"The mind has more potential than nearly any other aspect of the human body. Its intangible wisdom can move mountains if applied correctly."

The last member of Team SAGE and one of the smartest students in Beacon as well the only student to utilize four different weapons. Her codename is Emerald and she specializes in weapons and battle tactics.


Even in battle, Evelyn will dress like Velma from Scooby Doo, but in a slightly more fashionable way. She has straight brown hair that goes down to the middle of her back, green eyes covered by gold-rimmed circular glasses, and fair skin.


On the surface, Evelyn is a typical bookworm. This is actually the same for a few more layers underneath too. She's very generous and thoughtful, but she has a tendency to drone on for long periods of time about any subject.



Aurora Interfector

This is Evelyn's weapon of choice. One of the most adaptable weapons ever made, its two forms are a pair of twin cutlasses and a single handheld railgun they merge into. This weapon is more versatile than others because it can fire dust, ammo, and aura instead of just one of those.


This weapon is least used by Evelyn as it slows her down more than she already is. It is a collapsable bigshield that doubles as an arm-mounted two-barrel gatling gun. This weapon was designed with Garrett Byrrus in mind and is often loaned to him.


This weapon is a straight-blade katana with a dust crystal insert in the bottom of the handle. It uses these dust crystals in a similar manner to Weiss' Myrtenaster. This weapon was designed with Alyssa Ostrum in mind and is often loaned to her.

Mano di Dio

This is a single left-handed gauntlet that identifies the aura of its user and searches and absorbs similar nearby aura to add to the user's aura and manipulate it as a solid, malleable mass. This weapon was designed with Skyler Caelum in mind and is often loaned to him.

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