Faith & Trust
Faith Trust

Crystal Nelde

Previous Owner

Peri Winter (Dead)


Mechanic Wings & Bracelet

Weapon Derivation

Energy Converting Wings and Bracelet



[ ] Slashing

[ ] Piercing

[ ] Bludgeoning

[ ] Other: ________ (Describe)


  • Ammunition:

[ ] Dust (Mechanized use)

[ ] Bullets: (List Caliber)

[ ] Other: (Please describe)

[X] None

  • Delivery Method:

[ ] Gunpowder

[ ] Tension (Bow, Slingshot, Etc)

[ ] Thrown:

[X] Casting:

[ ] Other:

  •  Dust type:

[X] Red - Fire

[X] Orange - ???

[X] Yellow - ???/Thunder

[X] Green - ???

[X] Blue - ???/Water

[X] Cyan - Ice

[X] White - ???/Impact

  • Dust status:

[ ] Cut

[X] Uncut


Faith and Trust is Crystal Nelde's weapon of choice - a pair of mechanic wings powered with Dust and a bracelet with revolving chamber.

Faith is a pair of mechanic fairy wings rests on her corset, with a small red backpack with several cog machine allows the wings to fold up/down and flap. There is a Dust slot on the front of the backpack, that can absorb the energy of Dust to active the wings.

Crystal can use varies types of Dust to perform different effect, and with each types of Dust, the wings glows in the same color.


Faith and Trust were originally belonged to Peri Winter, and is used by Crystal after her friend is dead.

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