Ello. This is BMS. This is the page for my story, Eyan's story. It is based sometimes loosely on real events, and is centered around my OC, Eyan. 

Part 1

Setting: Lunchroom

Time: Hungry O' Clock

Discription: Eyan and his friend are talking about what they have been doing lately

Friend :(Skeptical) So let me get this straight. You are telling me, you created firebending. With SCIENCE!?!

Eyan   :(With serious straight face) And water bending. Earthbending is still in planning.

Friend : (Looking skeptical / intreuged) Is this the first time you had these kinds of ideas? 

Eyan   : (Slightly Irritated) No. It's not. But the last time I tried to share my ideas, the goverment stole them. 

F.     : (Mildly supprised) The government?

E.     : Yes. That supersonic incapasitator was my idea first. I made the mistake of uploading the idea to the                    internet while I was almost done with my blueprints. 

F.     : (Thoughtful expresion) Huh.... Do you think you might be able t-

E.     : (Irritated) NO. I will not care to explain. I could, but the gonervment is listening to us right now.

F.     : (Scoff) What, invisable super spys? 

E.     : Yes. that was one of the ideas of mine. 

F.     : (Looks in corner of room ceiling) Like that guy with the NVG?

E.     : No. That's Bill. He keeps the government off of me.

    *5 men in now sparking high tech spandex fall from cieling, knocked out*

E.     : (Sips drink) Like that.

E.     : (Finishes drink) I won't explain my designs, just that it involves hydraulics, magnets, pressure pads,

     flammable sticky puddy, the works.

F.     : (Wide eyes) Flammable sticky puddy?

E.     : (One eyebrow raised) Well, can you think of anything that would work better than greek fire? Because I'm               open to ideas. That stuff is expensive.

F.     : So... you... what, squezze a pad on your palm and the thing works? 

E.     : Not at all. But, if you really need to know how it works, yes, you can think of it that way.

F.     : Oh... 

E.     : Now, please, run off before my paranoia tells me to do something, now that I told you.

F.     : Wait, what?

E.     : You heard me. Go.

    * Friend leaves *

    *Eyan, without looking up, thrown a piece of pizza, a bannana, and an energy drink to Bill, whose head is                poking out from a hole in the ceiling*

E.     : (Monotone voice) Lunchtime.

    *Eyan exits room, and NVG lights fade away*

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