My father once told me: Let your beliefs and traditions be like the winds of the tornado; never-ending and always strong.
— Fēng Lán sè Kuang

Fēng Lán sè Kuang
Feng Lan se Kuang 2
Age 18
Nickname Kuang
Status Active
Color Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Tan
Hair Blue
Eyes White
Height 6 ft
Weight 130 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team Team FRPW
Partner Not yet found one
Occupation Student
Jobs Hunter in Training
Additional Info
Emblem KuangEmblem
Likes Psychedelic trance music, bad weather, singing, and eating food with chopsticks
Dislikes cold weather, shaving
Special Skills Swordsmanship, Martial arts based loosely off of Jeet Kune Do, close to midrange combat.
Weaknesses Long distance battle,stubbornness in battle, stamina loss when using his semblance.
Character Theme

Riders On the Storm (infected Mushroom Remix)


Fēng is tall and skinny, though his height is normal his weight is somewhat less for people his age. Fēng has blue hair, both on his head, as well as his facial hair. Fēng wears circular glasses with his eyes being white. He wears brown shorts with multiple pockets, and a belt with a buckle with his symbol on it. He does wear a second belt, but this is more for looks. Fēng wears a scaled shirt where the scales are jade green with yellow outline. Over this shirt he wears a blue short-sleeved tunic. The tunic is held together in the middle by white rope held with gold buttons. Dawning his right shoulder is his symbol in black; on his left is a jade green/yellow scaled dragon whose body wraps around his sleeve to tail that hangs as a tassel off his tunic. On his feet, Feng wears a pair of altered geta's, Japanese wooden shoes that have been altered to not easily slip of his feet.


Fēng is a calm minded person, not usually acting out unless something really extreme. When he is talking to someone, he can be funny or serious, and loves to give advice. Fēng is also quite stubborn, sticking to his ideas and usually causing arguments if someone disagrees. He is also egotistical, believing he can do most things better than others, however when he is topped, he learns from it and usually becomes better for it. Because he is older than most other classmates, Fēng is a little more mature than his cohorts, but doesn’t always show it.

In battle, Fēng is serious and will seize opportunities to deal lots of damage. Though Fēng can handle most things himself, he works best with a partner, being there to assist his partner by hurting his enemies and giving opportunity for his partner to deal even more damage. Fēng is very egotistical as battle progresses, cracking jokes and puns with each kill or knockout. However, if lives are on the edge of death, Feng becomes more serious than usual. His number one priority is that of making sure no one dies, especially if the ones in trouble are those of young age. This is due to an experience as a teenager, when during a protection mission, he let his guard down and a young boy died to the hands of a Ursa.

Weapons and Abilities

War Wind: Fēng’s primary weapon, is a specialty sword powered by White Dust. War Wind is a propeller type titanium blade, with two blades that extend from the center axle. The blade resembles the center part of Fēng’s symbol with straight edges. the axle is connected to the handle by long plates of decorated and strong titanium. The plates lead down to a place right above the handle where the blade not sticking from the top is held in place. The handle resembles that of a
War Wind

War Wind in mid spin

dragon’s arm where the end of the handle where the Dust crystal is held by a dragon’s claw. The crystal held in the dragon hand is a white crystal. In battle, War wind acts as a normal sword with a special motion to it. When the top blade encounters its target, the Dust powered axle spins the blade forward, giving the blade more cutting power. The entire blade will spin 180 degrees till the blade that was at the top encounters the holding mechanism above the handle, where it then locks. This process happens every time the blade hits it’s target. The more time this occurs, the faster the spinning causing chains to deal more damage per hit.

Feng's fighting style is like how wind moves: always fluid and always changing. No two moves are the same, and there's never a break in his attacks unless he is knocked out of the loop, becomes fatigued, or chooses to break the cycle due to the tendencies of his semblance. His style can be most akin to Jeet Kun Do but takes a proactive approach instead of waiting for your opponent to strike.

Feng's Aura is blue in color and, like most others, can be used as an outward force to withstand damage.

Circular Flow: Fēng’s personal semblance. When Feng is purposefully moving fluidly, whether it be with his weapon or just his body, his semblance will start to make air spiral around him, starting small with breezes then growing to its limit of 40 mph. The wind that builds up can be used to disorient his opponent at close quarters combat and is primarily utilized by Ao's Talons, Feng's Specialty weapon. The semblance will continue grow to its limits as long as Feng is moving fluidly, but will disipate if fluid movements stop. Circular Flow feeds off Feng's stamina, the faster the wind, the more aura it drains. Due to this, Feng has adapted his fighting style to using cycles of attacks, breaking cycles when he feels that his semblance will drain him. Circular Flow also impacts Feng's looks, changing the way his eyes look the faster the wind. When the wind is in motion and reaches at least 5 mph, Feng's pupils will lengthen down and narrow while the rest of his eyes turn green. In comparison they would resemble the eyes of a dragon.

Ao's Talons: Feng's other weapon of choice and more dust driven than War Wind. Ao's Talons is a specialized armored glove that reach down to between his wrist and elbow that is worn on the left hand. The glove resembles that of a dragon's hand, each finger tipped with a claw except the thumb. Jade colored armor follows down the fingers and to the wrist, where the armor splits and leads to a large blue shell that contains a wind dust crystal. Each claw draws energy from the Wind Dust Crystal stored in the lower part of the glove just below the elbow. The activation switch is located on the palm of the glove, where the thumb is needed to push it to activate the weapon.

Ao's Talons is Feng's way of turning his Semblance into a distance weapon. While his semblance is in use, Feng can activate Ao's talons by pressing the button on his palm, the wind dust drawing all the wind around Feng to the claws. When all the wind is drawn to the claws, Feng can then slash in the direction of his opponent, sending the accelorated air at speeds that can cut flesh. Each use of Ao's Talons takes a fourth of the power from the crystal stored in the blue compartment of the gloves, meaning after four uses Feng must replace the crystal which he keeps in his pockets of his shorts.


Fēng was born in the city of Vale, to a loving father and mother who knew that he would do something great when he grew up. He lived with his parents for 5 years until his 5th birthday, when his parents sent him to a secluded dojo at the request of a family friend. The family friend was the leader of the dojo, and saw great potential in the child. Before embarking on the journey to the dojo, Fēng’s father bestowed to him a white dust crystal, a jade gem, and words of advice: “Let your beliefs and traditions be like the winds of the tornado; never-ending and always strong.” And so with those words, Fēng and his new master set out to the hidden dojo.

For the next nine years, Fēng underwent training and lessons with his master. Over these nine years he began to grow physically strong and mentally powerful. For five years, he lived there in secret with his master, where he trained from the first glimpse of the sun till the rise of the moon. The training shaped his style of fighting till it was like wind; fluid, always changing. At age 10, Fēng was allowed to leave the dojo to explore the small town nearby everyday. He would run errands for his master, obtaining ingredients for meals, or get materials for training. One day while down at the village, he came across a vendor that was selling CD players as well as miscellaneous CD’s. As he looked he came across a type of music that intrigued him; psychedelic trance music. It was unlike anything he had ever heard, so peculiar, yet so mesmerizing. With the money he had, Fēng bought the album and the CD player; however this didn’t go well with his master. His master was happy he had found something in the world he was fond of, but to not let it distract him from his training. Fēng eventually found a balance between the two. On his tenth birthday, Fēng started to train using aura and start learning about his personal semblance.His training consisted of fighting dummies, trying different ways to draw out his semblance. To learn how to use his aura, he trained with a defense dummy that would attack him and he would have to counter. Eventually the two met at the middle, his fighting style encorporating evades and blocks. One day during training, he was attacking a dummy and began a long chain of fluid attacks. The air around him began to circle him, the glow of blue around his skin. He paid it no mind and continued the cycle till he felt a drain in his stamina, the wind around him picking up alot of speed till he stopped his chain, the wind dissipating as tried to regain his strength. He looked back to his master, who had been watching and knew exactly what happened. He had found his semblance and unlocked his aura. He began to train even harder, now with a semblance to practice and aura to master. He began to test the strength and uses of the semblance by trying moves and pushing how fast he could get the winds. His master watched as he trained, tinkering with things all the while. After 2 years of training with his aura and semblance, Feng found its uses and had explored its potential, and with the help of his master, learned how to use it in sync with a weapon made specific for his semblance; a specialized glove that would allow him to turn the wind from his semblance into a distance weapon which Feng appropriately named Ao's Talons. Over the next year he trained to use his newly aquired weapon to his fighting style.

At the age of 13, Fēng’s master sent him to a mine as training. His errand was to obtain enough metal to create a three foot statue of Ao Kuang. His only rule was that he could only use his semblance to extract the rock. In the mine, Fēng started his errand at dawn, and he returned with the metal at dusk. When he arrive his master had tools laid out next to a weapon crafting forge. He knew this was coming and but didn’t know that tonight would be when he would be able to create his own weapon. With the metal he had collected, a few jars of white dust, and the metal from his master, Fēng created War Wind, his own personal weapon. As the finishing touch before naming his weapon, Fēng split the jade gem his father had given him in two and placed them on both sides of the weapons axle. He now had his own personal weapon, one of a kind like him.

From then on Fēng’s training started a new level of difficulty. He began to face an old training bot that his master had found and enhanced. At first the bot was hard, beating it took most of Fēng’s energy. As the training continued, he began to beat the bot, and progressively the wins started to rack up. At age 15, the training robot became too easy and Fēng’s training changed. Every Time the hunters of the village went hunting, it was his job to protect them from enemies too large for them. Though it was boring for a while, until the chance finally arose for Fēng to show his worth.

The hunt was for bucks, enough to feed the village for the month. Snow was falling, the chill of the air making the night feel almost deathly. Feng was ahead of the group watching out for any dangers, when the air went silent and still. The hunters payed no mind but Feng felt it, scanning the area for any signs. A scream rang out from behind, he turned to see three ursas circling the hunters as the young one of the group hide behind another hunter. Feng drew War Wind, Ao's Talons already on his left hand, and ran towards a Ursa who didn't know he was there.He jumped, slashing down on a ursa's arm as his sword spun on its axel and sliced its arm off. The ursa screamed in pain, attracting the attention of the other two ursa. Feng looked up to see the other ursa's running towards him, their attention away from the hunters. He leaped towards another ursa, slashing at its stomach with a fluid motion, building up his semblance. The wind began to swirl around him as he continued to slash at the ursa's body, dealing massive damage. The ursa tried to fight back, swinging its claws at Feng. He dodged his attack, keeping his movements going. With a final slash he swung his sword at its neck beheading it, the wind still spinning wildly around him. His eyes flashed to the ursa from before, angry with pain. He activated Ao's Talons, the wind around him moving to its claws as he slashed towards the beast. The winds flew from the four claws, flying towards the beast and landing directly on its chest. The Ursa howled in pain as the winds tore at its body. Feng bolted toward the dying beast, turning Warwind around in his hand and diving atop the ursa. He stabbed his sword into its chest, the blade spinning on its axle befalling the beast. Feng turned around, knowing only one ursa was left, to see the final ursa charging madly into the hunters. He yelled at the hunters to move, all of them jumping out of the way except for one; the young one out on his first hunt. Feng couldn't avert his eyes as the beast swung his claws at the boy knocking him to the side. He hit the ground with a thud, the body unmoving.

The snow ran red around the body of the young boy, so innocent. Feng eyes locked on the beast, a want to avenge the boy rising in him. Feng began to sprint towards the ursa, its attention still on the boy. Feng yelled at the beast as he neared it, getting its attention. As the beast turned toward Feng, he began to slash at the ursa relentlessly, the wind around him gaining speed. Blood filled the air as War wind cut into the ursa, the wind picking up the blood as surrounded Feng. As the semblance reached its limit, he felt himself tiring but continued to go. With a final blow, he activated Ao's Talons, slashing a hairs length away from the Ursa. The wind knocked the beast to the ground, bloody and dead. Feng breathed heavily as he put War Wind away, dazed and very drained. The hunters were awestruck and gracious for his help. But from their gracious mood came sorrow, as Fēng walked over and picked up the small boy's corpse, cold from grimm's cold and icy embrace. They group returned to the village, and a funeral was held for the young boy.

At the funeral, Feng was met by his master who was there to show remorse for the village's lost. At one point Feng stood up, and said a few words for the boy, and said he was sorry he could not save him. From that night, Fēng knew what he was destined to do; help people and ensure that the lives of others do not end like that little boy's.

When Fēng told his master about what had happened and what he had realized, his master told him of a school that would be able to aid him in keeping that promise; Beacon Academy. So for the next two years, Fēng trained so that he may apply to Beacon. However the day before he was going to apply to Beacon, Fēng took ill, becoming incapable of the leaving the dojo for a month. By the time he had recovered, Fēng had to wait till the next year to apply. In that year, he turned 18 and was given his master’s blessing along with a scroll from the dojo. When the day came to apply to Beacon, he applied and was set to go to Beacon for Initaition. On the day he departed for the academy, the town sent him off with best wishes as well as a parting gift; a digital music player and a Belt buckle from the village blacksmith. The music player had all the music that Fēng had ever liked and the belt buckle engraved with his symbol. He graciously accepted the gifts and left the town, ready to begin his journey to Beacon academy. He traveled to Vale, and to the place where to board the airships that would take him to Beacon. Fēng knew in his mind that this would be completely different from his hometown, but was definitely ready for the next part of his life to begin.


-Fēng’s first and middle name are chinese, “Fēng” meaning Wind, and “Lán sè” meaning blue.

-Fēng’s last name, Kuang, is an allusion to the chinese lore of Ao Kuang, the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea.

-Along the panels of War wind are chinese symbols meaning war wind.

-Feng's secondary Weapon, Ao's Talons, are another reference to Ao Kuang, the reference being how Ao Kuang can summon storm, while Feng can use wind as a weapon with his semblance and his secondary weapon.


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