Yeah, I've got four arms. But I can bench a Bullhead, I can climb a cliff in seconds, and I like winning. So don't mess with me.
Ezekiel Calias
Age 18
Nickname Zeke, Kiel, FourArms, Bearminator
Status Alive
Gender Male
Race Faunus/Cyborg
Species Bear
Handedness Right (upper)

Left (lower)

Complexion Olive brown
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Semblance Wallcrawling
Height 6'4" (1.93m)
Weight 210lb (95.2kg)
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team APEX (E)
Partner Pierce Caruleut
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Mother, comatose

Father, whereabouts unknown

Additional Info
Likes Winning

Working out

Employing new strategies

Dislikes Discrimination

The White Fang

Anything less than perfection

Special Skills Heightened strength

Keen vision and hearing

Ezekiel Calias is known for his quiet personality, imposing stature, and, most notably, his extra pair of arms. Ezekiel was born to a human father, and a Faunus mother. Upon learning the truth about his partner and son, Ezekiel's father left in a rage. His mother stayed, and began to train him in combat. Ezekiel heard about the Faunus Civil Rights Group, and began to attend their protests, along with his mother.

But on one occasion, the White Fang disrupted a protest, taking Ezekiel's mother hostage when she spoke out against their violent methods. Ezekiel challenged the White Fang, ordering them to let his mother go. They responded by grievously injuring her. Overcome with rage, Ezekiel rushed forwards, and stole two warhammers and a shield, the weapons which would accompany him throughout his life, and began to attack any member of the White Fang he saw. During the battle, Ezekiel's arms were mutilated; the right being sliced off at the bicep, and the left humurus was shattered beyond repair.

After the violence, Ezekiel was taken to a hospital along with his unconscious mother, where he found out that because of her injuries, she might never awaken. Stricken with grief, he decided to undergo surgery to replace his arms with four cybernetic replacements, two to replace his own, and two to spiritually keep his mother close to him. After the surgery, Ezekiel wandered Remnant until he came across Beacon Academy. He was offered a place, and has stayed there ever since, silently hoping that one day, he might see his mother wake up.


Ezekiel has olive skin, and pure black eyes. His hair is slicked back into a ponytail, which cannot be seen, due to always having his hood up. His bear ears, which remain hidden underneath his hood, are mutilated: the left one has a scar running halfway up it, and the right has been burned from a poker iron.

Ezekiel wears a maroon hooded sleeveless zipup jacket, with white fur lining around the hood and sleeves. Layered over the jacket is a black belt, with a golden buckle, and a roaring bear emblazoned on the part of the belt that circles his waist. He dons blue trackpants, with red stripes on the thighs, and white and red sneakers. Bandages encircle his wrists, so he does not lose grip on his weapons.


Ezekiel doesn't like to associate with people, instead preferring to pore over his scroll, reviewing past fights, and noting how he could have improved his combat. When he isn't looking at his scroll, he's usually in the gym, working on his strength.

However, despite this stoic attitude, Ezekiel becomes furious if he sees a Faunus suffering. He believes that Faunus are stronger than they think, and knows that they shouldn't be discriminated because of animal ears stuck on their heads.

Despite this hard-as-nails exterior, Ezekiel has a softer side, but is reluctant to show it, as he feels it makes him weak.

Weapons and Abilities

Okay, quick headcount. Ten mooks, three armed with SMGs, two with assault rifles, and 5 with swords. Yep, I think an ass whooping is now in order. You guys want them one-by-one or all at once?

Mauler's Fury - A double ended warhammer, which can split into two for extra bludgeoning opportunities, and can transform into chainsaw-grip chainguns, which Ezekiel is capable of wielding akimbo.

Adroit Shroud - A circular shield with a spiked rim, which can be spun like a circular saw. There are three more shields nestled inside, which are compacted into a smaller form. When Ezekiel extracts these, they unfurl into exact duplicates of the initial shield, spiked rim and all. This allows Ezekiel a variety of combat styles, ranging from bludgeoning with his hammers and shields, dual wielding chainguns, or quadruple wielding circular saws.

Strength - Due to having traits of a bear Faunus and his cybernetic limbs, Ezekiel is able to lift large weights for a short time.

Semblance: Wall Climb - Ezekiel is capable of sticking to walls by his fingers and feet. His cybernetic limbs are capable of sticking to walls without the use of Aura, but due to his feet remaining organic, Aura is still applied. If enough Aura is used, Ezekiel can stand perpendicular to the wall.

Night Vision - Due to being a Faunus, Ezekiel is gifted with superior vision in the dark.

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