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Eventi Takeshi-Meso

Eventi A. Takeshi-Meso
Age 16 [Pre-Fall of Beacon]

17 [Post-Fall of Beacon]

Alias Evey
Status Active
Gender Female
Race Human
Species Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair White
Eyes Apricot Orange
Semblance Raiden's Fury
Height 5"3 - Pre-Fall of Beacon

5"8 - Post-Fall of Beacon

Weight 50kg
Professional Status
Partner Sapphire Hoyle
Occupation Student, Freelance Mechanic
Personal Status
Relatives Anna Meso [Deceased]

Nigel Takeshi [Deceased]

Additional Info
Likes Machines, Friends, Faunus
Dislikes Bullies and Theives
Special Skills CQC and Technology
Weaknesses LRC
Mother... Father... I swear that I will protect my friends... No matter the cost! Ebony, Ivory, time to go to work!
— Eventi Takeshi Meso
Every time I look at this circuit board, it always made me think about how well the DT System worked out in holding off the Grimm...


Pre-Fall of Beacon

Eventi appears as a young, white haired teenage girl with orange-blue eyes.  Her outfit consist of a black coatover a white long sleeved shirt. She also wears gray-colored pants with a black leather belt. She occasionally uses gloves when working on something during her free time.  On her forehead is a gear-shaped tattoo and she tends to wear a white hooded cloak when outside to keep her identity a secret.  To save time from walking, she wears special roller-blades with orange wheels she made that registers feet movement in the sole to automatically move forwards and backwards depending on the foot position.

Post-Fall of Beacon

8 months after the Fall of Beacon, Eventi has grown an extra 5 inches, keeping the gloves she wears and the roller-blades, her outfit on the other hand, has changed to a much more appropriate style befitting her job conditions, a tan mechanic's vest with a black and white checkerboard-styled undershirt, wearing grayish-blue jeans ripped slightly on the knees, her vest pockets carrying her handy-dandy wrenches, screwdrivers, and ratchets, retaining her white hair, apricot orange eyes as well as a new mechanic's belt for her spare Dust Crystals, she still wears her white hooded cape and also wears new orange goggles for when she rides or does welding.


Pre-Fall of Beacon

Although people tend to call her "Evey", she prefers to be called normally.  Eventi is an ordinary girl who has a gift for machinery, helping people any way she can.  When others are in danger, she uses her special drones to protect them from the creatures of darkness.  Like her friend Rorry, she too was scared as a child, mainly after seeing her father and mother sacrifice themselves to save her and her brother and sister with her own eyes.  She has also has a talent for singing, listening carefully to any kind of music around her and singing along to it.

Post-Fall of Beacon

Over the 8 months, she has learned to cope with the alias the other student kept giving her, even though the tragic past still lingers in her mind, so long as her friends are by her side, she'll keep smiling, her knack for machinery has improved over the months to the point of repairing transport ships, perfecting the usages of Dust, whether Crystal or Powder, and her prowess of Freelancer Mechanic knowledge has expanded through the findings of books, tapes, and people related to them.


Pre-Fall of Beacon: Ebony and Ivory

Eventi is a talented mechanic that uses the Twin Omni Directional Multi Purpose Drones, Ebony and Ivory, for combat.  These drones have the power to alter their shape into twin swords (thanks to Folding Frame technology) for her to use in battles, their main use. Etched onto Ebony's metalic plate was the phrase "Power is without equal..." in orange Dust with an Orange Dust Crystal (5 uses) within a single hatch, giving it a fire attribute.  Etched onto Ivory's metalic plate was the phrase "Do what you think is the correct choice..." in blue Dust with a Blue Dust Crystal (5 uses) within a hatch, giving it an ice attribute.  These allow Eve to dish out fire and ice damage with regular attacks. Working with so much machinery during her youth in both her home village and Titan has given her a vast knowledge of many types of machines, from robotic servants to veichles, etc.  It times of bordeom, Ebony and Ivory can, in fact, turn into an acoustic guitar for Eventi to play.  So far she only learned to play two songs...   They hover around her using propulsion Dust Crystals hidden inside a set of 6 thrusters located on the bottom and back (Each last for 7 hours max).  Their Innate (Drone) Form, while not suited for combat, are used to scan a particular area's depth (when come across a large and deep hole) and provide detailed findings.  This weapon costs Eve a total of 4 Dust Crystals if used at its full power, 1 Orange Crystal, 1 Blue Crystal, and 2 Propulsion Crystals.  Each of the crystals (besides the Propulsion Crystal) uses last one whole battle per use, disabled during Tournament-styled Battles to prevent harmful damage to humans and fellow students.  How Ebony and Ivory reload Dust is the use of a modification by Eventi based on a pump-action shotgun, with an ejection port opening from the neck, expelling the used Dust Crystal... This triggers a slot to open up on the handle of the swords to which Eve inserts the new Dust Crystal into... Once the crystal is placed into the slot, it automatically closes to send the crystal to the core located at the crest where the blade meets the handle, where the crystal is utilized to power the distribution system to coat the blades in fire and ice respectively.

Post-Fall of Beacon: Raikiri

Eventi still uses her twinsword drones as her primary method of combat, but after having to cope with the bitter truth that she can't remain in the past forever and having to live for the future for not only herself but for her team and her friends, she began constructing a secondary weapon to use in case Ebony and Ivory aren't enough to win the battle. A beam katana powered by Yellow Dust Cartridges granting the blade its yellow beam of electricity from the light green handle housing the beam emitter as well as the Yellow Dust Cartridge inside, at most the beam katana can hold 3 Yellow Dust Cartridges, loaded in sideways bolt-action style, the cartridge chamber visible to the holder, allowing her to make note on how many cartridges are left inside before having to reload it with 3 more cartridges, meaning she will have to carry a finite amount of cartridges at any given time to ensure she can still fight, each cartridge lasting about 10 minutes each when loaded into the handle's beam emitter.  Its designation being D.I.B.K. the Dust-Imbued Beam Katana, its name "Raikiri" it symbolizes Eventi's promise to uphold her family name and live for a better future with her team and friends. While Ebony and Ivory emphasize speed, Raikiri emphasizes power and Eventi tries her best to fully master the katana, but the harder she swings Raikiri, the slower her attack will be, forcing Eventi to change her attack plan on the fly and conserve her strength in prolonged fights.

Semblance: Raiden's Fury

Throughout the process of creating Raikiri, Eventi's thoughts began to race... From her mother and father's sacrifice to the Fall of Beacon, she felt as if her life was filled with nothing but ruin, but the sight of her team and her friends helping her create Raikiri rekindled the spark of hope within her soul and cope with losing her parents for the sake of perserving the Takeshi-Meso name. This, along with the completion of Raikiri, unlocked something within Eventi, and her hair gained a slight emerald sheen, opening her eyes and softly lifting her empty hand up, electricity begins to spark from her hand, as her Aura surrounded her body for a moment before disappearing and her hair returning to white and the spark of electricity gone. With hope rekindled in her hand, she holsters the complete Raikiri on her back, she opens the door of her house, steps outside with the rain softly hitting the gravel pavement, she looks up to the sky with the raindrops hitting her face, she begins to speak...

"On my family's honor and legacy I will live for their sake, for I am lightning... The rain transformed..."

Raiden's Fury is an Electrokinesis-based Semblance that lets Eventi produce a current of electricity from a viable source, mainly her Raikiri, so long as the source has electricity to spare for its use. Every 3 seconds of use drains her Aura by 5%, while its use can be helpful in keeping the hostile target away for the moment, prolonged use of it will drain her Aura rapidly, forcing her to rely on it sparingly to ensure her Aura remains steady and usable when being dealt damage.


Pre-Fall of Beacon

When Eventi was born, she was the only child to truly bear the Takeshi-Muso name.  At the age of 5, her parents Nigel and Anna adopted two more children from an orphanage, Rena and Kenta.  At the age of 9, she was given two very special drones to suit her liking.  These drones were named "Ebony" and "Ivory".  Eve was special, raised in a town of Freelance Mechanics, represented by a gear-shaped tattoo located on the forehead.  This town was called Galland, sometimes refered to as the "Town of Possibilities".  However, Galland had no defensive force (armament/garrison), the mechanics only knew how to build, fix, etc., no way of physical fighting...  That was, until the leader decided to actually fortify the city using special turrets that fired high concentrations of Dust at any Grimm that dare invaded... This was entitled the "DT Project" that spanned 4 years, starting when she had turned 6...

Her life changed at the age of 11, when the creatures of darkness, the Grimm (roughly an army of Beowolves, Nevermores, and Death Stalkers) overwelmed the DT System (Required a lot of Dust in order to maintain functionality) and destroyed the town, the DT System, and killed her parents. She, Rena, and Kenta managed to escape the creatures without any trouble.  However, the memories of this event continues to haunt Eventi to this day and age, her tattoo, drones, and Dust crystals were all that's left from the family, as well as a fragment of the DT System, mainly the circuit board that controled the flow of Dust from the canisters to the gun barrel.  This lead the 3 to go their separate ways, fighting to survive.  Eve went to the nearby village of Titan to seek shelter, and find one she did.  Having the need to learn to defend herself, she crafted 2 wooden swords for her to train with.  She had spent the past 5 years living in complete peace, training to hone her skills, and treating the Faunus she meets with kindness.  Most of the time on her days off as the village's mechanic, she would take a look into learning swordsmanship from the knights, however none of the 100 would take her in as an apprentice, claiming that she's too young to train like one.  The knights were using Medevil-era weapons with no Dust, since Dust was mainly used for household needs in Titan...  This however, did not stop Eventi from her twinsword training...

At the age of 16, the Beowolves began to head towards Titan, but with reduced numbers, roughly 70 of them.  However, these Beowolfs were slightly more nimble and more durable than the rest, killing the guards one by one, reducing their numbers from 100 to a mere 15 (due to lack of durability of their iron armor) with the Grimm suffering losses down to 30 Beowolves left, due to decapitation methods soon pointed out by a single knight who sliced 5 of their heads off before realizing a week point).  Eve didn't want to relive the same event again, so she stood up against them before any more guards were killed.  As the Beowolves began to attack her, she fought with speed, but her wooden swords never stood a chance, breaking after a claw swipe from one of them.  Before the Beowolves could claim her life, Ebony and Ivory transformed into twin blades that stabbed the Beowolf, killing it in the process.  The two swords began to hover close to her as she grasped them tightly.  When she grasped them, she began to recall a few words that her parents etched onto the metal, "Power is without Equal" and "Do what you think is the right choice". Soon the blades began to be engulfed in both a furious fire and chilling ice.  With blades in hand she fought long and hard to drive the darkness away from the village, it felt as if the blades were guiding her arms (via their thrusters) into the motion of swordsmanship, aiming and striking at the Beowolf's most vulnerable point while her feet did the rest, taking them down with minimul effort, but exhausted her to the point where she fell asleep for the remainder of the night and thru most of the next morning.  This gave her the title "Savior of Titan" by the mayor, giving her fame beyond her imagination.  She, however, had no need for this fame, she just wanted to protect the village, thats all.

This course of action soon attracted the attention of a recruiter to the village, who heard that she defended the village among the Knights.  The person walked over to her and asked if she was one of the 16 knights who defended Titan against the Beowolves.  Being asked like that threw some doubt into her mind, but she nodded yes, casting it aside, showing honesty in her eyes.  He then pulls out a scroll and asks her if she would like to be enrolled into Beacon Academy.  This peaked her interests, not only will she be able to help other people out, but she would also meet new people, explore the world around her, train to become a Huntress, and uncover the tricks of the trade of being a Freelance Mechanic.  However, if word got out to the other students about her, it could cost her greatly and make it difficult to find the answers she needs.  Having much thought into this, she agreed to his proposal.  As a forewarning, he asked for her to bring a gun of some kind, but she denied it, knowing that she'll be just fine with Ebony and Ivory by her side.  The next day, Eventi followed the recruiter and his men on horseback (tamed at Age 7) towards their destination, donning a white hooded cloak to keep her identity a secret except to the recruiter.  Her sole reason for wanting her identity to remain a secret is to start a fresh new life, to try and forget the past and move on to the present and future... Eve's journey to become a Huntstress is about to begin...

Fall of Beacon

While returning from a mission with her teammates in Team GEMS, Melanite noticed that the coliseum was under attack by a Nevermore, which was soon followed the Grimm and the White Fang attacking not only the town, but also at Beacon Tower. The team made haste for the coliseum using Eventi's provided Dust Powered Striker Units as their means of transport, but due to the mission prior the DPSUs were nearly on their last leg until resuply, so upon landing at the entrance after swiftly dealing with not only the Nevermore attacking the Coliseum, but 2 more Nevermores that were proceeding to the town in a group of 4, with the DPSUs soon exhausting their power source, they swiftly landed at the academy entrance, to which they proceeded with on-foot travel to do battle with the Grimm in the town.

After a drawn out battle and several civilian rescues, in the corner of Melanite's eyes the tower began to crumble, but before the team could be alerted about this, a bright white flash covered the tower and the Dragon frozen, however the battle remained lost in the Grimm's victory.  Staying behind to rescue the remaining citizens from the damages the battle had caused, Eventi's hopes began to slowly waver as with the team's... Packing their things from the team garage near the coastline, the team setted off for Eventi's adopted hometown of Titan on their robotic motorcycles along with young Ebona & Ivy Kasandra... With what little Lien they had left altogether, Eventi provided her team with living space at her house, the following day the team decided to help the fellow citizens with jobs, Eventi returning to work at Hal's Mechanics alongside Garnet, while Sapphire began work at the town's only Gunsmith Shop, "Ricochet Ballade" and Melanite worked with the miners at Titan's famous mineshaft.

Over the next few months, Eventi's hopes continues to waver slowly as with the team's after the fall, but Eventi broke the silence that loomed over the house.

"No matter what the future holds for us, we will be there to see it through to the end." 

Her words ringed through the ears of her team, soon rekindling their hopes for a better future, but Eventi's own struggle in coping with the fact that her mother and father are gone continued, but seeing her teammates, her new family, back her up as well as the friends she had made, Eventi's own hopes rekindled and lead to the creation of her new secondary weapon, Raikiri, with the promise to uphold her family name and live for a brighter future with her team and her friends... Eventi's journey continues to unfold...


The only vehicle Eventi uses on the road is a vehicle she and her teammates created during the events of Project Nieve, her robotic motorcycle, the Type E "Nieve"

In the air, she uses her Dust Powered Striker Unit, which she created during the first night she spent at Beacon with aidan Phoenix. It uses a combination of different Dust Crystals and Dust Powders to convert its radial engine to utilize red Dust as its fuel source.


With Sapphire Although Eventi shows her confidence with her CQC abilities, she is most vulnerable against people who are skilled at LRC.  To better grasp the situation, she enlists the help of gun expert Sapphire Hoyle, to cover this weakness.  The two work well together since Sapphire can cover for Eve from far away enemies while Eve protects her from close range enemies.  Although the two belong to different teams, Eve feels that she has made both a good friend and a reliable ally.


Garnet A, Ayres: As the leader of Team GEMS, Eventi respects him fully and will do her best to protect him in tight situations.  When working on modifying or creating new weapons, she's there to help in any way she can.

Melanite Nightingale: Her go-to-girl for Dust Crystals, although she questions her methods of obtaining Dust Crystals, which still remain a mystery. Although she is a silent-type, Eventi tries her best to open her feelings to her, hoping to form a friendship with her and Garnet, her partner.

Sapphire Hoyle: Her partner and the first friend she made during her time at Beacon.  The two work together as a team, protecting each other from CQC and LRC.  She and the rest of the team make it their goal to help Eve learn the secrets of the Freelance Mechanics, her birthright, as all three treat Eve like a family to her...

Aidan Phoenix: Fellow ally and lover, during their first at Beacon, he helped Eventi create the Dust Powered Striker Unit (DPSU) for her use during the Initiation, which proved to function perfectly as planned.  During the course of Secret Passage, he sacrificed himself to protect her and his fellow teammates from Golems that protected a large Barrier Dust Crystal, but thanks to Eve's rapid response, she managed to save his life.  Their connection as lovers grew over the course of Project Nieve, where Aidan kept Eve safe, although getting hurt in the process.  The music that Eve plays on the guitar soothes his soul...

Nox: Fellow ally who understood her emotions, her sadness, as he himself had suffered a similar fate years ago in Reminiscing ... as a contract had been placed on Eventi, Nox agreed to offer Eventi his and his friend Cobalt's assistance in shielding her from these mercs...  a skilled student wielding his trusty Nightfall & Nightshade as well as his Mercenary skills to ensure his foes will be begging for mercy.  Despite his cold personality, Eventi feels a small warmth in his soul, giving him her trust and ensuring him that she will make sure he never gets hurt.


Character ThemeEmotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind

Battle Theme 1 [when using Ebony and Ivory]: 'Last Hunter'

Flashback - A Time of Suffering: Game Over - Fate/EXTRA

Leaving Home: Glow - Choucho ver.

Fighting for the Dream: Dream Riser

Striving to Survive the Battle: Bookmark A Head

Battle Theme 2 [when using Raikiri]: Saika


  • Eventi's middle name, Apricot, being colored orange, goes in tandon to her eye color, being Apricot Orange
  • The name of Eventi's drones, Ebony and Ivory, were inspired by the video game character Dante from Devil May Cry, who wields two handguns of the same name.
  • The design of Eventi was inspired by Eve: Another Code from Elsword, the Manga-styled, Anime-based MMORPG.  
  • The shortened name, "Evey", is a play-on-words of "Eevee", a Pokemon that has multiple evolutions depending on certain aspects.  For example, if you give an Eevee a Fire Stone, it'll evolve into Flareon.  As of right now, Eevee has a total of 8 evolutions: Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon, and Sylveon; each with a respected type; Fire, Water, Thunder, Psychic, Dark, Ice, Grass, and new type Fairy.
  • The fire and ice attributes of Ebony and Ivory were also inspired by Dante in Devil May Cry 3 whenever he uses the twin swords, Agni and Runda, or the 3-pronged numchaku, Cerberus, in battle, Agni being fire, and Cerberus being ice.
  • Before Eventi was born, Nigel and Anna both worked as freelance mechanics, creating new ways to mine and extract Dust for different facilities.  After hearing that Anna was pregnant and was going to have a child, the boss allowed them to go do what they needed to do.  This lead to some sort of connection between Eve and many different people.  However, all but one of the ties to being a freelance mechanic were severed when Galland was destroyed...  The only tie that remained... was herself...
  • When Eventi turned 8, Nigel and Anna wanted to give her something that she will cherish for the rest of her life for her next birthday.  They decided to build her some drones to play with, but when danger arises the drones were programmed to protect her by  ransforming into twin swords for her to wield, all done by Nigel.  They etched a phrase onto each of the drones using orange and blue Dust, granting them an elemental attribute when used as weapons.  This goes in junction with the Backstory due to the fact that "her next birthday" which is her 9th one, would be when she receives Ebony and Ivory.  Both of these drones were built with a guidence system on their circuit boards that programs them to react whenever Eventi is in danger, programing the thrusters to push them straight to her...
  • Team GEMS, like Team RWBY, is consisted of 4 members that coresponds to a color.  In this case, Garnet, Emerald, Melanite, and Sapphire, with Eve representing the Emerald.
  • The roller-blades are a reference to Black Rock Shooter's Chariot, who's legs are wheels that are colored orange and allowed her movement in any direction so long as her legs are pointed that way.
  • The song "Dream Riser" is the opening song to the 2012-2013 anime "Girls Und Panzers" which is based on World War II tanks.
  • The song "Bookmark A Head" is the ending song to Season 1 of the 2008-2010 anime "Strike Witches", which is based around World War II warplanes.
  • The 2 songs that she can play on the acoustic guitar are an omage to Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts, To Zanarkand and Simple & Clean.  When she was little, Anna, her mother, used to play these songs to help the little ones fall asleep.  Now, Eventi plays these songs in memory of her deceased parents.
  • The "DT" in the DT System is short for Dust Turret, not to be confused with Devil Trigger...
  • The semblance effect of giving Eventi's hair a slight emerald sheen stems from both the rare light green mineral, Phosphophyllite, and the character Phos from the Fall 2017 anime "Houseki no Kuni" translated to "Land of the Lustrous".
  • The Semblance name "Raiden's Fury" and quote "I am lightning... The rain transformed." are based on and from the character Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid series of stealth action games, specifically in Act 5 of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.
  • The weapon's name, "Raikiri", means "lightning cutter", in reference to the Japanese legend of a samurai splitting a bolt of lightning with his katana, in conjunction to Raikiri's electric element.

Author Notes

I'll get a better picture of Eventi soon, don't worry.

Is part of a team, Team GEMS

Current RP(s): None

Differences in Imagery

Please note that the images used are inaccurate and is only used to present as close a representation to the character as possible. The images used and the character depicted are property of KoG Studios, Elsword.

  • Eventi and Eve are considered to be two completely different characters.
  • Eventi is more calm and trustworthy whereas Eve is more queen-like, ruling over the Nasods (her people).

Image Gallery

Eventi in Beacon Uniform - Weapons Included

Eventi in her uniform with her weapons out (Had a problem on the swords cause colors are not separate per sword.)

Eventi's Symbol

Eventi' Symbol - Self Discovery

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