Ethiel Virtus

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"We will create our future off of our previous shadow." - Ethiel Virtus


Ethiel is a young man, with a athletic build to him. He his 5'10 and 168lbs, with prominent sapphire blue hair, which is medium length and free flowing. His eyes are dark grey, (which sometimes turn blue, especially when his aura is in use) which carry a powerful, yet friendly look to them. When he opens his mouth, it is noticeable that he has rather large and sharp canine teeth. His attire consists of a black shirt and boots, blue jeans with black straps across them, a black belt with small pouches on them, blue gloves and a blue scarf, which he sometimes utilizes as a hood. The main piece of his attire though, is his large dark royal purple trench coat, with red linings on it. When allowed to have his weapons, he usually carries dust, ammo, and claw tips within it. He has a lightning bolt shaped birthmark on the right side of his chest.


When not fighting, Ethiel usually prefers to keep to himself, but is always willing to lend an ear and eye for those wishing to speak to him. He enjoys the night, and will sometimes just sit by a window or outside and look up towards the moon and stars. It worries him though, as to the moons current condition, and he is determined to find out why it is crumbling apart. He also loves wolves.

When in combat, he fights calmly, and keeping an eye and ear out for his surroundings. He tends to also focus on what others are doing when fighting in a group, and has no problem yelling out an order to prevent the enemy from victory and to save someone. When working in a group, it is noticed that he has a pack mentality towards his team mates. However, when badly injured, or seeing a friend being injured (emotionally, physically, mentally), especially close friends, something......animal, tends to take over. He will begin to fight with a viciousness that he usually tries to fight back, and will lose his cool. Over the years he has taught himself to snap out of it, but it has saved him before. His emblem is a wolfs paw with a lightning bolt on it.

During the day when classes are over, he can usually be found reading or concentrating and learning how to attune his abilities and fighting with his aura. He usually has a hard time communicating with new people, especially girls, until he gets to know them. According to his best friend, Daken Vortex, he has a hard time relaxing, and having fun. 

When angered, he usually becomes silent, unless he is furious. He is usually happy though, and can't help to smile when he sees friends and others happy, and in an environment of peace. However, he does get jealous easily when it comes to girls he likes. He'll usually try to hide this, but people that know him well enough, like Daken, can tell.


Ethiel does not express his past unless it's someone he trusts completely, such as Daken. He hails from Patch, further out in the Grey Forests area. Ethiel was raised by two unknown hunters in a small home in the snowy forest. At the young ripe age of 6, Ethiels parents had begun to teach him how to defend himself, due to the harsh environment in which they lived. Only once has Ethiel talked of an older sister, who left their home when and never returned. His sister and him rarely had much interaction. Ethiel is very fond of a wolf puppy that was born around the time that he was 6 and, due to a small wolf family that would stay near and at his home.  

At age 8, something had happened to Ethiels family and home that brings him great pain when talking about it. His memory is very fuzzy and tends to spotted. All he remembers is seeing his home on fire, and a giant silhouetted figure approaching him from the flames and debris of his former home. Something flung him backwards, whether it was the figure, a shockwave, or an explosion, and caused him to lose consciousness. Right before losing consciousness, he remembers hearing his father charging forward and being dragged backwards. A while after he woke up, only too see his wolf pup standing guard beside him, and three items placed near him. The items left by his side were a charred picture of his family, and the 2 weapons his father was going to pass down to him. The Hand of Romulus, and his fathers prized sword, Thunderfury.  

From there he ran further out into Patch and away from it's unforgiving snowy lands, hoping to find his parents and forced to survive on his own in the harsh conditions. His only companion that went with him was his small wolf pup, which was 2 years old at the time. After 4 months of having to survive and searching for his family, he stumbled upon a small farm, and sneaked into it's crop fields for food, where he was discovered by Daken. From there he was taken into their family after some questioning, and was grew up with Daken until they were both of age to pursue their career of becoming Hunters.  

The two trained together and grew great in their skill and their bond of friendship. Occasionally, Daken would go with Ethiel in futile searches to find what had happened to his family.  


Ethiel uses 2 weapons when in combat. His first and primary weapon is a metallic arm gauntlet, on his right arm, that covers up to his shoulder, called The Hand of Romulus. The gauntlet has 3 inch long sharp claws, which have breakable tips. Now, he has standard claws, but he can put attachable tips on them, which carry dust in them. When digging into a opponent, he can break the tips of the claw off, to allow the dust to take affect, while getting to a safe distance himself. For example, if Ethiel digs the claws into a Beowolf, and breaks off red dust tips into it, he can evade away, and the tips will detonate within the Beowolf. He carries reloads for this in his coat and belt. 

The gauntlet also has a secondary feature which allow the claws to grapple to a measurement of 20 yards, due to metallic cables that are contained within the gauntlet, traveling up Ethiels arm. He utilizes this to grapple onto objects to pull him away, bring objects to him, or to rake enemies from a distance. This feature is activated when Ethiel flicks his wrist, engaging the mechanism which fires out the cables. The gauntlet also increases Ethiels strength in his right arm. He can use the gauntlet as a defense as well, using his arm to deflect and protect himself from projectiles and melee weaponry. 

His second weapon is a short sword assault rifle, which he calls, Thunderfury. The gun has two types of ammunition, standard rounds, and a specialty ammo, called Boltshots. The boltshot ammo has a lightning bolt symbol on the cartridge, and causes the muzzle to flash an electric blue when fired. The bullets, travel faster and hit harder, as well as letting off a small electrical discharge which covers the blade in electricity. The more shots, fired, the more electrical build up, which can be used to increase melee damage, or arced off the sword at an enemy. Ethiel carries more off this ammunition in similar places as his claw reloads.

Ethiel is a deadly adversary at close to medium range, but is not very effective at long range encounters.


At birth, Ethiel was born with a rare mutation, which caused his pupils to be naturally dilated, and slightly pigmented. This allows Ethiel to see better at night and in dark places. A draw back to this is that he is more sensitive to light and bright objects and environments. The pigmentation causes Ethiels eyes to go from dark grey to blue, and sometimes a cross of the colors. However, it is noted by some, that Ethiels eyes tend to turn more vibrantly blue when using his aura based powers. His agility is good, but he is not as fast as Wiess or Blake. His strength is very good, do to his athletic build from so much training from a young age, which he continues.


As stated before, Ethiel was trained to fight from a young age by both of his parents. He still privately trains by himself or with a friend to further his abilities. His aura glows blue, and tends to take the form of electricity, like how Yangs is fire. Over time he has learned how to incorporate his aura into his fighting techniques. Offensively, for example, when hitting someone, he can let off small discharges of aura, which further impact damage to his enemies and can possibly stun them if hit enough. Also, instead of several small hits, he can decide to simply combine this into one devastating hit, or AoE attack. Both of these actions tend to drain him, and he has actually passed out from over use of his aura in previous training sessions. When this happens though, there is usually a good amount of destruction as a result from it. It is noted, that when Ethiel does go to a feral stage of anger, he does seem to have more stamina and can use his aura longer. A downside to this, is that he does not think as clearly as when he is calm, and can be much less tactical. As with others, he can use his aura to generate defenses and as ammo for his weapons.


  • Ethiel does get some inspiration from the character, Wolverine from X-men.
  • The place he is from, and his weapon both share the name Romulus, based on a Roman myth.
  • Ethiels last name Virtus, comes from the Latin meaning, which was a great title to receive among men. The Latin meaning of Virtus is: valor, manliness, excellence, courage, character, and worth.

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