated doing any of those things and felt a significant urge to add poison into them.

When she is under her Aura's effect, Estelle's persona takes a slight change, as she is now no longer planning but now in direct combat. In battle, when unpressured, she is casual and joking, using her beauty to tease her opponents in the face of their useless attacks. She maintains the same old-looking pace that she normally has, mocking her opponents as she effortlessly destroys them. When she is being pressured or equally-matched, Estelle finally puts everything into the battle, her eyes now emotionless as expected from a Vortigern and her mindset tries to maintain a very tactical way of thinking, spotting her openings and predicting her enemy, though her battle excitement slips out sometimes.


Estelle possesses two weapons: Theory and Practise, both of which she had personally designed and thus are not part of a series of weapon types, hence lacking a series acronym name. Theory, in its inactive state, takes the form of a normal knitting kit, but when activated, the knitting kit erupts, disassembling into thin air, its true form now invisible to the naked eye. Theory is actually a huge collection of fillaments that react to Estelle's meticulous Aura, along with hand gestures which improve their speed and control. Estelle claims them to be monomolecular, though in truth they are simply very fine fibres that have already reached the stage where going any finer was pretty much meaningless. The fibres can cut through almost any material with ease and leave perfect cuts that make it seem as if the object was undamaged at first. FInally, when Estelle wills it, there are Dust-markings on Theory that can explode, allowing the wire to slide right inside an opponent, then exploding them into smithereens, or leave gaping wounds where they touch.

Practise takes the form of a simple handheld paper fan that Estelle simply keeps close, but its combat form is activated when she opens it. Like the poems written on such fans, an arrangement of six unusual shorthand writings are on the fan's open face. Each set of writings correspond to a different spell, glowing as it is used. Furthermore, based on the principle that practise makes perfect and in reality powered by the concept of heated up tires, Practise gets more powerful the more it is used, but loses power more rapidly and drains more energy with each higher level.  Eventually, the speed at which it gains power and the speed at which it loses power are equal to one another, which sets Practise's maximum level based on Estelle's attack speed.

Practise's Powers

  1. Become The Sword And Cut All In Sight - Releases multiple powerful cutting waves. They are described to be like blades of air.
  2. Become The Acid And Corrode All You Touch - Fires out a purplish gas or liquid. Able to corrode metal and beyond as Estelle's power increases.
  3. Become The Shadow And Turn Light into Nothing - Absorbs all light in the area, blackening it.
  4. Become The Inferno And Burn All Down - Wisps of purple flames extend from the edge of the fan. One wave creates a huge torrent of fire.
  5. Become The Sky And Crush Everything 'Below - Air pressure and gravity is increased onto the opponent. Visually, clouds fall from the sky and the ground cracks. 
  6. Become The End And Annilihate The World - Black claws are sent out, targetting Estelle's opponent. They annilihate whatever they touch, 'ripping' through it.


Character Attributes
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Strength: D - A+ Aura: A
Defense: D - A+ Agility: D - A+
Endurance: D - A Technique: A++
Intelligence: A+ Leadership: A
Experience: N/A Semblance: N/A
Estelle herself, due to her highly advanced age, has physical statistics that are perfectly expected of an old woman like her. She moves very slowly, usually supporting herself on a walking stick, frequently complains having backaches, leg aches and all sorts of ailments that are considered to be stereotypical to elders. This all changes when her Aura comes into play.


Estelle's Aura has the Semblance of "Full Name: Emotions - Nightmare Eater". Once activated, her dark-purple Aura induces fear in those who see her, prompting them to imagine her appearance as far more sinister, beyond a demon, beyond a monster, something so malicious that many simply call it fear incarnate. On the weak, this power allows her to cause them to lose their will to fight, completely disrupting their Aura and fighting style, and even send them into a seizure. On the strong, the power has an even greater purpose, as Estelle's Aura feeds on Fear, growing more powerful with the amount of Fear around her. The boosts of power are applied to her body, allowing Estelle to stand fully upright, enveloped in her Aura, with her features growing younger with power, while increasing her physical statistics based on the amount of fear gathered.

While it may seem like an infinite cycle of energy, Estelle's Aura can only boost itself so much from each individual, because it will reach a point where any more fear in a weak person would cause his heart to stop entirely, cutting her off from her power source. For more powerful people, there is also a limit as their mind has now simply acknowledged that, "Okay, you are scared. Now go on and kick her ass." Therefore, her Aura works better when fighting entire armies, but 1 vs 1 or a small group would be disadvantageous for her if her opponent suppresses the fear and is stronger than the amount of power that Estelle gets from his fear.


  • Estelle's personality is a combination of Setsuno from Toriko, Laura Stuart from Toaru Majutsu no Index and Balalaika from Black Lagoon.
  • Estelle's weapon Theory is inspired from Walter Anderson from Hellsing.
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