Name: Falsua Akis

Nickname: Mad-Eye

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Age: 17

Height: 6ft

Weight: 140lbs

Weapon: Demon Eye

Semblance: Doppelganger

Aura: Charcoal

Symbol: Cyclopse Skull


Mad-Eye is an attractive young woman with a biker motif and a fondness for leather. She has a pale skin tone with not a single blemish. She is very tall for a woman and is very thin and lean. Mad-Eye had two pansy purple eyes, but due to an accident she lost her right one. All that remains of her original right eye is a scar, which extends from her eyebrow to the bottom of her check. She wears a black eye patch to cover her right eye, even though she has a near identical prostatic eye. Mad-Eye has long silver hair that reaches all the way to her bellybutton. She keeps her hair in a sideways braid tied with a red ribbon and has her bangs parted to the left. Mad-Eye wears scarlet eye shadow, black eyeliner and black lipstick. She has perfect pearl white teeth and well manicured nails as well.

Mad-Eye wears an almost completely leather outfit, minus her undergarments. She wears a simple silk blouse with a scarlet read collar. Over that she wears a jet black leather jacket with a scarlet trim and zipper. She wears this to protect her from getting cuts and scratches when fighting. Mad-Eye wears a leather short skirt that only goes 5 inches below the waist and follows the same color scheme as her jacket and blouse. She wears a pair of black thigh high stockings and a pair of leather high heeled boots, which reach just below her stockings. Under her tough and rough appearance she actually wears skimpy under wear and a lace bra, that follow her color scheme.       


Mad-Eye is a very odd woman. She likes to keep to herself and only really talks to her teammates, and teachers. Mad-Eye tends to have her nose in a book and will only look up when the situation call for it. She has a hate from grimm, due to an incident when she was a young child. Mad-Eye is highly intelligent, and is quick to think up of a battle plan. She likes to be a side person and doesn’t really get involved with trivial affairs such as romance. She hates it when people bring up her eye, and tends to yell at them if they stare. Despite her tuff appearance and cold personality, Mad-Eye has a secret love for animals and fine food. She loves to go to pet stores, to look at all the animals. She in fact even volunteers at the animal shelter, and helps the animals get adopted. Her other secret passion is cooking and fine food. She loves to get cook books from stores and make delicious meals for herself, and once in a great while will cook for her team.


Mad-Eye’s weapon Demon Eye is a Dust powered Computerized Battle Prostatic or a DCBP. It is a very versatile weapon, but highly dangerous for the user to use. It has the ability to shoot beams of energy using a red Dust crystal. The problem is the recoil of the blast has the possibility to blow up her head. SO in order to use it Mad-Eye has to use a combination of her Aura. She concretes her aura in her right eye socket and makes a shield, so she can prevent the recoil of Demon Eye from killing her. She can charge up the blasts but the more powerful the blast the more energy it takes to keep her alive. So when she attacks with Demon Eye she drains her energy rather quickly. Demon Eye has many non battle uses; one is the ability to project holograms and different data, such as maps and battle plans. The other use of is like a telescope that she can use to scope out the area for potential Grimm. It also has night vision and thermal vision sights. Mad-Eye only uses the Dust Beam in desperate situations, she actually prefers to fight hand-to-hand, and using a Bowie Knife. She is a very capable hand-to-hand expert and is very swift and agile. She is very good at throwing her knife and hitting her target, and all of her fighting skills are do to her growing up on the streets. Her semblance is a little odd as well Doppelganger, has two forms. The first is when she creates simple copies of herself that are easy to destroy. They can’t attack only be a mere mirror image of herself. She just uses that to confuse her dimwitted enemies. The second part of her semblance is to create an identical copy of her. She is able to put a part of her aura in into to allow it to defend itself and even punch and kick enemies. It only last 15seconds and when it is destroyed by an attack, Mad-Eye takes damage also. So think of it as a voodoo doll.

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